19 examples of a toxic couple relationship, identify these signs

If you don’t know what a toxic relationship looks like, the following signs of toxic behavior will give you a clearer idea. The following examples are very common cases of a toxic relationship. Many couples tolerate suffering believing that love is like that, when in reality they are pathological behaviors.

What is a toxic person in a loving relationship? All couples have problems, they fight, but there are very subtle behaviors that cause suffering. Among these behaviors there are some that should not be tolerated for your emotional well-being, because they are not love even if you think they are.

Let’s look at the signs that your relationship has become toxic and it is important that you get out of there.

1.- If you get uncomfortable with your friends and family it can be a toxic attitude

One of the most frequent toxic behaviors of a person is trying to control your life. With the excuse that he loves you and wants the best for you, he tries to isolate yourself from your friends and family. It can start with jealousy or negative opinions of other people and asks you, please (it can also force you), not to frequent them.

2.- Repeatedly give your opinion of your personal tastes and how you manage your life

It can start with the way you dress, spend your money, and ask you to explain some of the things you do. It all seems like a good intention. For example, it is a toxic relationship with a partner if you want to manage your money, your income and the way you spend it. There may be a good intention, but if they are unnecessary and controlling it is toxic.

3.- One type of toxic relationships is when you investigate and control your social life

It is very important that in a relationship each one has their space, time and tastes. Respect and communication are essential to the health of the relationship. But if, for example, he begins to check your social networks, chat and calls, it is a toxic relationship that harms the couple.

4.- How is a toxic relationship with a couple: You want to plan your life and schedules

The typical thing about a self-confident person is that they consider that their happiness depends on their attitude. But a toxic person thinks that to be happy his partner must comply with his rules. A toxic person believes he is right about how a happy relationship should behave, but all he achieves is suffering.

5.- Sign of toxic behavior: He does you a favor only if you do something in return

It may seem normal for them to exchange favors. But if he does it just to get your attention, it would be another of these examples of a toxic relationship with a partner. It can be a person with a lot of emotional dependence and takes advantage of any circumstance to give you affection, but soon you get to feel annoyance.

6.- My relationship is toxic if it continually minimizes my achievements and future

One of the most common and subtle examples of a toxic relationship are small allusions to its positive influence. It makes you see that thanks to him or her you are where you are or have what you have. He despises your successes as his own, and if he recognizes them, he thinks they are thanks to his influence.

7.- You are a toxic person if you allow your partner to disapprove or question your opinions

In a toxic relationship, the two are toxic if, despite suffering, they remain together. An emotionally balanced person immediately withdraws from a toxic relationship. A person with high self-esteem does not, in a good way, allow their opinions to be disapproved even if they are different from those of their partner.

8.- To achieve what he wants, he resorts to emotional blackmail such as resenting or getting angry

Emotional blackmail is one of the most common examples in a toxic relationship. It all starts out as an innocent game, but little by little it becomes a rule. At first you want to please your partner because you love him and give in to his request. But little by little take control of your life and your behaviors.

9.- He becomes uncomfortable with your contacts of the opposite gender to the point that he asks you for explanations

It is not wrong to ask who you hang out with or who is that person you were laughing with. But that this control becomes obsessive is an example of toxic behavior. Your social life has become a source of discomfort in your love life. Your partner is suspicious of all the people around you and you feel a lot of discomfort.

10.- What is a toxic relationship: For example, when it overprotects you and cuts off your freedom

You or your partner may believe that you need to be protective for the sake of your relationship. This is one of the examples of a toxic relationship between a couple that is disguised as pure love. I love you so much that I will not allow anything or anyone to hurt you. They go to the extreme of considering you as a helpless child in need of protection.

11.- If you want to direct how you should dress, ignoring your tastes, it is a sign of a toxic relationship

It is okay for your partner to give his opinion about the way you dress, but wanting you to dress and have a lifestyle to his liking is toxic. The biggest excuse of a toxic couple is that they do it for love. He swears to love you and thinks he wishes you the best. But all he is doing is meeting his expectations so that he is happy. And that only brings suffering.

12.- If you achieve something it takes away your merits, at all times it says that your achievements are not a big deal

One of the examples of a stormy and toxic relationship as a couple is belittling their worth. If that happens in your relationship, it is very important that you understand that in a healthy relationship respect and accepting differences is the most important thing. If you allow these toxic emotions to dominate your relationship, you too have the same problem.

13.- Whenever you tell him your problems and worries, he minimizes them, it is not so bad

Lack of empathy and taking your things seriously is a sign that you are living in a toxic relationship with your partner. This is because they do not consider you, they do not believe that what happens to you is important. He has such a toxic ego that he believes that only what happens to him is important, the rest is the least.

14.- That he is a toxic boy but someone who does not accept other people’s reasons because he thinks he is right

Arguments as a couple are part of life, but when there is love the most important thing is to treat each other with love. But in the face of toxic behavior, the only thing that matters is their reasons. He does everything to be right, blackmails, makes himself the victim, manipulates, etc. In this situation you always have to give in and suffer.

15.- When a relationship is toxic, one of them always blames for their problems

A person who does not assume responsibility for what happens and who is also emotionally dependent may believe that his happiness and problems depend on his partner. Examples of this type of toxic relationship are more common than we would like to admit. Look what you do to me, because you make me suffer, I didn’t think you would do it to me, etc. are his favorite words.

16.- A toxic person is always reminding you of your failures, betrayals and past mistakes

Toxic people interpret circumstances in their own way, always playing the victims. To reaffirm that unbalanced position, they do not hesitate to remind you of what was negative for them. They honestly believe that that way you will change and behave according to their expectations so that she is happy. But you never get it right, even if you do things willingly.

17.- Gets exaggeratedly angry when your family members find out about your problems

There are couples who only behave very loving when there are visitors. But when they are alone they give vent to their disagreements, fights and bad temper. One of these examples of toxic couple relationships are those who want to keep up appearances and do not tolerate friends or family finding out about their problems.

18.- In some toxic couple relationships they avoid talking and looking for solutions to their problems

Frequent emotional communication is typical of healthy couples. But when one or both are toxic people avoid talking about problems. In some cases they get angry if someone talks about it. If someone mentions a problem, the other defends himself with hurtful words, screams and reproaches.

19.- A toxic person treats you as if you were his property, in a bad way and without respect

Respect, tolerance and being grateful are characteristics of healthy and happy relationships. In a toxic relationship there is no respect, they do not even have a clue where they are failing. Disrespect occurs in people who are resentful and blame others for what happens to them. They are usually silent until they explode with what they consider a fault towards them.