20 effective phrases for a friend that I like but has a boyfriend

I don’t blame you if you fall in love with your friend even if she has a boyfriend. It is something that happens between friends. Here are some phrases for a friend that I like but has a boyfriend. You can tell them at an opportune moment. The goal is for him to think of you.

It is very good to know some phrases for the girl that I like and has a boyfriend. That way I can take advantage of any moment to tell him and let him realize my feelings.

Love is sometimes inopportune. We are attracted to forbidden loves. Your friend already has a boyfriend but you are thinking about her. You want with her but you don’t dare to tell her. But you can dedicate a phrase of love to it.

You are my best friend, I like you even if you have a boyfriend and you are my best inspiration

The love between best friends is very frequent but in many cases it is secret. They have a nice friendship and they think it could be ruined. If it is ruined it was not love, because love builds you up, it does not destroy you.

These phrases for a friend that I like but has a boyfriend are to improvise. You are with her, suddenly you look into her eyes, she asks what, and you release your best words.

1. You appeared suddenly and my life changed for a single idea: I want and can a life of love with her. Now my happiness is a reality because I take care of it.

2. I thought my life was boring, difficult, and without a future, but you came with that look and everything changed. Now I know that my biggest challenge is love.

3. I never imagined that just a few words with you would make me feel better. Now I feel better, and thanks to you I harbor a giant love.

4. I don’t love you as much as you would like but I love you as I can love myself. I only ask you to always keep that smile for me and my love will feed on hope.

5. No dream is more beautiful than when you are and your smile illuminates everything. I only know what to wait for because you have a boyfriend and because my love is under construction.

Phrases for a friend that I like a lot but she has a boyfriend

When a person falls in love, he believes that the other person must love him to be happy. “If my friend loves me I will be happy.” But if your friend has a boyfriend, what kind of love do you expect?

6. Since you came into my life everything has changed, everything makes sense. It does not matter if it is a forbidden love, I know that it only depends on me to make our love greater.

7. Sometimes when I tell you that I’m fine, I lie to you, because I can’t kiss you. Other times when I tell you that I’m fine, it’s true, because you give me that smile.

8. I tell you that I want a kiss from you and you tell me that you have a boyfriend. I tell you I want a smile and you can’t help it. So I know everything is going to be fine.

9. I have collected so many love phrases and when you smile they all forget me. I have dreamed of passionate kisses and when you speak to me I am secretly sending you kisses.

10. I know that love is a construction in the heart of each person. But as soon as you arrived, that love began to germinate and I like how it looks.

A love phrase for a friendship with a boyfriend renews my inner life

May these phrases for a friend that I like but have a boyfriend serve to learn to love me more. Well, only when you love yourself do you feel happier. You don’t have to wait for others.

Expecting your partner to love you is called emotional dependency. Only if he loves you do you feel good, which is absurd. It is better to love yourself with these phrases to make a girl fall in love with a boyfriend.

11. Every time I look at you smiling, you tell me smiling, I have a boyfriend. Every time I give you love phrases you say thank you and little by little I get excited.

12. I live waiting for your smile, I dream of your kisses, I plan to walk by your hand. My happiness is so simple when I think of you. You are my magic of love.

13. I love every phase of love that I imagine for you. Because they are all inspired by the kisses I imagine and the life I dream of with you.

14. Your lips are like a pair of roses in my hands, soft, sweet, and delicious. Your hair is like velvet where my hands love to go.

15. I am a man of few words and respectful of others. But since I saw you and you told me you had a boyfriend, forbidden love is my new passion.

Falling in love, with these phrases, with your friend with boyfriend is a good decision

Who decides well, falls in love with himself, and chooses with whom to share his life. Falling in love with yourself means improving your self-esteem, loving yourself. From that love, you choose with total freedom.

Reflect on each of these phrases for a friend that I like but has a boyfriend. Is a forbidden love really going to fill your life? Live the experience without guilt, but learn.

16. Mirante smiling makes me understand that my happiness is always my responsibility. That is why I know that to have you I must build happiness that you cannot escape

17. Wish I saw you with those lips and that naughty hair, my plan was to make you fall in love. Now I am the one who is in love and without knowing how to reach you and kiss you.

18. The best way that you don’t forget my love is for me to become the man you can’t help but love.

19. I have understood that the best love phrases are not enough for you to notice me. That is why I am turning my life into a poem for you.

20. Every time you look at me with that smile I get lost in your eyes and I don’t know how to find myself. I feel like a fragile sailboat sailing in the turbulent waters of your gaze.

The most practical thing is to build my own sentences for a friend that I like but has a boyfriend. Get inspired by the phrases I propose and adapt them to your circumstances.

Living an intense love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to two people. Live your love adventure without guilt, complaints, or worries.