8 visual signs how a man shows interest in a woman he loves

When a man is interested in a woman, he looks for her without excuses. But how does a man show interest in a woman, what does he do? Body language is the main indicator of whether a man is really interested in a woman. They are easy signs to spot if you know what to look at.

1.- The interest of a man towards a woman is noticeable when he leans towards her

A clear sign of interest in a man towards a woman is when he leans slightly towards her. He wants to be very close to you, because he likes it, he even wants to touch you and even caress you.

Due to etiquette, respect or little confidence, he may not get very close, but leaning towards the woman is a sign of this intention. When someone is interested in you it shows, they can even make subtle tricks to be very close.

2.- Signs of interest of a man: He stands very straight or upright

One way a man shows interest is to stand very upright close to the woman he likes. This body attitude is very noticeable, although there are many other fast signals visible only to experts.

Putting your back straight is a body signal from a man interested in a woman. It is similar to what the turkey does by displaying its feathers. The man stands upright to show off, to get the woman’s attention.

3.- A man is interested if he extends his hand and points his fingers at you


This is a sign of male flirting, a sign that he would like to touch you. Extending his hand decreases the distance with you. This gesture can be fast or slow, but it is a way to be closer to you.

When a man is interested in a woman he tries to close the distance as much as possible. It may be that you just met him or by appearances, he just manages to extend his hand with his fingers pointing at you.

4.- If he keeps his hand away from you, the level of interest is very low


Just as a man shows interest there are also signs of his little or no interest. For example, if he is talking to you, he keeps his hand away and his fingers point in another direction, he wants to move away. Nobody wants to get away from someone they like.

See if that man is interested in you. If his hand doesn’t move towards you, if he doesn’t do anything to get closer, he doesn’t really care about you. Observe his fingers, if they are closed and towards him, he is not thinking of you.

5.- As a man shows interest: Advance one of his feet towards you


Making any kind of approach is one of the most powerful signals of interest from a man to a woman. When a man interested in a woman is close to her, he will unconsciously try to get closer to her.

For example, you can bring one foot closer to yours. You will find the natural excuse to do it. Everything happens in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and flirtation. Bringing your feet closer is one of the strongest signals of male interest.

6.- To know if a man is interested, observe where he fixes they look at her

When a man is not interested in you, his gaze moves away from you. This is because he is not close to something that he likes, therefore he becomes bored or distracted. He does not maintain eye contact with you, his mind is on something else, it is a reason why a man does not show interest.

When a man is interested in you, he is attentive to you, but if he is not interested in you, his eyes wander away. A man gets bored with a woman he is not interested in and this shows in his blank stare. But it is only up to you to capture their interest.

7.- Signs that a man is not interested in you: He does not smile and his gaze looks lost

As we have been telling you, one way a man shows you that he likes you is his attention to you. But if he does not surrender to the moment, perhaps his mind is far away with something that he likes. You can tell because he can’t keep up with what you’re talking about.

He is by your side, but he is thinking of something obvious, something he has to do or simply nothing. If he’s bored, he doesn’t necessarily like you, he might be shy or afraid to express himself.

If you know that he is alone and you like him a lot, find out what he is interested in. Another way to capture their interest is to talk about what you are most passionate about. The love that you dedicate to the moment works magic.

8.- When a man is not interested in you, one of his feet makes the signal to flee

One way a man shows interest is by trying to minimize the space that separates them by putting one foot forward. In the same way, when he is not interested, one of his feet is shown trying to take a step away.

Remember that all these attitudes of a man around a woman are involuntary. By education it can accompany you, but the corporal signals that you can see, say what it really feels.