Phrases to make a girl laugh, words to conquer women

Making a girl laugh is the best way to earn her trust and preference. It doesn’t matter if you are not very funny, here are some phrases to make a girl laugh and win her over. If you know how to arrive in a good mood, she will love spending time with you regardless of whether you are handsome or not.

If you are looking for daring compliments for women to leave them laughing for the chat, here are some very good ones. All you need is to create the right moment and write to her WhatsApp. You don’t even need her to be your friend, as these words are funny enough to earn her trust.

Getting a woman to laugh is the finest art against ice and mistrust. When you use any of these phrases to make some women smile, don’t be in a hurry. Go easy to win a woman. Imagine a nice personal challenge, you just have to put your sense of humor and everything will be very healthy.

First you have to make her relax and happy with these phrases to make a girl laugh

Suppose you don’t have it easy with that girl you like. Don’t be too quick to use any phrase or joke to make a girl you like laugh. Earn her trust by taking an interest in her. Listen to her, do not seek her only when you need her but when she needs you.

1. I want to sleep but I can’t stop thinking about kissing you

2. When I see you, I feel like I want to hug you and not let you go, but I remember that we still don’t know each other and it passes

3. I always fall in love with your look and then I don’t remember where I was walking

4. I miss you when I’m not with you and when I’m with you I miss kissing you

5. You have become my south, my north, my east, my west, my work hours and my bedtime

7. I know love will be fun with you, but get out of my head so I can work and pay the bills.

8. I’m thinking about how it was with my psychic girlfriend who left me before we met

9. When you are, I love you more than coffee, ice cream and everything I love when I’m alone

10. All I need is your love, but a little chocolate by your side doesn’t hurt

Prepare a girl to laugh looking for her compassionate side in a very subtle way


Playing the victim counts as resources to make a girl fall in love , but don’t overdo it. Make him be tender to you , it doesn’t hurt, so also show your bravest side. To see you as a person who can have a good mood even in the worst moments. Then you can write any of these phrases through the chat to make your girl laugh.

11. I love being honest in love, but if you can pretend you’re from my team

12. When I’m with you I can’t measure time. Could it be that you stole it from me?

13. Hello girl, will you have a band-aid? After seeing you I need it for lovesickness

14. You know what my girl, you better take your beauty somewhere else or you will set my life on fire

15. I think I broke a rib when you appeared in my life, your beauty hurts

16. I am choosing between breathing or loving you, and I choose my last breath saying “I love you”

17. Every night you walk through my window like an angel, but you get into my head with too much fire

18. I just read a sentence, “the best is yet to come” and I found you beautiful

19. When I’m with you, the only best place in the world is your arms

20. Meet you and smile for no reason that’s magic in my life

Achieve your good mood using these compliments to make a girl laugh on WhatsApp


How to make a girl laugh on Messenger to make her fall in love? Don’t use these phrases as being funny or likeable in a rush to make a girl laugh. All you need is a very slight smile with patience. The humorous words of love can be heavy if you use it at the wrong time.

21. When I think of the most wonderful thing in the world I think of your eyes

22. I would like to try a kiss of yours just to know if you are human or angel

24. Even if I’m very exhausted by your side, I can jog another mile.

25. If your feet hurt it will be because you are wandering through my thoughts

26. If you want twins, I want triplets, can we prove who wins?

27. I want to invent a time machine to go play with you as children

28. I didn’t know why my glasses fog up until I bumped into you

29. Hello miss, can you open your wallet, I think you have stolen my heart

30. Me dreaming that your kisses are raindrops and wishing for a flood

Use these funny phrases and achieve your good mood on WhatsApp with a funny memory

If you know her from recently, ask her about something funny that happened to her in the last month. Try to get her to talk more and you pay more attention. When she is in a good mood, you can use these phrases or jokes to make a girl you like laugh. Find out their weak points, remember something that made you laugh a lot.

31. I still don’t have the guts to tell you that I like you, so I’ll keep it to myself

32. You know the most interesting thing about being in love with you, feeling that I can conquer the world

33. Sometimes I feel like a ghost that loves you, everyone thinks they realize it but few see it

34. If you believe that love is blind, I will take advantage of it so that you help me cross life

35. Last night I dreamed that you told me “I love you”, help me to return to that dream

36. I want to change my love for you, for your kisses and hugs

37. I am very sure that you are the girl I love, if you want we can tell everyone

38. I know I love you because I keep thinking of you for longer than my cell phone battery lasts

39. I just cleaned my Facebook, now you are the only one I love

40. Hello beautiful, I am building the spirit of our love, will you help me?

Don’t try to be funny, laughing is spontaneous, just make her laugh at a memory

It would be wonderful if you find the girl you like in an optimal state of good humor, but sometimes it will not be like that. As I already told you, before using these phrases or compliments to make a girl laugh, make her remember something funny. Let her smile at something by herself and then you can use one of these funny phrases.

41. I want to conquer the world with one hand, with the other I hold on to you

42. When I die I would like to return as a puppy that you caress and kiss

43. I have never believed in the madness of love until I saw you and I dressed as a policeman to give you free passage

44. I dare you to realize if I like you or not, precious

45. Do not believe that I have fallen in love with you, you are only fashionable in my mind

46. ​​I have written your name in a place where it will never be erased, can you give it a thumbs up with a kiss?

47. Let’s make a deal, I’ll give you a kiss and if you don’t like it, we’ll try again

48. If I were your favorite pizza, what toppings would you add to it?

49. When you look in the mirror, do you look cute, crazy, naughty and loving?

50. With you I want to have my first moment of love madness

Using funny phrases is an art to make the girl you like laugh and reach her heart

A woman does not laugh with just anyone. Getting her to smile a little is already a great achievement that takes a lot of attention to detail and patience. If you can’t make a girl you like laugh with these phrases, it just means that you need more tact. Maybe improving your self-esteem will help you.

51. I want you when you remember the funniest thing in your life to think about my madness of love

52. I want to give you the funniest nickname that nobody has given you, choose a letter

53. To qualify as the strangest lover you’ve ever had, how would I have to kiss you?

54. If you tell me that you hate life, I’ll tell you who is my favorite witch

55. If you get caught kissing toads, would you pretend that you weren’t looking for your prince charming?

56. Imagine that my answer was yes, what would your proposal be?

57. Let’s say you are my pet, where would you like to go for a walk?

58. If you saw me naked on the beach, would you cover your eyes or lend me a towel?

59. I think, from the look you have, that many love fantasies occur to you

60. When you smile you are very pretty, do we try how you look when you kiss me?

How to make a girl laugh on chat: Get in a playful state, make up something funny

There are many fun online games to entertain the girl you like. You don’t need to win at the game, and the best thing, once he smiles, you start telling him a joke. You can use any of these phrases, as they are very good to make the girl you like laugh.

61. Can you repeat that fantasy you had with me just now?

62. It seems to me that you are a very intelligent girl, I have a challenge, discover how I like your kisses

63. I think you are a good person and I am lost and I am very faithful, do you adopt me?

64. If I thought you were one of those girls who… What would your first kiss be like?

65. Do you think it is better that I shut up what I want to do with you?

66. It would be good if you stop looking at me that way, I also have feelings

67. If you keep thinking of me that way you will activate my most romantic side

68. Sometimes I think I have a black soul, are you racist?

69. I propose to fulfill that fantasy for which you are going to feel guilty all your life

70. Is there something you promised not to repeat? I propose to be the hero of your fantasy

Use applications along with these phrases to make that girl laugh who won’t let you sleep

For example, you can learn to read the lines on his hand. You get a little serious and you talk to him about life, money, love and his intelligence. When you see her smile, you can drop a few phrases and you will make that girl you love laugh until you drop. Also look for compatibility of names, zodiac sign, etc., to stay in a good mood.

71. Imagine that I am your boyfriend and I have to be punished because I lost a challenge. Can it be a kissing hurricane?

72. We’re going to eat pizza and if you like it, you lose and I’ll kiss you

73. If your dream is to dance, mine is to sell soft drinks in front of the dance floor

74. Sometimes I dream that I am a panda and you are a rabbit, do you think that would work?

75. If you were a man for a day, I would not let you fall in love with the woman you are

76. Have you ever been in a cat fight?

77. Sometimes I dream that I kiss you and then we are still good friends

78. What animal would it have to be so that you would not hesitate to adopt me as a pet?

79. If your love life could be described with eggs, what bird’s eggs would it be?

80. Imagine that I traveled to the past and saved you from your most embarrassing moment, do I just deserve a kiss?