This is what to do when your boyfriend watches football

Every year it’s the same thing: there are 2 weeks of continuous football on TV. Whether for the World Cup, the European Championship, or the Africa Cup of Nations, your boyfriend will spend his evenings in front of the TV and therefore leave you alone.

So out of feminine solidarity, here are some tips to keep you busy and survive this difficult period.

Girls shopping

What are girls good at doing with girls? Shopping. So why deprive yourself.
Go shopping for afternoons and fall for a dress or bikini. You can even ask your boyfriend for a small ticket to be forgiven by buying you a bag!

Perfect your tan

Football competitions are always in summer. So now is the perfect time to find a spot with the sun and improve your tan. Grab a book and let the sun bask and warm your lonely heart.

Visiting old friends

Everyone has forgotten friends. These girls we knew when we were younger and have not seen for a long time. Take advantage of this period of collective feminine solitude to see you again. Why not invite her for a coffee?

Take care of yourself

The great thing about these soccer games is that you know you have 90 minutes just to yourself. And in 90min you can do a lot of things to take care of yourself. You can for example make yourself an original nail polish or take a relaxing bath.

Redecorate your apartment

You are sad to spend your evening without your boyfriend. Why not cure this lack of love by changing the decor of your home. For example, you can add a little romance to your bedroom by adding original decorations.

Watch your favorite series

Your boyfriend doesn’t like watching Gossip Girl, Glee, or Desperate Housewives with you? Watch these girls’ shows on your own. During a 90min match, you have time to see several without having to put up with your boyfriend’s complaints.