15 qualities of a man who appeals to women

A man of the 21st century does not need to have the same qualities as a man of the middle ages at all. Your ability to fight with your bare hands or with a sword no longer makes women dream. Too bad some will say … But so much the better will say the thousands of men who think that having a brain rather than muscles should help them in life.

To help you bring out the good qualities that women are looking for, here is a list of the qualities that you should focus on. The most important I would say.


Be direct

When a problem arises or when you are fed up with it, say so. Talk to your wife or friends directly about it. Do not keep this feeling of growing in you with the risk that it will explode in the future.

Be confident

Women like men who are confident in themselves. Women don’t want a man who is too uncertain who doesn’t dare to make decisions and who just follows them like a dog follow his master. You are not submissive to your wife. You have qualities, full, so be confident and walk with your head held high.

be careful

If your wife tells you about her problems, it’s not to ruin your day. It’s because she knows she can count on you to help her. She wants you to listen to her and help her.
So if your girlfriend comes to sit next to you while you play a video game and she tells you how bad her day was, you MUST put your controller down and listen to her.

Be available

Between work, the gym, evenings with friends, and family life, the life of a modern man is busy. It’s up to you to make the difference and find the time to do all of this. Do not neglect one aspect more than another. Strength training is important for your physical and mental health and family life for your well-being.

Be a dreamer

Don’t be satisfied with the life you have right now. Always try to aim higher, to go further. Be careful, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the present moment, it is very important. But keep in mind that life is like an escalator that you take upside down. If you don’t make the effort to move forward, you will fall back.

Be respectful

Respect is very important. Respect for your wife and those around you, but also respect for yourself. Don’t get mad at your wife or kids for thinking differently from you. Treat them with respect and try to understand their difference.
Also, be respectful of yourself and your body for example. Do not eat 3 big macs every day, it is a total disrespect for your health.

Be green

Green has become so negative and pejorative. But being green is important. A kind of respect for nature and the world around you. Quickly realize that the life you have is a life of luxury when you compare it to the lives of 80% of other people on the planet. So when you wash your car for the second time this week, think about the water you are wasting. A woman greatly appreciates men who think about the environment, probably a maternal instinct that wants them to protect the world in which your children will live.

If you have all of these qualities, respect! You are on your way to being a man women want!