Attracting a man to make him fall madly in love with you, 11 tips

If you like a boy you might ask yourself what do I need to attract a man and fall in love with me? Now we will see how to attract a man to make him fall in love. Everything is in taking advantage of your desire to be a better woman and the unconscious instincts that dominate the masculine nature.

One of the main instincts of man to attract you and make you fall in love is his need to look. A man always looks at women instinctively, he can’t help it. Then there is tenderness, for it is a quality that he instinctively desires in the mother of his children.

Let’s see what your attitude should be to attract a man and make him fall in love with you:

Your way of looking at him with tenderness can make him think of you

When a girl looks a man straight in the eye, something magical happens. This is going to ask, what happened, why did he look at me? You may be guessing a lot. You will not be able to remove your gaze from his mind.

That is, with just one look you will make a man think of you and even fall in love. In the game of seduction, the look is a powerful weapon. You will be able to attract the attention of that man you like, attract and make him fall in love.

By making eye contact you are telling him that you are interested. It is possible that he will get excited and it is the beginning of something beautiful. When he is attracted, he will look for the opportunity to get closer to you if he also likes you.

To attract a man to make him fall in love: Practice looking at him then indifference

The indifference to attract and fall in love with a man is a form of reverse psychology. With man it works by his hunter instinct. It feels better if he is the one who falls in love.

It is not easy for a girl to ignore the man she likes. But if by showing him that he likes you he walks away, you are not going to make him fall in love. How to act to attract a man who is interested in you?

Try ignoring it. Make him see you, smile, be confident and ignore him. His hunter instinct will motivate him to know more about you and start looking for you.

How to attract a man: Laugh with your friends and make him jealous

Another way to attract the guy you like so much is by removing the exclusivity of your attention. Just as indifference works to attract a man and make him fall in love. Showing yourself free and happy also works.

Just because you like a man does not mean that you have to tie yourself to him and put your friends aside. Play a little with jealousy, that is, see you having fun with other boys.

When he looks at you, give him a direct look into his eyes, flicking his lashes innocently, then continue with yours. That will make him wake up his hunter instinct and want to claim you for him.

To attract the man you like, improve your image and confidence


To attract a man to make him fall in love you must take into account his visual instinct. A man’s interest in a woman begins in his eyes, he has to see her. So fix yourself, not for him, but for yourself.

If you fix yourself it will be much better. As you value yourself and feel comfortable with yourself, you increase your attractiveness. If you do not attract him, you will attract a much better one.

A girl with initiative can attract a man and make him fall in love


If he doesn’t respond to your signals of interest, take the initiative. What to do to attract a man you like and make him fall in love with if he is very sullen? Only a shy or insecure guy will not react to your love signals.

Look for the opportunity to approach him and seek conversation. Be very kind so that he will gain confidence. You can start with simple greetings and a sweet smile every time.

Use your best smile as a weapon of attraction with that boy

A woman’s smile is a great tool of attraction and seduction. A subtle and provocative smile opens the door to many opportunities to attract that man you like and make him fall in love with.

So how do you attract a man to fall in love? To attract a man to make him fall in love smile, show your positive attitude to life. Show yourself natural, balanced and happy to be a woman.

Be very spontaneous and cheerful with your positive gestures and words

To attract the man you like, nothing works better than showing the positive image of a future mother. It is instinctive, deep down in his being he wants the best mother for his children.

That is why it is important that you work on being more positive with your spontaneous reactions. It’s not just about that guy, it’s about your quality of life. That way you will attract a lot of suitable people.

An attractive woman is one who has confidence in herself


This is again about the male instinct to have a home where the woman is the queen. In addition, security and self-confidence makes a woman look more beautiful and attractive to a man.

The right man will not resist the charm of a woman with high self-esteem and self-confidence. So, how to attract a man and make him fall in love? Cultivate confidence in your look, smile and good conversation.

To attract a man give him the opportunity to approach you alone

When a girl likes a boy, she feels more comfortable when a friend accompanies her. But for a man it is difficult to risk and approach a girl when accompanied.

The main fear of a boy approaching a girl is rejection and worse in front of a third person. Therefore, to attract a man to make him fall in love, look for him alone.

Take your quality time to attract the man you like


There are many ways to attract a man and the most important are under your control. Take your time to find out what he likes and to improve yourself.

The best way to attract a man is by becoming the best version of yourself. No man can resist the natural charms of a woman.

Getting your natural charms to dominate your life takes time. Things done well always take time. Learn to enjoy the present and he will take the step towards you.

Get rid of your preconceptions of how things should be

Attracting a man to make him fall in love means that you become his best option. In other words, nothing dazzles him more than you. Nothing attracts him more than you.

It is your way of being, thinking, attitudes and way of seeing life that will make you attractive. To achieve this change, let go of your insecurities and prejudices.

Things don’t happen the way we think. Give yourself the opportunity to be timely in the uncertainty. New opportunities will always present themselves. Choose to be the protagonist of your love story.