100 funny questions for your boyfriend, and make him fall in love more

It is important that you continue to fall in love with your boyfriend so that the relationship is more and more satisfactory. The following fun questions for your boyfriend can help you achieve greater emotional connection. The more emotions together, the more love, trust, and security in the long run.

Each of the following questions to ask your crush, your boyfriend, will allow you to get to know him better. Staying in a good mood and laughing is the best way to get to know and connect more with a person. This way you make your boyfriend fall in love more and if you take charge of improving your self-esteem, your love relationship will progress for a long time.

1.- What to ask a boy

What to ask a guy who just became your boyfriend to get to know him better? It is more fun to interact humorously with a person if you know their character and preferences.

Also, by asking funny questions for your boyfriend, you create a positive and trusting atmosphere. That way you will make your boyfriend want to spend more time with you and love you more.

1.- Imagine that I give you a pet unicorn, what would you call it?

2.- If any animal could be your pet, which one would you choose?

3.- What animal would you become if I wanted to adopt a pet?

4.- What kind of animal would you like me to be?

5.- What flavor of ice cream would you prepare yourself?

6.- If you were a famous actor, what would you call yourself? What kind of movies do you do?

7.- If you could only eat one type of food, what would it be?

8.- What celebrity were you in love with as a teenager?

9.- Who Were you madly in love with during your adolescence?

10.- Are you still watching children’s movies? Which?

2.- Funny questions for your boyfriend to make him fall in love more

That the boy you like becomes your boyfriend does not mean that it will be only for you. At first, there will be a lot of spark and passion, but then they will get used to it, and the need to know each other disappears.

It is important that you keep the spark in your relationship so that love does not diminish. The following fun questions to ask your crush will help you.

11.- What is the movie that you paid for and did it disappoint your high expectations?

12.- What are the three actors that you would like to be like?

13.- When was the last time you peed in the pool?

14.- How often do you urinate in the shower?

15.- If your mother gives you a fluffy rabbit, what would you call it?

16.- If a rabbit were your best pet, what superpower would you like it to have?

17.- Imagine that you are a cartoon character, what would you be?

18.- If happiness were to become a hologram or flat drawing, which one would you choose?

19.- If everything were healthy, what would you add to your hamburger?

20.- You arrive at a dollar store where there is everything and you only have 5 dollars, what would you buy?

3.- You can always get to know your boyfriend a little more

You have no control over your boyfriend’s love, but you can make your love his best experience. For your boyfriend to feel more loved you have to know his tastes, dreams, and feelings.

The following fun questions for your boyfriend can be an inclusive activity that they will enjoy. You just have to manage to fill yourself with positive vibration and have faith.

21.- Name three things that you would like to look at and touch today?

22.- They are going to repossess your whole house but you can keep three things, which would you choose?

23.- When you were a child, what did you think it was like to be your current age?

24.- What is the most delicious thing you saw but when eating it was really ugly?

25.- What do you love to do or eat but what other people think is disgusting?

26.- What is the most toxic thing that you have put in your mouth?

27.- If I say “attractive” what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

28.- Do you think your life has a secret ingredient?

29.- Imagine that you are a magician capable of everything, what kind of magic would you do?

30.- How would you complete the following warning to your best friend: Be careful, it’s a…?

4.- Become a good magnetic conversationalist

It depends on you whether your boyfriend likes to stay by your side talking or just doing nothing. What to ask a guy to be fun? Take a question and get started.

Here are over 70 fun questions for your boyfriend. Any of them, if done right, can trigger a wonderful and romantic conversation that is hard to forget.

31.- Imagine that you are invisible for a day, what would you do?

32.- What do you think is your best organ? Why?

33.- As a child, what was your dream when you were an adult?

34.- Have you ever had a fantasy as if you were a woman?

35.- Have you ever tried on a feminine garment?

36.- Have you been curious about walking in heels?

37.- Did you ever wear your mother’s or sister’s makeup?

38.- Have you ever slipped on the soap in the bathroom?

39.- What is the most embarrassing thing that you have been caught doing?

40.- If you wanted to choose your middle name, what would it be?

5.- You must know how far your boyfriend can go for you

These funny questions for your boyfriend will show you your boyfriend’s intentions. That way you will know how far to get involved in the relationship. Do not get more illusions than necessary.

Remember that effective communication with your boyfriend will help you build more trust between the two of you. These fun questions for your boyfriend serve that wonderful purpose.

41.- What is the funniest thing you have said to a girl that you liked?

42.- What is the funniest dream you can remember?

43.- You still remember your worst nightmare, how was it?

44.- If your girlfriend asks you to make an animal sound, which arias?

45.- What food do you love but know that it is not good food?

46.- On your next birthday, what would you like to eat?

47.- What is your greatest pleasure but what makes you feel guilty?

48.- Do you still remember a nickname from your childhood that you didn’t like?

49.- What was your favorite game as a child?

50.- What cartoon character do you like to see over and over again?

6.- Improve communication with your boyfriend, improve love

Verbal and non-verbal communication is essential for a couple to connect with love. The more communication they both realize is the most important thing in their relationship.

The following fun questions for your boyfriend, asked at the right time and in the right way, are a great tool. Start a fun session with these funny questions for your boyfriend.

51.- What movie do you think is most related to your life?

52.- Do you still remember your favorite movie as a child?

53.- What was your favorite children’s book?

54.- What was your funniest pet called when you were a child?

55.- What do you think is your greatest skill?

56.- When you go out with your dog, do you start talking with other people or do you play with your dog?

57.- Where was the worst place where you couldn’t help farting?

58.- Are you a fan of taking selfies several times a day?

59.- What do you do with the selfies that you like, save them or post them on Facebook?

60.- When you look in the mirror, do you say something to yourself? Do you wink or make a gesture?

7.- Fun questions to play with your boyfriend

These fun questions to meet your boyfriend will show you the ground you are treading with him. As he gets into the game of answering these questions, you will get to know him better.

As you ask these funny questions for your boyfriend, others will arise or everything will be truncated and you will realize it. Does he give himself or not completely to enjoy a moment with you?

61.- What do you talk about the most when you look in the mirror?

62.- Have you ever been asked to leave a public place?

63.- If you were part of a motorcycle gang, what nickname would you have?

64 .- What do you think is your worst habit and so far you can not do anything to remedy it?

65.- Imagine a zombie apocalypse, what would you do to survive?

66.- If you could choose any weapon, which one would you choose in a zombie apocalypse?

67.- What skill would you like to have to survive a zombie apocalypse?

68.- If you could be the most powerful superhero, what would you be?

69.- What part of your body do you like the most? Do you do something to improve it?

70.- If you could add one more part to your body, what would it be?

8.- Put more fun in the moments with your boyfriend

The more fun there is in the moments you spend with your boyfriend, the happier they will be. What to ask a guy to be fun? Use any of the following fun questions for your boyfriend.

A fun time with your partner is not going to a special place but achieving a positive emotional state. With the following funny questions to ask your boyfriend, you can achieve those emotions.

71.- For you, what is the most important thing, having a happy family or living alone but being very intelligent?

72.- What animal do you think best suits your way of being and personality?

73.- Have you ever had a fantasy or kissed a boy?

74.- How many times have you called just to make a joke?

75.- Have you ever joked with someone who called you by mistake?

76.- What do you think was your dumbest idea, and what do you think was the smartest?

77.- When you go shopping on your own, do you make a list or buy what is presented?

78.- What are the three things you consume the most each week?

79.- Which word reminds you the most of something humorous from the past?

80.- What makes you laugh the most at yourself?

9.- Feel better with your boyfriend thanks to these questions

The best way to get two people to feel good and want to see each other again is to interact with humor. These questions to ask your crush will help you laugh together.

Some of these fun questions for your boyfriend can help you create a good time. They are so good that many couples have managed to deepen their long-term ties.

81.- What has to happen to make you feel funny?

82.- If you could be reborn only as a vampire or a zombie, which one would you choose?

83.- Have you ever tried to play target shooting while urinating?

84.- Do you like online dating sites, how many have you tried?

85.- If you go fishing for fun, do you set the fish free or take them to eat?

86.- Do you scream when you get on rides like the roller coaster?

87.- What is the movie that has scared you the most?

88.- Did you wet your toothbrush before or after putting toothpaste on it?

89.- Were you in a very uncomfortable romantic relationship?

90.- What is your favorite Disney movie?

10.- Get out of the same routine with your partner and avoid boredom

A new relationship can become boring due to a lack of trust. The following fun questions to ask with your boyfriend will allow you to do new things and gain more confidence.

Having new conversations with your boyfriend will make the moments more fun. The following fun questions for your boyfriend have that confidence-renewing power.

91.- What do you prefer as punishment, a cake on your face or ice water on your head?

92.- If you were put in charge of a warship, which one would you like, a submarine or a super tank?

93.- If your girlfriend were a motorcyclist, would you ride in the back?

94.-Have you ever liked the shape of a cloud that you took pictures of?

95.- Imagine that you can draw anything you imagine, what would you draw?

96.- Would you like to find a big puddle and splash around for a while?

97.- Imagine that any celebrity wants to go out with you, who would you choose?

98.- What would you dip in a cup of chocolate to eat it?

99.- Have you ever been secretly jealous of a friend?

100.- If you could have a few drinks with a historical figure in the world, who would it be?

Some of these fun questions to ask your boyfriend may have short, funny answers. They can even give unexpected answers and lead them to reflect positively.

The best thing for a love relationship is to do new things. In this way, they reinforce their bond of intimacy and improve their daily dose of emotion.