12 signs of a man’s behavior when he likes a woman

Is there any way to know that a guy likes you without him telling you? When you know what to look at, a man’s behavior when he likes a woman gives him away. So if you like a guy and want to know how he feels about you, keep reading, we will show you what to look at.

When a boy likes you he looks at you differently, but not all boys who look at you want something with you. Therefore, learn to distinguish the true signs that a boy likes you. Learn to see how a man who is attracted to you behaves.

Let’s see how a man behaves when he likes a woman, bone you. Keep in mind that every man is different, between shy and expressive, between those who know what they want and those who have low self-esteem.

If he likes you as a woman, his behavior will be to look at you differently

A man looking at a girl is because of a very dominant instinct. All men are always looking at women, but not always because they like them. They are simply on the lookout for signs if you are alone and looking for company.

If you notice that someone looks at you more than once with great attention, observe them. If he holds his gaze and when he looks back at him he still looks at you, he likes you. If he raises his eyebrows when he looks at you and his eyes sparkle, he loves you.

Man’s behavior when he likes a woman

The body posture of a man when he is around you is also a sign that he likes you. Invades your personal space, tries to touch you, speaks softly to you, etc.

The body language of a man in love always reveals his intentions. If you are close he will try to impress you by occupying as much space as possible with his body.

When a man likes you he remembers even the last little details of you


When a man likes a woman he pays close attention to everything he does and says. You don’t want to miss out on the person you are most interested in. If he falls in love, he becomes even more attentive.

Because of this attention he frequents towards you, he remembers things that you already forgot. For example, he remembers that you said you wanted to see a movie and now he asks you if you went and how it was.

If that man likes you always appears where you are, think of you

It can be your friend or a stranger, always try to get closer by drawing your attention. If they are in the same meeting, he does not lose sight of you, he is constantly looking for you. If he loses you, he asks for you.

The behavior of the man when he likes a woman is always the way around it. He does everything to keep her close. It will find out what party you go to, where you work or study and it will appear there.

If he is attentive to what you do on social networks, that man likes you

In social networks a man can show his interest in a woman. He may not dare to speak to you, but he tells you that you are in his thoughts if he continually says “I like”.

A clear sign that your friend likes you is their continuous interaction with what you post on social media. He even texts you with hearts, smiles, and kisses.

If his friends tease him when you appear around him, he likes you as a woman


When a boy likes a girl the first to notice it are his friends. In addition, he can tell you or inadvertently he can talk about you with a very evident enthusiasm for his feelings.

For this reason when you appear near they will annoy him. When you pass he blushes or his face lights up, then they notice and start teasing him.

Behavior of a man when he likes you: With you he blushes and gets confused


Another behavior of the man when he likes a woman is his nervousness. You meet him, they talk, and he starts to get confused or clumsy. You can say inconsistencies.

Another sign that he likes you is when he blushes or starts to sweat. He is close to what he likes and his nerves betray him. If he is the man you like, calm down and you can offer him a smile to build confidence.

When a man likes you, the most important thing is for you to be happy

The best weapon to make a woman fall in love is a smile. When a man likes a girl, he will naturally try to make her laugh. In this way he manages to be closer to her.

He gets funny, makes jokes, and all his good humor seems to come naturally to him. When a man likes a woman he becomes more cheerful, spreads his happiness and makes a girl pay attention to him.

Behavior of a man in love: He seeks to impress you and give you small gifts


Another very common behavior in a man interested in a girl is his need to impress her. You want to catch your eye. You may move in an exaggerated way or raise your voice.

Another way to impress her is to give her little gifts, which is very romantic and very popular with women. When a man reaches this point, it is because he is clear about how he feels about you.

If he makes you his confidant of his feelings, he likes you as a woman

Telling you things that he does not tell anyone else is another behavior of a man when he likes a woman . He trusts you and cherishes the idea of ​​you being his emotional support.

If he tells you about his experiences that marked him the most and what happens every day, he considers you someone very special. He wants to share emotionally intimate moments with you with an open heart.

Behavior of a man when he likes you: He compliments you and provokes you

If he compliments small changes you make in your physique, it is because he is attentive, that is, he is interested in you. It will tell you that you are prettier than yesterday, etc. If it only tells you, you are on the right track.

You can also joke about some part of your body or laugh at some behavior. He can even pat you, you look too cute. This is a sign that he likes you as a woman.

He shows himself as a gentleman and gets jealous because he likes you as a woman

Another behavior when a man falls in love with a girl is his chivalry. He begins to treat you with admiration, protection, and preference.

On the other hand, if he gets jealous when you talk to someone, it is also a sign that he likes you. Their jealousy can be very discreet, but it shows in their demeanor.

Man’s behavior when he likes a woman is always to highlight her presence and defend what he considers his. He cares about what interests you and always tries to please you.