10 messages to get an appointment

Once you are sure that he feels the same for you and you have decided to declare your love, you need to find the right words to do so.

However, don’t worry, as this section offers a list of many ideal phrases to express your love for the man who makes your heart beat so much.

1. You are an extraordinary man. I love your company and I would like us to be closer. I really want you in my life. I want you to become my boyfriend.

2. I have thought about you a lot, you are still in my dreams, and I want you to turn into my reality. I would like us to go a little way together.

3. I can’t hold back these feelings that I have inside of me anymore. I feel so drawn to you. I want you to be part of my life. Would you like to be my boyfriend?

4. I always wanted to confess something to you from the start. I feel drawn to you, it’s like we’ve never been strangers. I want to be your protector as well as your support. I have the great wish that you become my boyfriend.

5. Since the day I saw you, my heart has never been at rest. I think only of you. I would like you to become mine. I want you to be the man of my life. I love you.

6. You are so special to my heart. When I am with you, I feel at peace and good about myself. I am deeply in love with you. I want you to forever remain the beat of my heart. I want to give you my heart. Would you like to go out with me?

7. Every time I see you, I feel attached and have a great attraction for you. I feel like I want more of you. I want you to become my love forever. Let’s go out together!

8. My love is burning for you. If only we could be together for life. My thoughts are filled with you. My love, I want you to always belong to me.

9. I love your smile, I love the way you look at me, and I want to be in your life for all eternity. It’s a promise, I’ll make you the happiest man in the world. I want you to become my man. Do you want to be mine

10. My feelings of love for you in my heart are larger than the ocean. You have become more than gold to me. I confess my love to you forever.