She Thinks Too Much, But She Loves Too Excessively

The truth is, this girl is a champion of cogitation. It is part of its nature to analyze and think through all possible situations.

She rewinds everything that has happened before and thinks about all the possible scenarios that might arise in the future. She thinks of all that could have, should have, and all that could.

The truth is, his over-thinking doesn’t allow him to trust people. She always doubts the other’s intentions and actions.

She has a hard time believing promises and that someone wants her well, even when they prove it to her.

You know, she always expects the worst and she thinks that’s the only way to prepare for all the negative things that can happen to her.

This girl has been disappointed so many times and she is afraid to be optimistic. She is afraid to let go and lose control.

Yes, she will dissect and literally examine every word you say, looking for hidden meanings.

She will inspect and investigate everything you do, trying to find what is hiding below the surface.

This girl will constantly doubt that you care about her and she will always ask you to reassure her about your love.

She will always wonder if everything is going well between the two of you and she will always wonder if she is enough.

It is true that this girl is difficult to deal with and that being in a relationship with her is anything but easy. And it is true that she has a complex mind which makes her difficult.

Knowing all this, the first impulse a man can have is to pull up on his neck and run.

Naturally, you assume that this girl is too much for you and that you shouldn’t even give her a chance to be a part of your life because she will only cause you problems.

But before you give up completely, there is one thing you should know. Regardless, she’s worth all the issues she brings with her.

Yes, she thinks too much, but she loves too much too. And she will love you excessively, I can guarantee that.

If you make the effort to get to know this girl, you will see all her qualities. You will see that she really has a huge, caring and loving heart, hidden behind her complicated mind.

You will see all the layers of her personality and you will love each of them.

You will find that this girl is anything but selfish. You will see that she will always put your needs before her own. That she can be an amazing friend, a shoulder to cry on and the gust of wind in your wings.

You will find that she enjoys taking care of the people she loves. That she is the kind of girl who will always protect you and take care of you.

The type of girl who will hold your hand through your toughest times and the type of girl who won’t let you down no matter what.

A girl who won’t give up on you, even if everyone else does.

A girl who will give you unfailing support and a girl who will always push you forward.

You will find that she is a girl who will never lose confidence in you, even if you stop believing in yourself.

Best of all, she’ll let you see the parts of herself that she hasn’t shown to anyone else, if you just made an effort to see who she really is.

If you treat her well, she will let you see her vulnerabilities and she will open up to you, like she never opened up to anyone.

If you make an effort with this girl and let her love you, you will become the center of her universe and the most important person in the world to her.

No, that doesn’t mean she’ll get too clingy or needy the moment you let her in.

She will show you what unconditional love is and how it feels to be truly loved.

She will give you everything that you have always missed and been looking for, because she is not an ordinary girl and that she does not like in an ordinary way.