30 entertaining questions to conquer a woman, will make her want you

What is the best way to conquer a woman with words? Here are 18 entertaining questions to win over a woman even if it is very difficult. If you do it with the right emotion she will think of you. Even if she is in love with someone else or if she has a boyfriend.

Every man can ask these questions to win over a woman. It does not matter that I have everything against it. These questions have the power to awaken instinctive love in any girl. For example, question # 12 will spark your imagination.

1.- Conquering a woman means that she sees you as her ideal man

Love is not logical, sometimes they fall in love without you doing something special. This is what happened to me when I happened to ask one of these entertaining questions to win a woman.

He came to sit next to me and the girl quickly turned into a stalker. I was taking the initiative, I was shocked and couldn’t believe what was happening.

– What would you do if a famous magazine says that you are the most attractive woman in the world?

– If the man you consider most handsome came looking for you, how would you dress for him?

– If everything were possible, how would you like your next summer to be?

– Imagine that I am the genius of the wonderful lamp, in exchange for what would you give me a kiss?

– If the mirror told you that you are the most attractive woman in the world, who would you kiss right now?

– What would you prefer for a weekend, a funny poor man or a boring rich man?

2.- Entertaining questions to conquer a woman with your body language

Each of these questions to conquer a woman are not to just drop them to listen. Nothing will happen if you don’t create the conditions for him to get excited.

For example, to win a woman who doesn’t like you, you have to have a lot of courage. You also have to be a lot of fun to break down the logical barriers and get to their instincts.

– If you are chosen for a love movie, what would you like to be, the wife or the lover?

– When you were a child, you admired a woman, do you still like that type of woman?

– If you want to impress me with your favorite restaurant, where would we go?

– If you had X-ray glasses, would you use them to see me through my clothes?

– What underwear would you choose to go to a party with your favorite actor?

– What kind of nightwear do you think suits you best to look attractive?

3.- Questions to ask someone you like and conquer their emotions

When you ask these questions to converse with someone you like, your body language is the most important thing. Your goal is to work directly with their emotions, not their logic.

When you awaken her love instinct for a man, she won’t be able to do anything. She will feel attraction and desire to be very loving with you. Try these questions to win a woman.

– What kind of clothes do you think makes you look more attractive?

– What kind of man excites you the most? … And what kind bores you?

– What kind of woman do you most admire, a singer or an athlete?

– What time are you more loving, when you fall asleep or when you wake up?

– Would you let me see the photos of your mobile? … Because?

– What do you wish your best friend knows, phone numbers of handsome boys or cooking?

4.- With these questions, conquer a woman you don’t have to wait long

The power of these entertaining questions to conquer a woman is very fast. 10 minutes with her flowing in emotions are enough for it to work.

Asking is very easy, but doing it in a way that gets her excited is more difficult. You have to practice your body language for the magic to work.

– What is the most important thing about your boyfriend, that he kisses well or that he is very handsome?

– If you were encouraged by forbidden love, where would you like to spend a weekend?

– What makes you most jealous, that your boy looks at a girl or that he goes out with his friends?

– What do you prefer, a man who cooks very well or one who is very good at treating a woman?

– If you could kiss any man in the world, who would it be?

– Would you be able to take the initiative to conquer the man of your dreams?

5.- Simple questions to seduce a woman by chat, very effective

The point of these questions for someone you like is to create a deep and unique emotional connection with her. The way you look and the tone of your voice is important.

Stop if things are not reciprocated. She must be delighted to answer your entertaining questions to win a woman. Be irresistibly funny.

– What do you value most in a man that you like, his body or his way of treating?

– Imagine that you live in a love triangle, would you be the good girl or the bad girl?

– What do you prefer, a man who helps you at home or takes you dancing?

– Would you trust the love of a handsome man with many friends?

– Would you be able to do something for yourself outside of your comfort zone?

– If you were chosen for a passionate love movie, what role would you like to play?

You don’t have to use all these entertaining questions to win over a woman. Enough with one or two to create the right climate and flow in the interrelation with it.

At all times you must make sure to create an irresistible, fun, mysterious and challenging environment. I hope you take advantage of these questions to conquer a woman.