Quote to show your undying love

When you love someone really and deeply, you are sure to love them forever.

For these people, you want to be able to show them or at least tell them that you love them and that you will always love them.

Here are some of the most famous quotes about love that lasts forever:

1. I believe our love will be forever because you mean so much to me that I would do anything.

2. No one knows better than the two of us that this love we have will last forever, my dear.

3. You are the first person to tell me that I am beautiful with the lights on, I will love you forever.

4. Eternity may not even be enough to show you how much I really love you, my dear.

5. No time spent together is wasted, because being able to see your face is what I really want.

6. If I can do something just for you, I promise to continue loving you forever and ever, my dear.

7. You are the person I truly love, the one I need, the one I want and I will feel this forever.

8. When I first saw you I knew this love would be forever, I knew it just from the way your eyes look.

9. I’m grateful to you because you found me, in the middle of it all, all I wanted was to love you.

10. Our love will continue to be strong until the sun cools down, until the river dries up, forever.

11. You are my eternity, you are the only song that I will continue to sing without getting tired.

12. Can you believe me when I tell you that no one matters more to me than you right now?

13. I always wanted someone to be with me forever and you are my wish come true.

14. Who would have known that you would be there for me just when I needed someone.

15. No one knows me better than you, you will be my love forever and you know it’s true.16. Your love for me is so great that I can’t return the favor, but I will try to do it forever.

17. I love you to the moon and to the whole universe, you are my eternal, the only one I really love.

18. Some days, when I am reminded that you are in my life, I just smile and laugh.

19. Often I think of you, always there, reminding me how much you really love me.

20. I hope you realize that I love you so much that I’m ready to tear down all my walls just for you.

21. You are the first person to break down all the barriers I put around me, I love you for that.

22. If I could give you everything I have, I would gladly do it for you, my love.

23. You are my eternity and you are the one who proved to me that the word eternity really exists.

24. I have closed my heart for far too long and you are the only one trying to open it again.

25. For too long I have roamed the globe looking for someone, until I met you.

26. Meeting you was my destiny, I know that now you are the one who will save me from it all.

27. Some days I still think about how lucky I was to meet you, before you found another.

28. A lot of times I wonder what would have happened to me if you hadn’t been there to pick me up, really.

29. I think of you as my savior, the one who helped me out when I was a prisoner of darkness.

30. Can you believe it? I was so sick of love until you finally came to help me lift me up.

31. If only I could tell you how much I love you, I would, but my love is so vast that it’s hard to describe.

32. I would write your name over and over again if that’s what it takes to show my love for you.

33. There was a time when I thought I could survive on my own until I found love forever.

34. You are my happiness forever, the one who makes me feel that I can survive until I finally die.

35. You are still my favorite person because you listen to me when everyone else wouldn’t dare to try.

36. My best person, my most important person, my person that I will always love, I love you so much.

37. There are so many reasons why I shouldn’t be with you, but hey, I love you.

38. Here, I officially try to take advantage of the holidays that you have, bon voyage.

39. See, I really wanted to go with you, I’m so tired of being in the friends zone, my love.

40. Giving you the world is not a problem if you ask, I’ll spend my life doing this.

41. You are my eternity, the end of my book, no more next chapter, you are my eternity.

42. So I tell you that you should forget everything in front of me and spend eternity with me.

43. No mountain is too big for me to make your wishes come true, I really love you, now and forever.

44. Some days, I don’t even know why I love you, but I know this feeling that I have will last forever.

45. How much do I love you? At this point, I am ready to spend my life with you for this reason.

46. ​​There is no better way to show you that I love you than to spend eternity with you.

47. If I was given the chance to do whatever I want, I would start spending my eternity with you.

48. The person I love is strong, he is the one I always wanted, we start forever.

49. Forever is just a name and it’s a very loose name, but no one will ever be as vague as you.

50. After all this, I still believe that one day, by chance, we will meet and you will know me.

51. Of course you know me. You love me and I love you and we shared such a true love.

52. I wish I was that person you wanted to hug for now, until the end of time.

53. I don’t think it is useful to go back, because I believe that we have to keep moving forward.

54. I will cross oceans, however many miles, as long as I can spend eternity with you.

55. There are days when all I want to do is spend my eternity with you, from now on.

56. You have realized that whatever happens, your love for her will only intensify.

57. One day, I hope you can tell me that you also want to spend your life with me.

58. Today, few people believe in eternity, but I tell you that I do it thanks to you.

59. I believe in our love, I trust its power, and I believe it will last forever.

60. I would spend my eternity loving you even if you told me that you were going to stop loving me.