9 great habits of a healthy relationship between couples

How should a healthy dating relationship be? How to distinguish a healthy relationship between couples? At first, everything is wonderful, but then problems appear. Sometimes some people don’t even see the latent problems in their relationship.

A healthy relationship with a couple does not appear by chance, it has to be cultivated with responsibility and love. No one is responsible for the habits he inherits from the family, but he is responsible for continuing to use them. When a relationship does not work, it is due to bad habits.

1.- In a healthy relationship as a couple praise each other in front of other people

We all like to be with positive people. Therefore, in a healthy relationship between couples, mutual positive opinion is essential. It is an honest and spontaneous opinion that is also reflected in actions.

When a person has a healthy relationship with himself and is positive, he will think and speak well of his partner. If a friend or relative asks you about your partner, the answer will be positive, cheerful, and proud.

A characteristic of a healthy relationship is sincere praise in front of other people.

2.- In a healthy relationship between couples there is quality time to spend together

Having a healthy relationship means taking quality time to spend together. Not only intimate relationships, for them the important thing is to connect more and better.

Some couples are together, but one or both of them are absorbed in their cell phones. It is not healthy at all, what is a healthy relationship with a couple?

– Maintaining a healthy relationship as a couple means mutual respect

– Having a healthy relationship as a couple means mutual trust

– Couples who have a healthy relationship are honest with themselves

– In a healthy relationship between couples there is mutual support

– To start a healthy relationship you need to be fair and egalitarian

– In a healthy couple relationship, separate identities are preserved

– For a good relationship with a healthy couple, a lot of communication is needed

What is an unhealthy relationship?

When there is physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, lack of respect, a lot of control, and abuse. Respond to the following warning signs:

– Does he get upset when I’m busy and I don’t let him take care of him?

– Have you ever raised your hand to me in anger?

– Do you sometimes criticize my friends, my way of being, speaking, or dressing?

– Do you want me to no longer see certain friends and not have new friends?

– Do you require me to stop doing some things that I like to do?

3.- Couples who have a healthy relationship laugh openly very often

Couples who have a healthy relationship take time out of their day to connect with great optimism. The smiles, jokes, and laughter appear from the first moment.

As Covadonga Perez Lozana says, you have to be continually learning to love with happiness. For example, going for a dog walk can become the perfect time to connect with optimism.

In a healthy relationship as a couple, there is always laughter that drives away anger. When a positive habit predominates, one of them always has something to cheer things up even if they get difficult.

To maintain a healthy relationship between couples, you have to touch on serious issues without moving away from the sense of humor. Do not take things so seriously, because emotional balance is very important.

4.- Couples who have a healthy relationship focus on good qualities

Positive people value their partner’s positive qualities and focus on bringing out the best in them. They don’t waste time regretting negative things.

It is very common for people to have a long list of things to complain about their partner. This prevents them from seeing the strengths, talents, and positives that could improve their relationship.

A characteristic of a healthy relationship with a couple is that they are not perfect, but they are understood, accepted, and tolerated. They focus on the good things in their partner and are grateful.

5.- In a healthy couple there is empathy, each one knows how to put themselves in the other’s shoes

One powerful way to have a healthy relationship between couples is to develop empathy. Because misunderstandings are always the order of the day.

An empathic person does not take things seriously but tries to understand the situation as a whole. How is the other person looking and feeling?

It is important to understand that verbal communication is very limited, we can misinterpret things. In a loving relationship, the perspective and feelings of the other matter a lot.

It is very important to take into account the emotional factor and body language. One characteristic of a healthy relationship is having communication and conflict resolution skills.

6.- A healthy relationship as a couple develops the habit of effective communication

A common reason for contention between couples is not knowing what is happening. Not knowing what time they arrive, what time they will meet, because they do not call or answer, etc.

As Covadonga Perez Lozana says, effective communication is needed in a healthy relationship between couples. A simple text message saying where you are, what time you arrive, etc., helps improve a relationship.

A person who loves in a positive way develops the habit of putting his partner as a priority. The important thing is to maintain a communicated relationship with a lot of mutual trusts.

7.- Flirting helps to have a healthy relationship as a couple

Optimism and good humor are present in every healthy relationship between couples. Flirting emotionally demonstrates that there is love. Follow these tips to flirt more with your partner:

– Talk about how you met, how it all started, what you liked about him or her.

– Be creative and surprise him, for example with a song, a movie, or an intimate meal

– Surprise your partner with fine lingerie, offer yourself as a gift for a special occasion

– In a healthy relationship between couples, gestures play a lot in favor. Seduce him without words, a look, a sound …

8.- Couples who have a healthy relationship argue without insulting each other

In a healthy love relationship, there are also conflicts and sometimes they argue. But in no case does it mean that they forget their love. They argue but do not resort to name-calling.

When each takes responsibility for their happiness and self-esteem, there is no need for cheap shots. Negative labels, derogatory comments, and sarcasm are not part of a healthy discussion.

If the low blows occur, it means that things are beyond a simple disagreement. They’ve probably been letting a lot of little problems accumulate.

A disagreement is normal, but insulting yourself is a lack of self-esteem. You cannot give what has not been cultivated as one of the values ​​of love.

9.- A healthy relationship as a couple means forgiving yourself and turning the page without resentment

In every healthy relationship between couples, each one assumes full responsibility for their own happiness. That way they avoid a lot of arguments, grudges, and resentments.

When there are disagreements or misunderstandings, they forgive each other and turn the page instead of holding a grudge. Taking into account that your happiness only depends on youyou do not blame your partner, you do not hold a grudge.

A disagreement does not mean emotional distancing. Each one is responsible and acknowledges their mistakes, they ask for forgiveness and turn the page.

In a healthy relationship, your partner will try to please you, make you happy and bring out the best in you. But in the end, you are responsible for your happiness.