Tricks for talking to a woman: Three steps to conquer her

Initial approach

If you find yourself in the position of having seen the girl of your dreams and you intend to conquer her, we are going to show you how easy it can be if you dare to take that first step and break the ice for an initial approach:

  • Attract their attention , seek their gaze. Try something as simple as staring at it; don’t be surprised when she observes you and responds to your invitation. The first impression will be to be flattered by the attention you give and that will be the best way to get closer and eliminate that initial distance.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity , in the natural setting of the meeting, be it a library, cafeteria, a supermarket, a bar counter or simply the office.
  • Express your interest  in the things that occupy it. Try: ” That is also my favorite flavor “, or try to make a recommendation to open the doors to a long conversation.
  • If you are in a nightclub or bar and the music is playing, the natural thing is that you invite her to dance, or share a drink.

Keeping interest awake

If you have already overcome shyness and established contact, we will increase the forces of attraction while maintaining interest. This stage is particularly important because it allows you to discover the common areas and deepen your knowledge of her, as a person, confirming that you made the right decision.

If you are already by his side, grabbing his attention, keep the communication alive. Invite her to comment, express your direct interest in knowing what she thinks and smile. Always remember that the objective in this phase is to open the door to something more real, an appointment, an exchange of telephone numbers and who knows if a first handshake until the entrance of your apartment.

  • Mentally review the sports calendar and make an early comment on the final of your favorite sport, the tech conference you’d like to attend, or the trendy restaurant you haven’t been able to visit yet.
  • Delve into the city’s musical scene, until discovering its areas of common interest in a concert or movie to share. The interest in communicating will open the doors to an exchange of telephone numbers. Remember to be prepared to call, always with an interesting story or an invitation to continue the conversation.
  • Learn to listen, watch her carefully when she speaks, do not interrupt her abruptly. Make her feel like the center of all the attention.

Always go a little further

If you’ve made it to step three, congratulations, you’re on your way to building something real. The previous exchanges will have already allowed you to determine the type of person who caught your attention and confirm if you really maintain that interest and want to continue strengthening a relationship, or decide to discard it completely. If this is not the case, now go a little further:

  • Show the sensitive person that you are, nothing goes deeper into the heart of a woman than a man who shows his tender side.
  • Surprise her with your details. It is not necessary to be ostentatious, any action will show that you always think of her.
  • Pending with dates, 24 hours, a week, the first month. Always have a reason to celebrate how happy you are in their company.
  • Become part of her life and be part of her usual activities until they are essential for her.

At this point, you will no longer have a way out and will be happily trapped in a lasting relationship with a person who fulfills your interests and complements you.