The 37best love compliments

Compliments of love are beautiful phrases to dedicate to a person for whom you feel love or physical attraction. They help us show our affection or our intentions to that person we have already had our eye on.

Compliments of love that you should know

With a few words you can express all the feelings that this person produces, as you will see below, in our selection of love compliments .

1. I don’t need you to reach perfection, I love your flaws

Unconditional love is one that is felt despite the other person’s flaws.

2. I wish it were the water to evaporate with the heat and rain on your skin to savor the sweetness of your body

Love compliments also tend to have this type of poetry to enchant the target person.

3. You are not perfect. But that doesn’t matter, because I fell in love with your flaws

Another phrase that agrees with the aforementioned. In the eyes of love, defects are also traits of the loved one.

4. Material wealth is of no use to me, I feel rich by your side, and that, believe me, there is no treasure or bank that can buy it

For some people the love and presence of the loved one can be more invaluable than any physical wealth.

5. Loving is more than a feeling, love is something special, love is what I feel, when I can be by your side

A little verse to dedicate to that person you love so much.

6. Some want to be rich through money, others through power, but what they don’t know is that the only wealth is your true love

This phrase also has a similar idea to the one previously named about the value of love.

7. If you want to know how precious you are, count all the stars in the sky and multiply them by the waves of the sea.

A nice enough phrase to dedicate to a beautiful person.

8. I would like to be a thought and be inside you and thus know the moment when you remember me

These words reflect that you want that person to think of you, as much as you think of them.

9. Dreaming of you I have had a revelation, now I need you to make a hole in your heart

In your own dreams it is usual for that loved one to sneak in.

10. You are sweeter than the best chocolate, a sweet delicacy that has become everyone’s weakness, it is very difficult to resist you

For someone whose personality is so sweet that it is reminiscent of a chocolate.

11. In this life everything seems to me to go too fast. But everything stops when I’m with you and I enjoy your smile

The right person will always make us feel like the world stops.

12. Although many people have passed through your heart, I would like you to make me an eternal little hole, no matter how small, in case something happens, so that you never forget me

Some people have had multiple partners, but that does not mean that a specific person cannot mark their heart more than the others.

13. I cannot forget your caramel lips, every moment that I am not by your side I only dream of consuming them slowly like a brazier

Another nice rhyme to dedicate through a load or through a message.

14. An old man full of wisdom told me that only with a kiss from you I would heal my disease

More phrases to dedicate to love, but this one has a comic touch that will make the chosen person smile.

15. I would like to whisper in your ear, warm your neck with my breath, go down your skin, feel that we are only one and enjoy until dawn

A romantic phrase with sensual touches to dedicate to the person you love.

16. There are, at least, three impossible things in this world: drying up the oceans, turning off the sun, and looking at you with bad eyes, even if you try hard it is impossible to achieve

Although not necessarily romantic, it is also a beautiful love phrase. There are people who are so appreciable that it is impossible to look down on them.

17. If the moon were dark the stars would not shine, if my love were a lie my eyes would show it

Many claim that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that you can see the true feelings of a person through it.

18. What I feel for you is so immense that, to save it, I would need another universe

Sometimes the love you feel for someone cannot be measured, and this phrase expresses it very well.

19. My love, sometimes your beauty that illuminates me so much that it enters my dreams to continue giving me light

The beauty of the person you love is always a good object of admiration in a romantic compliment.

20. If I went to heaven and became an angel, the first thing I would do is ask for my wings to fly to see you

To dedicate to a love that will not be forgotten, even after death.

21. If I were an airplane and you my airport would land every day in your exquisite body

Another love compliment that has a spicy touch, but is still quite romantic.

22. Surely you were born at night, I know it because the stars shine only when the sun goes down

A nice phrase that compares that loved one with the bright and beautiful stars.

23. I live in Cariño street, with the corner of the Heart, and around Oblivion, my number, so you don’t forget it, is Love

This is a romantic enough compliment to dedicate when you meet someone special.

24. I have become a pirate captain to assault your heart and steal its love

A very interesting metaphor to express love to a specific person.

25. If you could look at yourself in the mirror for just a moment as I see you, you will look spectacular, the scented princess of a fantasy world

The person who observes who he loves will always observe him as the object of his fantasies.

26. You were not born of a man and a woman. You come from heaven, and I am grateful to be able to touch you with my fingers

A metaphor to refer that this person is the closest thing to an angel on earth.

27. Who was a thief, to enter you and steal your heart

A short phrase but one that will also raise many smiles.

28. Sometimes I think of the two of us flying through the skies, the problem is that I would have to always hold on to you, only angels have wings

Another phrase that continues with the idea that the person you love is an angel in the eyes of the person who dedicates the compliment.

29. From your mouth I want a kiss, from your shirt a button, from your thought a wish and from your chest the heart

A fairly simple rhyme but still nice to hear.

30. You asked me why I loved you and I couldn’t answer you. Today I understand that true love is indescribable, it can only be felt

Sometimes the deepest feelings are inexplicable with the simple words.

31. Time passes at a dizzying speed, I know why I think about when I swore eternal love under that starry sky, it seems like yesterday! And is that time flies by for a heart in love

A phrase that reflects how time is upset when you are in love, and also when you spend your days with that loved one.

32. Of all the flowers, the most beautiful is the rose and of all the women, you are the most beautiful

Another simple but very good rhyme to dedicate through a letter or a small message.

33. Although the place of angels is heaven, if you go I will miss you too much

This phrase also compares the beauty of the loved one with that of an angel.

34. In this desert that is sometimes life, the tree that provides the best shade has always been you

A loved one can be one who provides support and protection during stormy days.

35. For the moon I would give a kiss, I would give everything for the Sun. But for the light of your gaze, I give my life and heart

It seems that rhymes are always effective as love compliments.

36. I thought my heart was opaque and closed, until you arrived. What did you do all your life with the key? Who gave it to you?

It is incredible how the presence of some people can make us change for the better from the depths of being.

37. Life is made up of all kinds of choices, of all of them, you have been the most beautiful

Sometimes the best choice is to stay with the person who produces the greatest feelings within us.