12 secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend, if you like him do this

Now you will know if that boy is about to say to you, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” If you like that guy obviously you want it to happen fast. But what are the secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend? Many men are afraid of rejection and put off their statement.

You might like that boy, but are you ready to be his girlfriend? What he wants and does you cannot control, but what do you want? Fantasizing may be nice, but do you feel like a new relationship where you can take charge of your happiness?

Now you will identify the signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend, but are you willing to commit? In other words, you are no longer going to delegate your happiness, but rather you are going to take care of yourself to be happy and independent.

If you think that this boy is about to ask you to be his girlfriend and you like the idea, you have to be optimistic. You have to accept as he is and fit into his life without hurting yours. Is that boy really for you?

1.- He constantly writes to you and makes plans to go out with you

When a man falls in love, he doesn’t stop thinking about her. All her plans and dreams are with her. If he constantly writes you and tells you what he wants to do, we are at that point.

He writes you constantly, not just once in a while and makes plans for the weekends. This indicates that he wants to put you in his life. He is dreaming of a life with you.

2.- Secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend


He is open with his feelings and responds immediately to your messages. If he allows himself to be vulnerable by telling you that he cares about you and shows it, he is definitely in love with you.

If he responds to your messages immediately, it is because he cares about you. He is aware of you and every time you write he feels happy and responds quickly because he wants to prolong his happiness.

3.- He always congratulates you and has plans for the future


Another one of the secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend is when he always highlights what you do. It tells you that you are beautiful, that you are great, and it makes you feel that it enjoys spending time with you.

He does not miss the opportunity to go out with you and always makes plans for the weekend, the end of the month, etc. All this means that you are in his future in all aspects of his life.

4.- He tells you about his past and introduces you to his friends


When a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he talks to you about his past, his dreams, and his fears. He wants you to know him in every way he even introduces you to his friends and family.

A man who just likes you and doesn’t feel his feelings compromised. Therefore, he also does not tell you about his past and less does he introduce you to his loved ones.

5.- He wants to meet you, values ​​you and cares what you think


Another way to know if a man wants you to be his girlfriend is by the way he treats you. For many things he uses, does and thinks he wants to know your opinion. He listens to you and that means he values ​​you.

He is very interested in meeting you. He asks you about your favorite food, what you like to do on the weekends. He even cares about your childhood things. In other words, he is trying to create a bond with you.

6.- He tells you everything and loves spending time with you


One of the most important secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend is that he is comfortable with you. It is not enough for him to see you every week, now he wants to see you more often and he finds a way.

He tells you many things about his day-to-day. About what happens at work, with friends or family. You feel that it opens up for you, that it does not hide anything from you. He just loves to share his life with you.

7.- He always pleases you and in your worst moments he is there


When a man really wants you for his girlfriend, he accepts you in your good times and bad. He does not run away when you lose control after a very difficult day. He understands that you are not always a sweetheart.

And when it comes to being loving, romantic, and having fun, he wants you to feel fulfilled. Also, he is always trying to improve in his way of giving you love. You always communicate with your emotions.

8.- Spend the night with you and bring you what you like the most

Knowing what you like the most is another of the secret signs that he wants you to be his girlfriend . Your favorite ice cream, a book by an author you admire, etc., he is attentive to what makes you happy.

If at any time they are late at home, you will not make a problem by staying until the next day. He just has no other priorities, the important thing is to spend time with you.

9.- Pays attention to you and always encourages you


Today the telephone can be the cruelest consumer of our time. But when it comes to a man who wants to be your boyfriend, it doesn’t apply. He is happier giving you full attention.

How to know if a boy wants me to be his girlfriend? If that boy always encourages you even when you have problems, you are on the right track. You achieve something good and he is the first to celebrate.

10.- Always hug you and accept your frustrations


It doesn’t matter if you’re upset, frustrated, or in a bad mood, he stays balanced. Accept that you have those moments and just wait patiently. If you need time, accept it and wait.

If you feel that you need a hug, do not hesitate. In addition, he always likes to pass very close to you, touching you, caressing you and trying to achieve better emotional communication.

11.- He gives you nicknames and opens up about his weaknesses

When a man grabs you honey, when spending time with you is the best, he can give you an affectionate nickname. Having a private name for yourself improves your confidence and makes you feel more comfortable.

Another secret sign that he wants you to be his girlfriend is when he relaxes in your presence. He feels so comfortable that he doesn’t mind being himself even with his weaknesses.

If you get frustrated, sad, or angry at times, don’t hide it. She has no qualms about showing her feelings without makeup. Just trust the way you are.