6 very effective keys, how to make a woman who doesn’t like you fall in love with you

Do you have any idea how to fall in love with a woman who feels nothing for you? The most important thing is not what happens to her, but what happens to you. The best way to woo a woman who doesn’t like you is by improving your self-confidence.

If she still hasn’t said no or rejected you, you can’t say she doesn’t like you. And even if he has been through these things, it may be for something different, you do not have to think that he does not like you. You don’t really have to think about what’s going on with her.

To make a difficult girl fall in love, the most important thing is not that she makes things easier for you. You have no control over what she may think, say or do. Therefore, the important thing is to clarify what you can do.

1.- You have to improve your body language

Your body language is essential to woo a girl who looks a bit indifferent. If you think she doesn’t pay much attention to you or doesn’t care, use the power of body language.

Body language to fall in love is more powerful than words, therefore give it maximum importance. Next time you see her say hello to her by waving your hands and jumping enthusiastically.

To fall in love with a difficult girl or who thinks she does not like you, you just have to get to her instincts. They are programmed to look out for fun, caring, and confident guys.

2.- How to make a woman who doesn’t like you fall in love with you

A woman likes to talk, to be listened to, and encouraged to speak. So, pay close attention to what she says. The best way to make a woman fall in love is by focusing on what she is talking about.

The worst thing for a man is not paying attention to what she is saying. For her to notice you, you just have to focus on the topics she talks about. What you have to say is not important.

If she talks about her plans, her problems, or what I buy, do not get out of those topics. Ask him about those topics, comment on those topics. That way she will focus more on you.

3.- Tell her about your achievements and topics that you master

The best way to woo a friend who doesn’t like you is by showing your values. Because a woman is also interested in relating to men who are able to get ahead with a family.

If she perceives that you are a capable, strong, and determined man, she will like to be with you. Therefore, without being pedantic or presumptuous, tell her about your work, academic and material achievements.

Instinctively a woman takes an interest in a man with power. So by showing you as a man with clear objectives, she will feel a strong attraction towards you.

4.- Look for common and fun things between you

Another way to woo a woman who doesn’t like you is by looking for connections between you. What themes, tastes, or emotions are common among you. Ask him some questions to find out .

Ask him what he likes to do, what books he reads, etc. Fuel the conversation by focusing on the data he gives you. If you are very much in love tell her that you also do some things that she does.

To the extent that they have common themes, they will feel closer. They will have more reasons to meet again and chat. The more emotional points in common, the more she will think of you.

5.- Take special interest in their good times

The best opportunity to fall in love with a woman who feels nothing for you is taking advantage of her good times. From one moment to the next a woman can go from good humor to discomfort.

If she is stressed or worried, just greet her enthusiastically and do nothing else. But if the time of good spirits double your enthusiasm and seek conversation.

A good excuse to see how to fall in love with a woman who does not like you is by inviting her. Think of something that will keep you together for hours. Cinema, dance, walks, etc.

6.- Use physical contact to provoke attraction

A big mistake when trying to woo a girl is believing that you need her to be your friend first. If you try to make friends with him first, you will likely remain a good friend, nothing more.

By trying to be her friend, you are not attracting her as a woman. By not seeing the results, you are likely to take it as “he doesn’t like you.” Therefore, from the first moment, she must know your intentions.

Once they have frequent encounters, start looking for excuses to be very close to her. When greeting her, take her arm and rose her shoulder. Look her in the eye and smile.

The best way to woo a woman who doesn’t like you is with details, not words. So pay attention to your body language and be more attentive to it.