Why date someone who is not your type


I don’t know about you, but I always go out with the same type of guy. He should be tall and lean, not over-muscular, and a bit artistic. If he has or wants armadillos it’s even a plus, he’s my type of guy.

When I was at university I met Marc. I immediately thought it was THE right one. He was exactly my type of guy. He was tall, studying photography and had piercings. In short, I was under the spell. I thought I had won the jackpot. Except that a few months later, our story didn’t work out and we never saw each other again.

We talked about it a lot with my best friend. She is very open when it comes to romantic relationships, seduction and who she dates. She assures me that my choice to always go out with the same guys, the ones who are my type, is a complete idiotic fad. I put a spade in the wheels to always go out with the same type of profile.


With the new world of online dating, the idea of ​​dating with a predefined type of person is even more a reality. Whether you are on Meetic or any other dating site, you are looking among the photos and profiles for those who exactly match your expectations. You don’t even look at others. If Meetic tells you that you are 95% compatible with this man, it’s jackpot!
But should you really forget about others, those who don’t seem like your type?

Dating someone who is your type is easy, familiar.

There are plenty of reasons why you should give guys who aren’t your type a chance.

There is a good chance for example that they are not from the same social universe as you. Which means you have a lot to learn and discover about him. Conversely, when you are from the same social universe, you already know even before the first date what he likes, what he hates, etc …
This means that with a guy who is not your type you will learn lots of new things, discover new hobbies, share new experiences. All of these things are important in keeping a couple dynamic and not falling into a routine.


You will quickly be surprised how much fun it is to be with someone different. Someone who tells you new stories. You learn to discover their history, their customs, their social environment. Full of new, interesting life experiences.
You may be surprised by a new dish that you did not know and will love for example!

Dating someone who is not their type also means giving yourself the opportunity to be surprised at any time. Kind of like when you thought you didn’t like broccoli and when you have tasted it at the restaurant you loved it!


Also, don’t forget that having a type of guy is all about focusing on the physical. When you’re at a party and a guy is smiling at you, you know right away whether you’re going to talk to him or not, because he seems like your type or not.

Forget these misconceptions about the physique and give everyone a chance, even if they seem different from the guys you usually date. And remember, I didn’t say you had to marry him , just try dating a different guy.