How to seduce when you have no confidence in yourself?

Physical beauty is an effective and formidable weapon to seduce. But it is not enough. According to many psychologists and experts in the field, seduction is above all and above all a question of self-confidence. Something which, according to a recent study, is lacking in about three quarters of the population, and not only in France. Eh yes ! Self-confidence doesn’t just apply at work or in everyday life. You also need it to attract the man or the woman of your dreams in your nets.


To understand the relationship between seduction and self-confidence, you must understand the meaning of the expression “self-confidence”. Definition that you will not struggle to find on the web since many health professionals talk about it, whether through their blog or in dedicated books.

To put it simply, having confidence in yourself is believing in what you are capable of , that is to say believing in your capacities and potential. It then follows a feeling of security and assurance which will push you not only to reach out to others, but also to carry out such or such action. In the case of seduction, it is about taking the first step to start a conversation with someone you like or who you simply want to seduce.

Having self-confidence also means having good self-esteem. Concretely, this feeling leads you to never devalue yourself , whatever your qualities and your faults. In seduction, self-confidence will allow you to react positively even in case of clumsiness or disruptive event. For example, if you apologize every time, you may end up annoying the person in front of you. It also shows that you don’t have confidence in yourself.

Finally, having confidence in yourself is to inspire confidence in your interlocutor. Indeed, when you are confident in yourself, you can easily adopt the actions and choose the words you need to seduce the person you like. In other words, you will feel perfectly at ease to initiate a discussion and carry out your operation of seduction. Your interlocutor, meanwhile, will be doubly reassured. In short, this has the effect of dispelling any feeling of embarrassment , whether in you and in the person you want to seduce.


For people prone to genuine self-confidence issues, dating sites present themselves as a godsend. The concept of the free dating site , in particular, has attracted and still attracts more and more people. This success is due to its free access but also to the type of approach and the concept it offers. Indeed, if you are not comfortable with contacts or physical exchanges, dating sites are excellent alternatives. No need to look your partner in the face or choose an outfit that will work. When you decide to go through a dating site to seduce a person , it’s all about words.

Dating sites also allow you to build a romantic relationship step by step . If your goal is not just to seduce and flirt with someone and you want to have a lasting relationship with them, platforms like this can be useful to you. Remember, however, that sooner or later you will have to meet the person you like. In any case, the exchanges made since your first discussion will allow you to prepare yourself for the big day, when you will finally be face to face with the person you like.

In short, used wisely, the dating site can become a remarkable tool of seduction.


Seduction is tough competition. Keep in mind that you are not the only one or the only one who wants to find the rare pearl at all costs. As soon as an opportunity presents itself to bond and establish contact with the one you think is “the love of your life”, it should be seized. If you don’t have enough self-confidence yet, but want to put the odds in your favor, the following tips and advice will be of great help to you.

Bet on your outfit

Without falling into shamelessness, choose an outfit that camouflages your lack of self-confidence or that highlights you. Indeed, the idea is to find clothes in which you feel totally comfortable . For example, if you are a woman, want to seduce a man and you don’t like wearing attractive dresses, you don’t have to choose this type of dress. Your embarrassment and discomfort will only amplify your lack of self-confidence. On the contrary, take a more classic outfit (without being neglected either), where you feel yourself, where you feel beautiful.

Warning! This rule obviously also applies to men (yes! All men are not necessarily comfortable in a gentleman’s suit, far from it).

Affirm your personality

No need to cover up your lack of self-confidence with a pretense. No one appreciates being lied to or exaggerating. More explicitly, if you want to seduce a person, but you don’t have confidence in yourself, play the franchise card and show your personality. Don’t overdo it, just be natural. You will be surprised at the result and how useful it can be to be honest about how the other person is feeling on their side.

Work on your self-confidence

Whether you like it or not, you will need to deal with your lack of confidence issue. On the internet, there are different methods to develop self-confidence and self-esteem. If necessary, also get help from a psychologist or a specialist in the field. There is no shame in that, on the contrary, recognizing that you need a helping hand is a way of proving to yourself that a small flaw or a moment of fragility is not so important.