Tips for How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Having a man in love with you is one of the best things in this life – it is so beautiful and you are happy just knowing that there is someone there who will be there for you. This happiness of feeling loved, you can create it yourself. Here is in 4 steps how you can make a man in love .

You must know how to take your distance

At the start of your relationship, your partner will truly appreciate you, but often doesn’t see themselves as your savior or only crutch.

You were an independent adult long before you met so don’t complicate matters. Ensure your independence. Take some distance from time to time, avoid being always present (seeing you could end up boring). Your absence will make you start to miss him more and more, it will let him know how difficult it is to be away from you. But be careful do not take your distance for long, 3 months of vacation or a mission away from him is too much and you may not like the rest.

Show him that outside of your relationship you also have a life, so avoid making yourself available to him at all times . Also take some time before answering their calls and texts. Your relationship should not distance you from your friends and hobbies: keep your habits from before because in the event of a break-up (which we do not want) it will allow you not to feel totally abandoned.

You must know how to surprise him

Make yourself essential: you have to show him that he won’t be bored with you . You should avoid things that are referred to as “kill-love”: loose pajamas with teddy bears; apartment whose floor looks like a basket of dirty laundry. With your partner, it is necessary that you avoid the routine: diversify your activities of the day, instead of “work / TV / sleep” all the time, also opt for “outing / cooking / sleeping”…. from time to time.

One of the first important things in love is and remains common sense. Be careful of this. Uncover the different facets that make you up as your relationship progresses. Know how to reveal: don’t immediately show your partner how much you are. Your man shouldn’t know everything about you just after a month of dating, you shouldn’t stop surprising him so that he doesn’t tire of you. Surprise him by doing things a few times that he could not imagine coming from you. If you are a reserved person, surprise this by organizing an outing during which you can let go and show him that you know too. to celebrate.

Know the women of his life

Don’t just be the woman of his dreams, a man always has women who have marked him in his life. Think again, this isn’t about his ex-girlfriends, but rather his mother and his best friend.

His mother

Remember the qualities of a mother that make her irreplaceable. A mother is a good listener, she does not judge her son’s mistakes, she is proud of him and encourages him in everything he does . A woman in love experiences most of a mother’s feelings for her son. So it must be easy for you to behave like a mother to your man.

HIS best friend

She’s the one who has been seeing your man since elementary school, she’s a neighbor of the family home, HIS first crush. In addition, she appreciates your man’s parents, she knows everything about him and your partner also knows everything about her. It’s not easy, but once your partner introduces you to their best friend, you need to try to be their friend , in order to avoid conflicts between you and your partner. Get closer to her, but not too close to prevent her from discovering that your connection is not sincere. Learn from her, how she debates issues with your partner, and how she pays attention to your partner. These are her qualities that you must develop yourself, there is no point in mistaking her for a rival .

Don’t get out of control and don’t let yourself be controlled

You must know that you are not yet totally chosen. Avoid annoying your partner with messages and calls without a specific purpose or questions. It’s true that he needs to feel appreciated, but avoid fits of jealousy and don’t make him feel like he’s the only one on whose balance your life rests.

Avoid criticizing his way of life. Don’t spend your time telling them about their flaws. Don’t alienate your friends too, and don’t be too friends with them – behave as you should as a civilized and mature adult. Do not make your friends to be his friends because it will come with time (not too fast anyway). Stay yourself!