What is couple love, its characteristics and the phrases that define it

The fundamental thing to achieve a happy partner is to be clear about the meaning of love. Love when shared between a man and a woman is a set of many feelings. Mutual feelings of admiration, respect, freedom, appreciation, and gratitude make love feel like something wonderful.

What is true couple love? Love, more than a meaning, is better understood as personal experiences. Each person has their idea of ​​love. Each person defines love as a series of incidents that happen in his mind and in his heart. You think, you look, you spend time with that person and something wonderful happens.

We can define as couple’s love that feeling of well-being when two people share their lives. Everything begins with a look, a word, or a series of details that feels like attraction. They both want to be next to each other. They cannot stop thinking, dreaming, and fantasizing with great happiness.

Love is a universal feeling that all human beings feel

We love being next to another person socializing, sharing, learning, listening, etc. We are very social beings and especially beings hungry for recognition. This hunger to be taken into account is often confused with love.

We feel love for friends, family, animals, things, music, artists and many other details. But loving your partner is exclusive and focused on a special person. It is a very intimate emotion that a person awakens and towards that person that we see as unique.

True love involves commitment, respect, honesty, gratitude, etc., to the partner


Love is the construction of a lifestyle, it is walking a path with another person or alone. One feeling that is mistaken for love is emotional dependence and a hunger for recognition. At first, a person attracts you but it is not necessarily true love.

True love means respect, honesty, gratitude, compassion, admiration, feeling free, etc., for oneself. You have to have practiced these feelings on yourself and been successful in order to just be able to give true love to another person.

Live happy you and happy me, because love and happiness is something personal


You cannot be an expert in something you never practiced. You have an idea of ​​what it is to love your partner. But you cannot give love if you never practiced love with yourself. How is love practiced? Doing what you love, giving you moments of rest, honesty, gratitude, happiness, etc. when you are alone.

A happy couple means happy you and happy me, that is, you take charge of your happiness and I take charge of my happiness. If you take care of your self-love, you do not seek love, you give love. In the same way, you do not seek admiration, respect, honesty, rather you give these values ​​that you cultivated with love.

Happiness as a couple builds and strengthens each other over time


You cannot talk about loving your partner if you hardly know each other. One thing is attraction, the taste you feel for a person and another very different is to love your partner. For a love relationship to be happy, they have to know each other in all the good and bad aspects and that takes time.

How should the love of a couple be? Love in a relationship is especially noticeable in difficult times. When there is love the relationship is balanced, if they argue, they are not offended, they focus on solving the problem. When there is no love but they feel “a lot of love” and suffer, it is only emotional dependence.

There is love in a relationship when the individuality of the other person is respected


If your partner “does not make you happy” you are the wrong person for that man. Well, he doesn’t have the responsibility to make you happy, because he can’t meet your expectations. How would you feel if your partner carried the responsibility for their happiness on your shoulders?

The real definition of love is that it is an individual feeling that everyone has to different degrees. Part of that self-esteem is personal goals and tastes. You will understand the need for your partner’s own space when you understand your self-love. In that sense, loving is respecting the uniqueness of your partner.

Commitment is what keeps love alive in a loving relationship


Feeling truly committed to each other is what defines true love as a couple . It is this commitment that gives life meaning. That commitment means mutual support, details, being there, respect, honesty, kisses, messages, etc. They behave generating trust and security.

When there is a commitment as a couple there is also freedom to be oneself and acceptance of the other person as he is. You value your partner, you value what he does for you. You don’t do things to please the other. You do what you want without fear of their reproaches, rather you wait for their encouragement.

These are the general characteristics when there is love as a couple

What is true couple love? You can’t say you love your partner if you don’t know their dark side. For there to be a real and true love for couples, both must know their anger, anger, bad character, indecisions, fears, etc. If you know all the demons of your partner and still love him, that is true love.

– There is mutual respect in good times and bad

– Each one surpasses himself and gives the best that he can

– Making mistakes is normal and apologizing is respect

– They help and motivate each other and celebrate their successes and defeats

– Mutual well-being is a priority through communication, support, and encouragement

– They clearly understand that respecting opinions and tastes sustains the relationship

– Being honest and sincere with yourself builds good self-esteem

– They support and share projects, objectives, and values ​​that strengthen the couple’s relationship

What is the love of a couple in famous phrases of recognized authors

Love has always inspired poets, musicians, philosophers, and religious of all ages. You can always try to express love in a new way and it’s what keeps inspiration alive. Now let’s see some phrases about true love.

– Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared. Antoine de Saint-Exupére

– True love stories never have an ending. Richard Bach

– There is nothing stronger than true love. Seneca

– If you fall, I pick you up; And if not, I sleep with you. Julio Cortazar

– The soul that can speak with its eyes, it can also kiss with its eyes. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

– Being deeply loved gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Lao Tse

– Loving is a driving force that moves the world from good values

– Love has as much light as the person it respects, is honest and values ​​their own life

– A love phrase expresses a lot of feeling, but nothing like walking next to the person you love