A woman can make her friend fall in love even if he does not correspond to her

How to fall in love with a friend who does not like me as a woman? This is very frequent, a friend that you like a lot but he does not correspond to you. But a woman can make her friend fall in love even if he is indifferent to her charms and feelings of love.

Everything consists of learning and knowing how to attract a man to make him fall in love. Since that man is your friend, you have more facilities, although you may feel that it is not easy. That friend may have a negative image of you, which is why they don’t like you.

Let’s see how to fall in love with a friend who does not like you as a woman:

It is not him who has to change, but you, to see you more attractive in his eyes

That is, so that your friend lets you look bad and rather feels attracted to you, change your personality. It is not about changing to please him, but about improving yourself by doing more things that you love.

Changing some of your behaviors will be for your own good. When you achieve that change you will even attract other men better than your friend that you like. A woman to fall in love with a friend must become more attractive.

How to conquer and attract a man who does not like you? Let’s first look at the reasons why he may be oblivious to your flirtations:

– She considers you her best friend, period

– It may be that he likes another girl and you don’t know

– He may not like women

– You are having a sentimental crisis and you do not know it

A woman can make her friend fall in love by being attractive in behavior


When a woman falls in love with a friend who does not like you, it can be a challenge that by overcoming it makes her a better person. Well, if he’s focused on the worst version of you, it’s time for him to see your best version.

Change the way you approach him. If you are very intense, slow down. If you are very dull, improve your communication. Take an interest in what he likes. But above all, raise your self-esteem by focusing on what makes you feel loved.

The best of you that is first for yourself and then for that man you like


When you do something to get his attention and he doesn’t respond, don’t blame him. Rather learn from the process and come back with more intelligence. If you take responsibility for what happens to you, you take the power to change.

To attract a man who doesn’t pay attention to you, change your manners. Present yourself with surprising, funny and mysterious attitudes. Improve your body language.

Observe a dog when its owner arrives. That is to say, charge yourself with positive energy so that when you see it, you will react happy and grateful. If you react resentful because they ignore you, things will get worse.

Do not despair if he does not pay attention to your body signals, rather be grateful


A woman can make her friend fall in love with her body signals, need not say more. But if he does not respond it must be for something, respect his decision, do not despair or blame him.

You may be facing an opportunity to become a better woman thanks to that challenge. Men are overwhelmed by a clingy girl desperate to flirt.

A woman to fall in love with a friend must help him and accompany him without pressuring him

The most important thing to attract a man who does not like you is that you are totally unconditional. If you do one thing or another for him and it does not correspond to you, do not claim him, look what I do for you!

Better offer your unconditional help. Accompany him without pressuring him that you like him and want him to reciprocate. Give him his space, that he does not feel you, but rather that he misses you.

How to attract a man who does not like you? Give him emotional moments

The best way for your friend to emotionally identify with you is for him to see common tastes. A woman to fall in love with a friend must find common tastes and try to highlight them.

If he likes to read, let him see you with a book. If you like dogs, adopt or borrow a dog and go out to meet him. If there is nothing in common between you it can mean insurmountable differences.

Have the guts to take the initiative to talk to him about how you feel about him

Your body language should be enough for your friend to know that he likes you. But he still seems disinterested, you will have to take the initiative to tell him about your love.

A woman can make her friend fall in love by surprising him with a sensual look or a kiss. But in the best of cases you will have to tell him in words, I like you, and you smile.

To fall in love with a friend who does not like you, be pleasant at all times

To make a man fall in love, there is nothing better than lively conversations with a lot of humor. You may have sad things about your previous loves, but you better not tell him.

Preferably tell him positive things. It is important that you feel encouraged by your side. Remember that a man is attracted to a girl with affection and spontaneous humor.

While you talk, give him subtle signals that you like him, be more fun

To make a woman fall in love with a friend who is not interested in her, it is best if she talks to him about things that interest him. Earning their trust is your main goal. If you really like it, you will feel comfortable with it.

So that he knows that he likes you, focus on the moment. Don’t look elsewhere, just pay attention to what they are doing. That he sees you happy to be with him. Smile, touch, wink, etc.

Change your appearance, to your own taste, from hair to clothes

A woman can make her friend fall in love just by highlighting her feminine appearance and looking more sympathetic. Every time you go out with him, dress up, change your hairstyle and above all fill yourself with positivism.

To make your friend fall in love even though he doesn’t like you, be very discreet. Smile especially for him, be especially funny and understanding.

Talk to him more often about the things you like and see his reaction

There are things that you may like a lot but he doesn’t. So don’t just dedicate yourself to being the star of the moment. See how he reacts to what you tell him and if you find him boring.

Ask questions to spice up the conversation and gain confidence. To attract and fall in love with a difficult friend you have to prepare well.

To know where to put your desire, listen carefully and encourage what he tells you. When he begins to tell you things about his life, be very attentive. In the following days he returns to that conversation.

Your patience and charm is very important to conquer your friend

At first nothing will go well for you even following these tips. Well, from theory to practice there are many mistakes and how you take it will determine your success or failure.

So clarify how much you like your friend, do you love him? It is possible that he will continue to reject you for a long time, then you will need patience. You know if it’s worth it or not.

A woman can make her friend fall in love even if he doesn’t see her as a woman. Not all loves are at first sight, love is a construction in your own life.