7 symptoms, behavior of a shy woman in love

A shy woman in love haunts you all the time

A shy girl, although she does not speak much, communicates her emotions in a very subtle way. Today we will see the behavior of a shy woman in love . It happens to everyone, if we like something we are behind all the time, we look a lot, shy girls too.

Sometimes you can think that they are coincidences. But when it comes to women you must be sure that they do not do things for pleasure. A shy woman in love will always be around where you are. A shy girl only looks for a man if she really likes him.

If she is from your circle of friends, talk to everyone, except you

A shy woman falls in love like everyone else, but she keeps it to herself and does her best not to say it. They would like to be more expressive, say, I like you, but they can’t, they feel uncomfortable. Therefore, one way a shy woman in love acts is by avoiding strong emotions.

Being next to or near the boy she likes means a very strong emotion for her. You will not know how to drive and will prefer to avoid it. a shy girl in love does not resist the look .

One of the signs of a shy woman in love is that she prefers to silence her love. They feel silly next to the boy they like and for that reason they talk to others, less with him. They know they run the risk of blushing or doing something unexpected in front of him.

Behavior of a shy woman in love: She does strange things


Let’s look at some strange behaviors of a shy woman in love:

– Accidentally throws his things on the ground or other clumsy behavior
– Asks you nonsensical questions and apparently has no interest in the answer
– Talks about unimportant things but as if his happiness depended on it
– He is talking very animated with someone and Suddenly she is silent when you see you nearby
– She speaks very quickly and in a low voice without making eye contact
– They are talking and suddenly she leaves without reason or explanation
– She is restless, sighs, looks from side to side, lowers her head

All these behaviors and more are symptoms of a shy woman in love. If you like her, do not think that you have everything won, it simply means that you have a great chance of conquering her. All this happens because he does not know how to express his feelings.

The best thing you can do with a shy girl who behaves like this to you is ask her out. Going out to the movies, going for a walk, having an ice cream, etc. Something that distracts them and she begins to have more confidence. they look down because they don’t know what to do .

A shy woman in love laughs a lot when she is with you

Nervous laughter is another behavior of a shy woman in love. He will not laugh precisely because you do or say something funny, but about anything. You may be funny, but she finds everything about you funny. In reality he is telling you that being by your side is the most beautiful thing that is happening to him.

Thanks to laughter, she is relieved of the anxiety she feels to have you around. Laughter allows you to relax from the nervousness and emotions that you feel. If you like her too, just keep making her laugh, that way she’ll like you more. Above all you will make him have more confidence to be with you.

How to know if a shy woman is in love: By her eye contact

She’s not just going to try to be where you are, she’s also going to try to make eye contact. Especially when you are not talking to her she will look at you, and if you look at her she will turn around.

If you catch her looking at you more than once, don’t think it’s just a coincidence. In reality, even though she wants to hide her love, she can’t help but feel excited. That body language of a shy girl is what gives her away and lets you know that she likes you.

If you catch her looking at you and they change the direction of her gaze or she leaves, it means that she is feeling anxious. It is dominated by the emotion they feel for you. I was completely attentive to you and when surprised they don’t know what to do. If they have any confidence they will smile. The best thing to do in this case is to smile.

She gets nervous and constantly fixes her clothes

If she is in your visual circle she will try to look as attractive as possible. The behavior of a shy woman in love changes completely with the closeness of the boy she likes. Although she wants to hide her emotions, she will do things that give her away.

– For example, he will touch his hair as if fixing himself
– He will fix his clothes in order to look good
– He will stand with his feet farther apart to see you better and to see it better
– If he is made up he will take out his mirror to look at himself and take some quick touches
– A shy woman in love’s behavior is to dress better than usual
– If there is a mirror nearby she will be checking her appearance to see if she is presentable for you

Your friends are interested in hearing from you

he also tells us about the friends of a shy girl. Since she does not feel very comfortable asking you everything, she will send her friends. Friends are not necessarily shy so it will be easy for them to make contact with you.

Suddenly you will realize that her friends start to behave well with you. They will find out your name, if you have a girlfriend, what do you do and all those things. They can also ask you out, to parties, etc. All for making her shy friend a love.

What to do with a shy girl in love if you like

The most practical thing to know if a shy girl likes you is to ask her. You don’t have to ask him directly, do you like me? But ask him if he would like to go out with you somewhere. Or simply start a conversation and when they say goodbye they meet you again.

By the behavior of a shy woman in love you will realize if she has feelings for you. Ask him about the things he likes to do. Talk to her a lot on the chat and always make her laugh. The more opportunities they have to go out and talk, the more confident she will feel.

The best way to approach, get to know her, and earn the trust of a shy girl is to be polite and courteous. Do not pressure her and do not be surprised if she rejects you, because it is most likely because of her shy nature. When you see her again just say hello. The more you greet her, the closer you get to her.