Do you think about her all the time? Learn how to make a woman fall in love

You want to know how to love a woman? Do you die for a special girl or do you want to get the partner you always wanted? Check out these simple tips.

These are the details that make a woman fall in love

If you wonder what is the success of a relationship, you will find that it is in the similarity of values ​​and aspirations. People look for someone who allows us to feel fully and women take this very into account, in addition to being intuitive, for which they perceive and know things that, perhaps, you cannot even imagine.

Are you willing to take the challenge of dating that girl you like so much?

How to make a woman fall in love with you in 10 steps

Show who you are, no poses.

Most women pick up on lies or false intentions with great ease. If you want to be with someone, you better avoid the stories and offer your best. In case you think that you are not attractive, you should know that there are things that are more important and that they seek.

Eliminate your prejudices and talk a lot.

Do you think you should not show your feelings? Most girls value a man who listens carefully and knows how to talk about his emotions. That is much more charming than luxuries!

Pay attention to what he likes.

She may talk to you a lot about current affairs or her preferences in the middle of the show, but that is not where her real interests lie. Ask what her goals are, what dreams she has, and what her aspirations are.

Use chemistry to your advantage: and we are not talking about periodic formulas and tables.

The empathy or attraction that you feel for someone, however minimal, can be accelerated with the appropriate physical stimuli. Do you usually dress carelessly? So, try clothes that make you feel different. Do you never change your hairstyle? Try a style that releases your hair.

The same happens with your lotion: use a discreet, seductive one that goes well with your pH; ask the perfume shop salesmen for advice on finding it.

Forget about the friend zone.

Are you afraid that she “prefers you as a friend”? Even if you have a history of bad partners, befriending the woman you like lays the foundation for a great relationship – she just needs you to show her what you have to offer and that you value her for herself.

It emphasizes the beauty of the body, but more of its personality.

It is likely that the first thing you will notice in that woman was not her feelings, but with time you will be able to know her. Perhaps you admire more her intelligence in solving problems, her ability to help others, her intense talks, or her kindness. Every woman has been told that she has beautiful eyes, beautiful legs, or seductive lips; be different, and recognize their inner qualities.

Be modern and detailed at the same time

Get update! Maybe your girl likes the classics: being taken out to expensive restaurants, a dream vacation, expensive gifts and jewelry, but she will be the exception in the contemporary world. Most of today’s women look to relationships for a life partner and projects, rather than a medieval knight.

However, the details remain: bring her favorite candy every time you see her or a small and useful gift, like a pen, if they are at school; a small organizer, in case she works in an office, or some tool when she is an artist.

Don’t show despair!

It is true that she likes your interest, but dose it. Keeping an eye on all her social media posts, all her photos, sending messages all the time and looking for her at any time of the day can be uncomfortable.

Take care of your profiles.

Looking for more than one girl? You’d better make up your mind, because they perfectly recognize a man who poses as a gallant, so they’ll be aware of the likes and comments that your conquests leave you.

Live with those who matter to you.

When she introduces you to her friends, even if you’re not in a formal relationship with her, try to be especially helpful and kind. Sometimes they can invite you to a family party and, even if it is not a unique date for you, but they bring other colleagues, you can take the opportunity to talk with their loved ones. Don’t you think it would be a good advance to have a good impression on her dad?

Remember finally that authenticity will be a reward. Use things to your advantage and you can be with the person of your dreams!

Now you know how to make a woman fall in love. Put these recommendations into practice and tell us your results.