He looks at me a lot but he has a girlfriend, I know he likes me, but he gets scared and just runs away

I think that boy has a girlfriend but he obviously likes me. But why does he look at me so much? What does it mean when a guy looks at you a lot but has a girlfriend and also, why doesn’t he talk to me? Many girls feel harassed from across the garden.

If a guy with a girlfriend looks at you a lot, he doesn’t have to tell you that he likes you, to know what’s going on. His body language gives him away. You just have to know what to look at from all their behavior.

If you like that boy with a girlfriend and all he does is look at you, give him confidence. He looks at you in a beautiful way and you don’t know what to do because there is his girlfriend. You get excited and you don’t know what happens.

He looks at you, he can’t believe you’re so beautiful and special as a girlfriend

If a boy looks at you repeatedly, it means that he sees something special in you. Men are visual, they like to look. They don’t always look at something they like, they just look.

Therefore, to know if he likes you, a casual look is not enough, you have to see other signs. You also like him even though he has a girlfriend. He could also be thinking, why is he looking at me?

When looking at a boy with a girlfriend it is important that you take into account your self-love. Why get in trouble, he’s not the only guy. Love more to be able to love your partner better.

What if a guy looks at you a lot but has a girlfriend

When a man has a girlfriend and he looks for you, what does he really want? How do you know if you like me if you don’t talk to me, just look at me? From what he looks at me I think he has a girlfriend but he likes me.

When the boy you like looks at you a lot but doesn’t talk to me, what does he want? Doesn’t he speak to you out of fear, out of cowardice, or what’s going on? It is very easy to be filled with doubts when the signals seem contradictory.

You like that boy, he seems to like you too, which makes you excited. But he’s dating his girlfriend and he still looks at you.

He may be very shy or not sure what he wants

Another reason why a man looks at you a lot but has a girlfriend and doesn’t talk to you is his shyness. He could also feel very insecure between how he feels about you and how he feels about his girlfriend.

He has a girlfriend but it is obvious that he likes me. It is not enough for a boy to look at you to know if he likes you, there are other signs that you have to observe. A woman with good intuition recognizes the signs of love.

The average man chooses between ten gestures to attract a woman he likes: raise his eyebrows, touch his face, spread his legs, etc. And everything is unconscious and inevitable.

Body language says a lot about how a man feels

How to know if my friend who has a girlfriend likes me? Signs that I have observed in the boy who looks at me a lot but has a girlfriend. Body language conveys a lot of information.

– When he raises his eyebrows and fixes his gaze, he wants to see you better. What else do you bring that he likes apart from what he already saw out of the corner of his eye

– If his jaw drops, it means he likes you. It is something that happens in a fraction of a second, you have to be very observant

Insecurity also shows in their body language

Maybe that boy likes you, he looks at you a lot but he has a girlfriend. But you can be very unsure of your feelings. Maybe he doesn’t want to play with his girlfriend and you.

– When you stand up and tense your muscles it means that you are trying to be attractive to the girl you like

– If you walk by or talk to him and he caresses his cheeks, chin, or ears, it means that he is attracted to you. Everything happens unconsciously, to tell you that he is likes you

– If he starts to attract attention in an unusual way only when he sees you. For example fixing hair, clothes or being funnier is that he wants to get your attention

– If he looks at you without qualms, it means that he wants you to know that he is admiring the beauty of your body

– When he takes off his jacket or unbuttons his shirt every time you pass, it means that he gets nervous because he imagines that he hugs you

– If he plays with a glass or bottle while he looks at you, it means that he wants to be very loving with you, he is imagining that he kisses you

What to do if he looks at you a lot but has a girlfriend?

That boy has a girlfriend but you like him and you want to win him over. It is possible that nothing good is happening in their relationship so that he is looking at another girl. That is not your responsibility.

It’s not that you take advantage of the situation. But if he likes you and you like him too, you’re only going to facilitate the inevitable. Maybe that boy is for you.

– When he looks at you you will smile at him, you can even ask him out. Forget being the woman who waits

– Go out in a group and try to be by their side with great discretion. Don’t stray too far from the group

– Become her best friend, even her girlfriend’s friend. Try to help him in everything in order to be more by his side

– Flirt a little every time he looks at you, let him know that you like him too

– You must be a very good conversationalist, but above all being good at giving affection and attention

– Ask him if he likes to dance and make him invite you, all very casual and without pressure

– When they’re alone, get a little flirtatious. Get very close to him, look him in the eye, and while they talk, touch him as if by chance

– Keep your self-esteem high, do not make a fool of yourself, do nothing, that you do not like, just to please him

Make sure he likes you by observing his behavior well

You like a boy who has a girlfriend and he could be looking at you because you look at him. Maybe you are getting excited and thinking that he also likes you when he is not.

– What if you were the girlfriend? It is important that you know him better

– He looks at you a lot but he has a girlfriend and you only have eyes for him. You want me to know that he is the only one

– Think about taking the initiative, you don’t have to wait for him to talk to you. You just have to wave and smile

– Learn to understand well the body language of a man. Do not attribute your expectations to his gaze

– If you are convinced that you like him, do not be afraid to smile and look him in the face

– If they talk, don’t talk too much about yourself, just encourage him to talk

– Take advantage of the fact that a man likes to help, ask him to help you with something

– Be nice, give her some compliments without being over the top. Let him be the dominant