Long-distance relationship: 5 questions to ask yourself before starting

Starting a long-distance relationship is never an easy choice. There are so many reasons not to embark on this adventure but here it is: Love is so strong that it can make you lose your mind.

Why want a long-distance relationship

You just met a guy or girl who you get along with really well, it sounds like the perfect love at first sight and you feel like the world stops spinning when you are with him/her. Except that here you are, on vacation, at the campsite and in 3 days you will return home, several hundred kilometers from your new love.

There are several choices available to you:

  1. Think of this love as a summer flirt and forget about it all.
  2. Plate your whole life, and move close to home.
  3. Start a long-distance relationship

The first choice is the easiest, even if it is the one that is less good for your love.
The second choice is often impossible to make, and very risky.
The third choice is a great dilemma. It can be a very successful experience, just like falling in love with you.

Here is how you help you choose, by asking yourself these 5 questions to know if you are ready to start a long-distance romantic relationship.

The 5 golden questions of long-distance love

It’s always easier to achieve love from a distance when you know that there is an exit at the end. It’s very important to have an idea of ​​how long you are going to have to be apart, without being able to see each other as much as you want. Is it going to be for the summer, for several months, several years? Be aware of the time it takes. If you don’t have any ray of the sun pushing you forward and giving you hope, then don’t go for it.

When are you going to see each other?

Compare your calendars and see when you’ll have time to see each other. Do you think you can free yourself every weekend, once a month, or just during the summer vacation? If you can’t see when you’re going to be able to spend time together, then change your mind and forget about that long-distance relationship without physical contact. It can’t all be done over the phone, you need to see each other every now and then.

Do you have enough money?

Long-distance relationships are expensive. Why? Because travel is expensive. If you live several hundred kilometers away, the prices of the plane or train ticket can be very high. A Lille-Marseille is not cheap. So think about that before you start. Because there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to see each other after so much time apart because you are short of money.

Can we see other people?

There are times when you will feel lonely and in need of love and physical contact. You’re going to be tempted to pick up a guy or a girl just for a night or a little month, without feelings, until you can see the one you really love but who is halfway around the world again.
Talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend before you start. Do you allow relationships without feelings on the side or not. Of course, you have to agree on this question.

Do I trust him/her?

The previous question leads directly to this question: can we trust each other. If you’re starting a long-distance relationship, you’re going to need to trust yourself. This is the key to success. You need to be aware that you are not going to be able to know what the other is doing every minute. It’s much easier to imagine things when the distance between your couple is great. Isn’t he in someone else’s arms right now? The only answer is to trust because you don’t have the means to verify it as easily as with a classic love.

Conclusion: Do we do it or not?

Normally if you have discussed these questions seriously with your sweetheart, you will be able to tell if you are ready or not for a long-distance relationship. If you are having trouble even with just one of these questions, then don’t get into a long-distance relationship. Love from a distance is very hard and it only works with couples who are ready to rock the world and experience the most difficult situations in order to be successful.
If you don’t hesitate any longer, then get started! Love is wonderful and magical! And if you succeed in your long-distance relationship then your relationship will be very strong and will overcome all the small glitches of the future.