How do I know if a guy likes me?

For some time, you have felt an attraction towards this man or this woman. You feel like you love her more and more as the days go by. You would like to take the next step, but are afraid of being disappointed. You don’t want to go for it until you are sure you like it. You wonder if this person shares your feelings , if your feelings for them are mutual. How to ensure a possible love compatibility? It’s simple, pay attention to what they say, listen to what this person is telling you, as well as what their body is expressing. There are things that we cannot hide, and our feelings towards someone are one of those things. It does not depend on the will, body language speaks endlessly, and cannot prevent the disclosure of the interest one has in his lust. It is then necessary to observe and interpret the signs. These can be either of voluntary interest or of involuntary interest. They can also be verbal as well as non-verbal. Whether you are looking to get out of the friendzone or just find out if you like it, discover all the unmissable signs of attraction.

The signs in his behavior

If you attract them, that person will have a hard time concealing their excitement in your presence . For example, when a man is attracted to a girl, things go wrong right away! Some, the timid are really uncomfortable, they blush, speak quickly and many have shifty eyes, others to motivate themselves bulge their chests and play macho in order to impress him. They look at her and smile at her all the time.

Body language

Certain signs do not deceive, and beyond what we would like to show, our body betrays us and speaks for us . If you observe the eyes of the person concerned, you will notice that her pupils dilate, she smiles without restraint when she is surrounded by people and that, even if what one tells her is nothing funny. In fact, she doesn’t have to beg to grow a smile, she does it just to show you her beautiful white teeth.

This person will try by all means to touch you, under the pretext that he wants to observe the bracelet that you are wearing, your new glasses, etc. She’ll try to hold your gaze in a weird way to show you her intention.

When it comes to girls, if there’s one thing you recognize a secret admirer by, it’s through body language . If, you notice furtive and non-indifferent glances, if he cannot help laying his eyes on you, even seeking your own and that he is smiling at you when your eyes meet, it is because he is clearly interested. If not, aren’t the eyes the windows to the soul?

The way feelings are expressed

If this man or woman does not miss an opportunity to compliment you, know that your charm is not indifferent to him.

If this person frequently compliments your looks, your clothes, or even your personality, this is not trivial. This is a sure sign that she really likes you , otherwise she would avoid worrying about you, so you don’t get confused. Also, if you are a woman and this man teases you a lot, it shows that he is interested in you. As we often say “who loves well chastises well”. This man is certainly trying to make you laugh, to pique your curiosity and therefore to grab your attention. And this in order to please you. It is nothing other than the technique known under the name of “leasing”, one of the techniques of seduction most used in the world.

The degree of confidence

Just as much as we are, we like to keep our cocoon intimate, that is to say those who are part of our emotional sphere, friends and family… A man who is interested in you will therefore want to introduce you to his circle. , his relatives, his friends. Remember that you don’t introduce a girl who is not worthy of the name to her friends, you introduce the girl of whom you are proud. If he introduces you to his parents, it’s because he trusts you and that’s a good sign.

Indicators of interest in his behavior

If this person is interested in you, you will notice that they will make an effort to make your discussions as interesting as possible, especially since they enjoy your company. She will want to know you better , she will ask you questions of her own accord, personal questions on the most intimate aspects such as your feelings, your passions, and others. But also, she will restart the conversation each time to make them interminable.

You will find that she is interested in what you say since she remembers everything, She remembers the date of your birthday, your favorite color, and many other things. Granted, it might sound harmless, but if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t bother to remember it all. This is proof that she really listens to you when you talk to her and that she tries to find out everything about you.

A man attracted to a girl will tend to want to try approaches , he will try to take the first step by using these phrases, in particular, to flirt with a girl . So be careful ladies! If he touches you, whether by chance or on purpose, if he maintains your gaze, if he teases you, it is probably no accident.

When this person tends to touch you accidentally and repeatedly , that is to say a hand on the lower back on purpose, an arm passed under yours when you walk together; if they manage to touch you innocently, frequently, know that it is a sign, that person wants you. Because these signs show a real attraction for the majority of cases.

Finally, if this person involves you in their life, there is a good chance that they sincerely want to share their future with you. When someone matters to us, we want them to be part of our life, so it is natural to integrate them into our projects.