20 short and beautiful love poems to make a beautiful woman fall in love

Every time a man falls in love he comes up with love poems, but he doesn’t always say it. The following short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love are for you to say with confidence. Don’t be afraid of being inappropriate or cheesy, nothing good comes without difficulty.

Loving, falling in love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person. When a person does not love, when he does not have something or someone to dedicate himself to, he feels aimless.

Love gives meaning to our lives and when that special person arrives, it is the right moment. When you feel like you love a woman, tell her. Not necessarily with words, attitudes are better.

1.- Making the woman you love feel special is an art of self-love

A love poem for a woman is a very beautiful detail that a man can dedicate to her. Not every man does this, but most women are moved by a love poem.

I hope you like the following short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love. Even if it is your partner, keep falling in love with her.


The cutest thing that happened to me

is to see your precious eyes turning

towards me with a nice smile


As soon as I saw you I understood what it is

the beauty of a woman

and now I know that when I kiss your lips

I will understand what love is


I do not know if I will love you for life,

but I know what time I love you like all my life

and that makes me immensely happy

2.- Short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love

You don’t have to wait for a special date to dedicate a romantic word to the woman you love. But especially on those special days, you have to dedicate your best inspiration to it.

Consider the following love poems to make a woman fall in love, short and beautiful. Give your best in authentic feelings to that woman you love.


I saw you and you smiled at me and that was the great start

of all my illusions with you by my side,

now you are the most important thing in my life


I see you so precious and I can only imagine

that my life from now on will be more

inspired by love and gratitude


Forgive me for saying I love you at all times,
for loving you in solitude, in silence

Forgive me for feeling mine and dreaming of your skin

for not being able to get you out of my thoughts,
for loving you and telling you only with my eyes

I’m sorry, forgive me for telling you that I need you

3.- A love poem is something that they love as a loving detail

The love verses are highly appreciated by a woman. They are more sensitive to love than men. That is why it is important to dedicate these short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love.


At every moment you are my favorite thought,

the person I greet for a little while

and the one that I adore every minute,

the one that keeps me awake at night

and leaves me a smile every morning


Although my eyes do not see you, my love, you are always in my thoughts

smiling and looking with those eyes that say many sweet things,

every morning, every noon and in the afternoon I take a nap dreaming of you


I was safe at every point of the way until I saw you,

He lived quietly oblivious to passionate emotions and

I had a wonderful plan for my future until I saw you

and your smile told me: This is your path, this is your future and your love


More and more I want to be your air, your sun, your destiny, and your dreams

It happens to me since I saw you and even if you don’t know it, I always take care of you where you go

Even if you don’t want it, I always clean the sky so that you always see stars

4.- A love poem to a woman can be better than a gift

A bouquet of flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, etc., are good details. But short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love are much more romantic gifts.


Being a witness of your smile is the best thing that could have happened to me,

Dreaming of you every night, every minute is magical,

it makes me happy and gives a better meaning to my life

Love with you is the best thing that could have happened to me


It happens to me only with you every time I see you or and every time you come to my mind

when our hands touch, when our eyes meet,

When our souls collide, I can’t help it

my soul fades and my heart flutters, all for you


You are becoming everything to me, in the air that I breathe and in the water that I drink,

You are my food, the blood that runs through my body, you are my reason for living

I just want you to become the joy of my days and the good morning kiss

5.- Women love a romantic man who dedicates his time to them

For a woman, the love of a man is small details that make her feel good. The objective of these short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love is to make them feel loved.


Today I have proposed to speak to you: Hello beautiful, I am the man who wants to make you happy …

But your beauty dazzles me and I don’t know what to do with this love, if to let it fly or if to steal a kiss


Sometimes I just want to hug you and I just look at the sky hoping that it will let you know about my love

Sometimes I just want to follow you with my eyes and I only look at the flowers in the park so that they tell me about your smile

So many times wanting to confess my love to you and so many times wanting the universe to help me


I have never been able to get addicted to anything, but since you looked at me I became addicted to your smile

Every time I see you, I can’t help but follow you with my eyes, hoping that you will give me a flash of your smile.

I’m dying to see you smile, I hope every day that that luminous divine gesture illuminates my life

6.- A love poem to a woman communicates better than simple words

There are many ways to say “I love you” to a woman. The important thing is to get the message across. For example, short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love, communicate feelings well.


I thought I knew how to love, I thought I had loved and been reciprocated, but you came and you changed my questions

Now I don’t know what to do with this love that I feel for you, whether to keep it for myself and die or learn to love and flourish again.


It would be wonderful if you just loved me the way I love you, but I haven’t even told you

and it is that every time I propose to talk to you about my love, your beauty is more dazzling and I am enthralled

only when I walk away do I start to think of everything I would have liked to tell you,

for example, I love you like the moon loves the sea, passionate and calm for a lifetime

7.- Never stop falling in love with the woman you love, love is built

Short and beautiful love poems to make a woman fall in love should always be present in a relationship. Don’t get used to it, don’t assume that she must love you, keep falling in love with her.


Every time I think of you, verses spring from my soul that makes me sigh

I love you, I adore you, I feel that I will never stop loving you,

that’s why I want to take your hands, take your face and kiss you


I have fallen in love several times and I have learned that loving is an art

but seeing you I have realized that my art is not your size, it is not your personality

now I need to learn to love again and master the art of loving the beauty of your soul