Knowing if your best friend is in love with you, 15 telltale signs

It may be that your best friend is in love with you and you still did not realize it. Keep reading, How do you know if your best friend is in love with you? It’s just about observing those little changes in your best friend’s attitude and emotions.

You are happy to have a best friend. You tell him so many things, even the problems with your partner and your most intimate secrets. But what if that great friend is secretly in love with you. What if all that patience and tolerance is actually love.

It often happens that that nice friend came to you because he liked you and still remains in love in silence. Or it may be that moment by moment, emotion by emotion, laugh by laugh, he fell in love. He does not tell you with words, but with his attitude.

Now it burns you more times, for longer and for fewer reasons than before

This is one of the signs that your best friend is in love with you. It is not uncommon for them to burn frequently anywhere. But now their hugs are more affectionate, without many reasons and they last longer.

Maybe he wants to tell you that he loves you but is self-conscious believing that he is putting your friendship at risk. If your friend is shy, it will be difficult for him to tell you about his love for you, but you can help him.

For example, if it burns you more times, longer and with more affection, it is not for nothing. He is enjoying you, he is giving you his tenderness and love because he is interested

How to know if your best friend is in love with you, observe his attitude


Now he relates much more with your whole family. Before it was enough and it was enough the greetings to father and mother. Now he stays to talk with them and is more charming.

Not only that, now you get along very well with your siblings and much better with your grandparents. You are simply trying to win over the family. Why will it be? If it gives obvious love there is love.

Now he’s curious about your love life and everything you love

How to know if my best friend is in love with me? One of the signs of this is their curiosity about your love life. Before he was limited to what you told him, now he asks too many questions.

You have already told him so many things about your outings with each boy that you have met, but now he wants more. Now he wants to know who you loved, who you miss, etc. He wants to know about the things you like to do.

He/She is more noticeable in social networks commenting and giving “I like”


You adore your best friend, you consider him a blessing in your life, because he is very kind and discreet. But now he interacts more with you on social networks. Put more photos and give you more “likes”.

How do you  know if your best friend is in love with you ? If you are “liking” your old photos, it is a good sign. Well, he is reviewing your entire profile. He also tells you nice things and has become sweeter with you.

If you share more time and details with you, your friend is in love


He invites you to eat at his house or at a restaurant that you like. Suddenly he stopped treating you like a best friend and more like a girlfriend. That is to say, now it is more detailed and romantic.

How does a friend in love act? He tells you in detail that he loves you . He tries to please you more, he has become more protective and you even notice him a little more jealous.

Now try to be closer to you, touch you and speak softly

A good sign that your best friend is falling in love with you is his need to hold you closer. He goes out of his way to touch you and stay attached to you. He even talks to you more slowly.

He enjoys playing hands with you, he loves to fix your clothes and always tells you how cute you are. He puts his hand on your shoulder and guides you by putting his hand on your back.

Now take more care of your personal appearance, hygiene and use perfume


Another way to know if your best friend is in love with you is by what he does with him. If he is taking more care of his appearance, hygiene and physical appearance, it is because he wants to impress you.

She is doing more exercises, has changed her clothes and even wears a different perfume. Even his self-esteem has improved and he is becoming an attractive boy.

His company is a way to know if your friend is in love


When they go out the normal thing, between friends, is that each one walks by their side. But now he waits for you and walks at your own pace. He even takes you to see girls’ clothes, something he hated.

Why does your best friend fall in love with you? For many things, including that it feels very good with you. In the restaurant now he prefers to sit next to you, not on the other side of the table.

Now it makes you more jealous when you laugh with your friends

How do you know if your friend is jealous? Now he cares when you play with others. Now try to protect yourself. If you think something he supports you immediately. If you are in a group, always try to be by your side.

If someone makes a joke and you laugh a lot, they look at you something serious. He can also compete with jokes or something else just to impress you.

If he considers you in his long-term goals, your friend is in love

How do you  know if your best friend is in love with you ? Now he likes to touch on more serious issues about your life. Even when he talks about his future, he always has you in mind.

Many best friends who fall in love prefer to keep it a secret. But his attitudes give him away and if you are asking, it is because you are interested. Just give him more confidence.

Starts to say, more often, that he loves you, with details and phrases

He gives you affectionate nicknames, he dedicates phrases to you on your cell phone. In other words, He tells you “I love you” without saying it using phrases and details. You can only say “I love you” without words when you really love yourself.

He makes more loving jokes to make you laugh. When a man is in love with his best friend, he tries to say it indirectly so as not to spoil the friendship.

It tells you where it is and what it is doing, and tries to make them see each other more often

He shows you more that he cares about you. She always wants to cheer you up, see you happy and ask you about your day. This is another way to know if your best friend is in love with you .

Suddenly he remembers the song you liked and sings for you on WhatsApp. He says good morning and good night with a message. Now your best friend is more romantic.

If you are improving as a person, your friend is in love with you

For some time now, not only is his physical appearance and appearance changing, but also his way of being. He is more concerned with surpassing himself and progressing, with being a more useful person for society.

Your best friend is secretly in love with you if he takes you more and more seriously. The main thing is that you take your challenges more seriously, help others more and become more intelligent.

If he asks you to accompany him to his important meetings, he cares

If it is a party or an important event of his family, there he wants you to be. Your best friend no longer treats you just as another friend, but as someone more important.

Where there is something important, there you want to have. Meetings with your former classmates, events at your work, etc. He wants to involve you more in his private life.

He no longer talks to you about liking other girls or his ex-partners

How do you know if your best friend is in love with you because of his behavior? It is what you have to see, their behavior. Your body language is the best way to tell if your best friend loves you.

Because he’s not going to tell you in words. Your best friend is in love with you, but thinks it could ruin the friendship. Unless he has very high self-esteem and confidence, he will just love you silently.

When a best friend starts falling in love, he stops talking about other women. Now the most important woman is you. At all times you become their priority.