What does a man like when his girlfriend tells him, 10 phrases to drive him crazy

Imagine sending him some messages to make a man think of you. It has to be something that he likes, that drives him crazy. There are many things a man likes his girlfriend to tell him. But it is something that should always be used, not just in the beginning. You always have to fall in love but the relationship cools down.

Knowing the things that men like to hear from women can make you an unforgettable, enviable woman. Well, the right man will love you, need you, and look for you. Do not wait, take the initiative.

Most women adopt the passive mode to woo a man. An insecure girl, who does not know what she wants, who does not go for what she wants, is not attractive. You want a good man, be attractive.

If you tell him, I want to see you right now, he will love it

An insecure girl acts like she thinks her boyfriend wants her to. If you are like this, your boyfriend is probably immature too. But you are not, and you stopped acting a long time ago to please someone else.

Now you do what you like, you don’t even ask permission. You want to see your boyfriend and you tell him frankly and confidently. You are not charged and you accept if you cannot. These types of women love men.

What does a man like when his girlfriend tells him: I’m thinking of you


Say “I like you.” This requires courage, being a confident woman. But this is one of the things men like to hear from women. In other words, it’s all about you liking yourself.

Being bold and honest makes you a better woman and is what you need so that he knows your feelings. As you open yourself to what you feel, you will achieve more not only from your boyfriend, but also from your friends, colleagues and family.

A responsible woman: Sorry, I can’t, now I’m very busy


Something that men like is a woman who has a life. You are not waiting for someone to give your life meaning. You are busy with your priorities, you are responsible and you cannot procrastinate.

“Now I can’t” is what the man likes his girlfriend to tell him. But it has to be something real, it is not worth pretending to be busy. Being dishonest is not in your favor. A man likes an independent woman.

You call him and say: Today I invite you to dinner in that place that you like


“I pay” is another of the words that men like to say a woman. It is something rare, most believe that the man should pay the dating bills. But this is also a sign of independence.

Every good man loves it when his girl pays some bill, unless she contributes. He may not let you pay, but he likes that simple intention. A woman who takes over looks attractive.

That a woman is interested in him: Tell me how was your day


It’s wonderful for a man when his girlfriend cares about him and pays attention to him. “I want to listen to you”, “tell me more” is a demonstration of how much you are interested in your relationship and your boyfriend.

Listening carefully to your boyfriend improves confidence, gives him assurance that you love him. Feeling understood implies feeling accepted and valued as a couple and as a person.

When a woman values ​​the man she loves: I am passionate about the way you are


The most important thing a man likes to be told by his girlfriend is about his masculinity. It is a great compliment to a man to know that his girlfriend is passionate about his presence.

Not all men can tell when a woman is satisfied and fulfilled with her boyfriend. Therefore, be expressive with what your boyfriend makes you feel with his way of being, his kisses and in privacy.

Let her take care of her happiness: No man is indispensable to me


Saying this to your boyfriend can be difficult, but it is important for him to know. The messages that men love are those of an independent woman who thrives at her own risk and expense.

You don’t need a man in your life but you chose him. No man can make you totally happy, but you can do it yourself. Your boyfriend must know that you chose him to share a great life.

That a woman feels the need to see him: You cannot imagine how much I miss you


For some women people it is not easy to say “I miss you”. It makes them feel fragile, but what if you don’t see it for a while and you don’t say anything to them. He can get jealous or stop thinking about you.

What does a man like when his girlfriend tells him when they don’t see each other for several days? If you told him I want to see you soon, you would make him happy. You would awaken his love for you and he would find time to come and see you.

Have initiative: This weekend we are going to spend together on the beach


Another thing men like to hear from their girlfriends is their initiative. Dream about him, plan and tell him what you want to do with him. Don’t wait for him to decide everything for you both.

Many men like to be in control, but a romantic initiative from his girlfriend can make them very happy. Keep in mind that from your feminine perspective, everything can be different and more fun.

Tell him about his fantasies: Today I want to do a lot of crazy things with you

Nothing can be better than daring to do new things with your boyfriend. Enjoy together, make mistakes together and laugh, go through a moment of uncertainty, be surprised, cry with emotion, etc.

It is very good to realize the things that men like to say to you. Then you open yourself up to being more authentic and spontaneous. What is really yours will like him and he will get to know you better.

It’s not about doing anything to impress him. Knowing that the man likes his girlfriend is also knowing that you like him. First it is you, you have to accept the risks and be responsible.