When a woman is in love these are the symptoms she does not control

Can you imagine a woman in love and the symptoms that give her away? If you know what to look at, she will not be able to hide the love she feels for you. When a woman is in love these are the unmistakable symptoms. But you still have to make her fall in love.

I mean a woman really in love, not someone who just likes you. When a woman really falls in love, she cannot hide her emotions and that shows in certain attitudes. Now we will see what this is all about.

Many women are scared of having fallen in love, they do not want to show it until they feel a little sure that they will be reciprocated. The gestures of a woman in love are more noticeable when she has high self-esteem and is sure of herself.

1.- A woman in love gives herself away by her bodily gestures

There are many reactions or symptoms to emotions that a woman feels are uncontrollable. They are simply natural instincts for attraction when the right man comes along.

The connection between a man and a woman who like each other are not words but gestures. It doesn’t matter if they speak different languages, the body language of love makes them feel close.

A man always looks at a woman, and if she plays with her hair, the game of seduction can begin. The man responds with a smile, she laughs even more, they greet each other and everything begins.

2.- A woman is in love these are the symptoms


One of the clearest bodily symptoms of a woman in love is touching and fixing her hair and clothes. If she is outgoing, she will also be very boisterous with her laughter.

When a woman is in love, many things happen involuntarily. You will want to look good and instinctively groom yourself, also as a flirtatious gesture to attract.

If she is shy and not very expressive, she will suddenly become nervous, clumsy and try to run away. Not all women have the same symptoms when they fall in love, but there are common things.

3.- If she blushes, it is possible that she is in love


When a woman blushes, it means that she was caught and has some shame. One of those reasons for her embarrassment may be when she is surprised by the boy she likes.

She is into something and suddenly she realizes that the boy she likes is looking at her. Try to avoid blushing but it is worse. A girl in love can’t help but blush when she gets emotional for him.

4.- She can’t help but look at the boy she likes


When a woman is in love these are the symptoms : She can’t help but look. But a woman’s gaze can be very subtle. With her eyes she tries to communicate with the man she likes.

The eyes are a very important part of verbal communication. A woman in love will try to communicate with her eyes what she feels for that man. He will also smile and make some other gesture.

5.- If she is your friend when talking she will lean towards you

Another of the gestures of a woman in love is her desire to be very close to the boy she loves. If they are talking, he will try to be as close as possible. He will even lean over and speak to you more slowly.

Leaning towards what we like is a totally natural symptom. If you notice that this girl is looking for any excuse to be around you, obviously she likes you. If you like her too, be nicer.

6.- Stands with feet further apart


A woman is in love these are the symptoms , she wants to be better standing and separates her feet. The boy she likes is in sight and she gets nervous. It is also put on a red flag.

If your legs are slightly apart or you play with your ankles, you may be nervous. Without a doubt, it is another of the gestures of a woman in love.

7.- He makes gestures with his hands nervously

One of the most noticeable symptoms of a woman in love is moving her hands quickly when speaking. Men are simpler when they are in love, women are more complex to flirt.

If a woman makes quick hand gestures when speaking, it is because of her nerves. And those nerves are the result of trying to hide some feeling of attraction.

8.- Expose the wrists and palms of your hands


Another of the symptoms or gestures of a woman in love is to be submissive, accessible and weak. One sign of that is when you show the soft, smooth skin on your wrists.

It is a strong symptom of a woman in love. She will show the doll by pulling the sleeve of her clothes, turning her hand up or touching her cheek.

9.- She will always be willing to laugh

You don’t even say something funny and she starts laughing. For a woman who is in love, these are the symptoms that give her away. The smile is the clearest sign of something we like.

When a girl is around or simply talks about the boy she loves, her great enthusiasm gives her away. Love for that man is making her feel better and is taking over her life

10.- Go to the man you like and open your mouth


Another symptom when a woman is around the man she likes is licking or biting her lips. She partes her lips as a sign that she wants to be kissed.

A woman with her mouth ajar, staring at a man, gives herself away. In this way she is expressing her desire for love with that man.

11.- A woman in love tries to give you subtle touches

When a woman is in love these are the most frequent symptoms. It should also be added that she will try to subtly touch your arm. If they are sitting together pink your leg.

You can have the excuse of adjusting your clothes or making any other gesture that allows physical contact. These gestures can happen accidentally or on purpose.

Not all women see the same signs that they are in love. Each woman is different and in each culture the customs are different. But it’s always about body language.