Everything you need to know about how to make a shy man fall in love

You love him, because he is a beautiful person, with a big heart, who is physically your type, but you don’t know if he likes you or not, and you can’t find a way to make that friendship something else, so it may be because we are talking of a shy man.

If your intention is to know the best way and to know how  to make a shy man fall in love , the first thing you should know is that you will have to be patient and have the ability to see everything from a different perspective.

Your goal is not an easy task, however there is nothing impossible, so I recommend you read this article to the end, because we will give you the best tips to make a shy man fall in love, and we will guide you to achieve what you want so much.

How  to make a shy man fall in love?

A friendly approach

The first thing you should do is approach him as friends, talk about things of little importance, share funny moments. For him to open up to you and start to take some confidence in you, which is very difficult for shy people, what you should do is pay close attention to him and record some of the things he talks about, so you can mention them in the conversations and he will realize that if you pay attention to him.

Ask him questions about the things he likes to do, his hobbies, and topics of interest, if they are similar to yours, great! Because they will have common themes from which interesting conversations can emerge, if not, I recommend that you inquire a little about their favorite topics and so you can get to know them a little more and talk about them, you could even tell them that they tell you or teach you to do something you love, this could bring you very close.

At this stage it is very important that you earn his trust, that is what he will need to start being more open with you, so put all your effort into achieving this goal.

Another important point that you must keep in mind is that you must know their body language, since through this you will be able to know the signs of a shy man in love , since a shy person says very little with words, however what we even do unconsciously with our body and our gestures, it says a lot, so pay close attention to it and analyze its body language.

Keep in mind that if you want to fall in love with a shy man, you should be able to put yourself in his shoes, to see the world in a different way, so avoid judging him or using negative words during his conversations, this way he will know that you are a trustworthy person, who will not make fun of him for his feelings or his shyness. Knowing how a shy man in love behaves will be of great help to you, but each person can behave differently, so you must be vigilant.

The ideal date.

His shyness may not allow him to ask you out on a date, so go ahead and do it yourself. The important thing is that you choose the right date so that he does not feel uncomfortable.

Since you have already gained his trust and you know his tastes, then choose a date that fits that, for example if he has told you that he loves movies, then invite him to see a movie, if he has said that he loves spending time in nature, then have a picnic, activities that he can feel comfortable in.

Keep in mind that it is much better that you do not make plans where it is required to talk a lot, especially when it is the first dates, then avoid for example a dinner, and better take a bike ride or some kind of show, remember that silence does not it has to be uncomfortable.

Don’t feel uncomfortable

Many times you may realize that even though he is a beautiful person and you physically like him, they do not have too many things in common, and that the conversation topics are definitely not going to be natural and you may even feel uncomfortable on a date.

You will realize this when you try to gain his trust, and if this happens then stay away from him, because you could both get hurt.

If not, and on the contrary you realize that he likes things similar to yours, or that you would like to know and learn about them, then an excellent sign, because you will not feel uncomfortable at any time, but on the contrary you will be more interested in it.

The important thing about all this is that at no point in the process of making a shy man fall in love, do you feel uncomfortable or forced to do certain things, if you don’t like something, just don’t do it.

Finally remember that any relationship is between two people, and that if he does not like you for any reason, then it is better that you do not fight, because you could make him stay away from you for good. All relationships happen in the time that they have to happen, so if it is not the time that they are together, but they are destined to be, then without a doubt it will happen one day.

Remember that falling in love with a shy man is not something easy, and that you should put yourself in his shoes to understand his way of seeing things and what he feels, which are the reasons why it is difficult for him to communicate with other people.

Many times shyness is just a lack of confidence, so this is the key for you to achieve what you want, and yes, sometimes it can get you out of your boxes because you are not encouraged to do things that for you may be simple, or because They do not agree in any opinion, however remember that in the diversity of people is the beauty of this world.

So to conquer and  love a shy man, you are basically going to need 5 things:

  1. Have a lot of patience.
  2. Have the ability to put yourself in their shoes.
  3. Earn their trust.
  4. Choose the ideal appointments.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take the first step.