15 Things a Man Looks at in a Woman When He Likes Him, He Won’t Tell You

A man cares a lot about the physical and emotional appearance of a woman

What does a man look at first in a woman? The appearance, as it looks, is very important, as it is the first thing a man notices in a woman. A man is always visual , his first impression of a woman is her physical and emotional appearance. Every man has his own preferences for women. Is it beautiful? Is it cheerful?

A man who looks at a woman a lot is because he likes something. He is not necessarily in love, but he has found a detail that catches his attention. A man is not looking for a perfect woman, just a well-groomed and confident woman.

For every woman there is always a man who sees her pretty . So if a man wants a particularly attractive type of woman, he will have to catch up with her.

What a man looks at in a woman: His feminine love gestures

Men like feminine women. Let’s look at the feminine qualities that are very attractive to men:

– That they have a good sense of humor, especially that they laugh at themselves
– An independent woman who knows what she wants from life
– A critical girl does not look feminine, a man does not like
– That they are very nice, who love their body and be attractive in their own way
– Men do not like girls who speak indirectly
– Sweet and delicate girls look very feminine
– Men love spontaneous, unpredictable, authentic women
– Let them be good conversationalists, intelligent, flexible, curious and generous
– A girl who knows how to highlight her feminine attributes attracts many men
– The girls who take charge of her happiness they always look very feminine

A man observes in a woman her attitude to life, her spontaneous reactions


The way a woman faces life determines whether she looks attractive to a man. We all have difficulties, but a woman who faces life with enthusiasm looks very attractive.

A woman with an attitude can conquer the world . The way it relates to people, the energy it transmits makes a difference in a woman. These are the things a man looks at when he likes a woman.

A woman with an attitude does not expect others to decide for her. When they want something they get it without waiting for anyone. If they want to go somewhere or do something, they don’t expect someone to support them, they do it alone.

Every man loves to look at a woman with a very good sense of humor

A woman’s sense of humor makes a man fall in love with her. Well, what a man looks at in a woman are those things that make him happy.

Let’s see the reasons why men prefer a funny girl:

– A woman with a good mood makes one think and provokes good moments and reflections
– She does not need exclusive clothes or physical appearance to look attractive
– She looks more real and does not need poses to make a good impression
– Something that a man looks at in a woman is if she has self-confidence
– They know how to carry a conversation well without taking things too seriously
– They motivate a man to take charge of their lives with more intelligence
– A woman with a good humor makes men feel very comfortable
– With a woman of good humor it is very difficult to get angry and if there are disagreements, they last a short time

A man is struck by an emotionally intelligent woman

When a man looks at a woman a lot it means that he finds her interesting. The physical attractiveness of a girl attracts attention, but if she doesn’t know how to handle herself , she stops being interesting.

A man does not want a woman as something decorative. What you want is a relationship that gives meaning to your life . What a man looks at in a woman are those things that make him feel that they have similar tastes and desire to improve.

Perhaps the idea of ​​the Barbie woman without any brain has remained in our minds as the ideal of men. In addition, each type of man chooses his type of woman. But a man who wants to be happy and successful doesn’t like girls who can’t even talk.

When a man likes a woman, observe how he treats others

A man is very interested in the behavior of the woman he likes. Some may be blinded by their beauty and love, but good men are not stupid. A woman who treats people well becomes more attractive and interesting.

A girl can be nice to the boy she likes. But what a man looks at in a woman he likes is how he treats others . Well, that way he will treat his friends and family.

A man loves to look at a well-groomed woman with good posture

A well-formed female body stands out, but a good posture stands out much more . It is an instinctive reaction of natural selection. A man prefers a woman who looks healthy and in good physical condition, An attractive woman .

For a man it is nice to see a woman walking with optimism and her head held high . They prefer a well-groomed posture that conveys good personality and confidence.

A man likes to look at the lips and mouth of the girl he likes

The lips and the eyes are two parts that a man in love with a woman looks at the most. That is why it is very important for a girl to have clean teeth and lips. What a man looks at in a woman is her lips because he thinks about kissing her.

If a girl wants good and successful men as a couple, she must improve herself internally and in her appearance. That way it will be nice to see and treat for the men she wants.

A man is always curious about what a woman carries in her bag

A man is not going to be obsessed with what you carry in your bag, but if you allow him he will look with interest. According to what you see, you will form an idea of ​​what your future can be with you.

Tell me what you have in your bag and I will tell you what you are like . Why does a man look a woman in the eye a lot? Because you like it, but when you look at what is in your bag it will give you a better idea of ​​what to expect with it.

What a woman carries in her bag is a reflection of her past, present and future. What a man sees gives him a clue of the lifestyle that awaits him with that girl.

What does a man look at when he likes a woman? The way he dances

Whenever one does something in public there are views and opinions, that is inevitable. For example, a disco is the point where many couples meet. Every woman and man who dances is observed and awakens opinions, emotions and dreams.

A woman who dances well is a great attraction for a man, she looks attractive. The good harmony in the movement of a woman makes her look beautiful, nice. What a man looks at in a woman is the path to his happiness.

A man is called a lot by the way a woman walks

The most important thing that men look at a woman physically is her body. A woman’s curves may appeal to you, but it doesn’t stay on the surface. Instinctively, a man wants a woman capable of bearing strong and healthy children.

A woman doesn’t have to walk like a model to stand out from men. The most important thing is that you look confident, determined, strong, healthy, and graceful.

A man can fall in love with a woman because of the way she smiles

What a man looks at when he likes a woman are those things that make him feel good and inspired. A man loves the woman who causes him to become a better person. That power begins with a smile.

Because a smile makes a person look more attractive and positive. Also, a positive woman inspires a man to be better every day, as he dreams of her in a happy future home.

A man is struck when a woman wears high heels

Heels elevate the buttocks and height and this is what a man looks at in a woman. Well, this image is associated with a more beautiful woman. It also communicates that this woman is accepting her feminine condition as something attractive to a man.

A woman in heels looks and feels more fragile. This means that you are willing to accept the protection of someone stronger. A woman with heels assumes her capacity for seduction and takes initiative power.

A man looks a lot at the hair, clean and well-groomed, of the woman he likes

A woman with long hair looks very attractive and feminine. But a woman with short hair looks more daring and passionate. Therefore, both long and short hair are an important part of a woman’s personality.

Hair defines the features of a woman’s face. Hair has so much power in the female personality that a man can be attracted just by looking at her from behind.

A man in love with you will pay close attention to your circle of friends, what are they talking about?

What a man looks at in a woman is not only her attractiveness, but also how her friends are . If he thinks of you as a companion for life, he will also be interested in how your family is.

When you see simplicity, humility and sympathy in your friends and family, they will understand that you are like that too. If he really likes you, he will pay attention to how you behave when you go out with your friends. The man who wants you for his partner wants to know you in all your facets.