12 reasons why a married man is looking for a lover, unfaithful and liar

Why is a married man unfaithful to his wife if he loves her? For many men, infidelity is not rigorous enough to respect their self-esteem. But why does a married man seek a lover even if he says he loves his wife? Here are some reasons that answer this question.

For some men, infidelity has a loose meaning and they relax

Many men mistake their macho nature as an attribute to have as many women as possible. They believe they are at the top of the Darwinian biological chain and their duty is to propagate their good genes.

But not all men think that way. So why do married men have lovers? What leads a happily married man to cheat on his wife looking for a lover? Find out about the following reasons.

There are women who are attracted to a married man who are not looking for a lover and they take advantage

Some committed men find that they are an attraction for women who want to have strong adventures. Many women love the challenge of knowing what it is like to fall in love, seduce and drive a married man crazy.

It all starts because some women are very attracted to men with a wedding ring. Among the reasons why this happens we have:

– For the challenge of conquering something forbidden. They feel more attractive and confident achieving a difficult challenge.

– For fear of compromise. Married men are a powerful draw for girls who don’t want to compromise.

– Many women think that married men are mature, have more experience and security.

One reason why a married man seeks a lover is because of the relaxed atmosphere.


A wife, in general, becomes more serious, the environment becomes more tense. She no longer laughs at her husband’s bad jokes. On the other hand, with a lover things are more relaxed, she does not take everything seriously.

A lover free of responsibilities motivates him more than his wife which can mean stress

Not in all cases, but a lover wants to continue having adventures and motivates her man. The wife wants to live things more calmly, often in a conformist way. They even give up, get fat, and don’t take care of their personal progress.

Another reason why a married man seeks his lover is because of little responsibility.


We already said that with a lover a man feels more relaxed, more fun and more motivated. He also feels less burdened with responsibilities. The mistress does not pester him with the bills, the children and the list of chores around the house.

A lover keeps her love relaxed and a married man seeks uninhibited adventure

Unlike many wives who are filled with prejudices and obligations, a lover lives relaxed. This makes a lover more willing and uninhibited than the wife. Many wives fail to strengthen their relationship by overlooking passion and love.

Friends tend to like the lover more than the wife for being more fun and social


Another reason why a married man seeks a lover is that he has a better time with her and his friends than with his wife. Perhaps that is why the friends of a married man lend themselves to help him hide his infidelity.

Spending time with the lover frees him from the tensions of his home and feels better.

This is another reason why a married man is unfaithful even if he loves his wife. Well, marriage is supposed to be so that both support each other, so that they can overcome each other. But many times they do not reach that agreement of “what is to overcome”.

Why does a married man look for a lover having a good wife? A married couple is often overwhelmed by what they see as their obligations. Work, collect money and forget about your emotional life. Thus, disagreements are not long in coming.

Forbidden loves unleash more intense pleasures that fill you with more life

A married man because he is looking for a lover? Strong emotions that you no longer find in your wife. Seeing yourself secretly with your lover motivates and excites you more than your wife. Without strong intimate emotions, a marriage falls apart.

The great power of the emotions of romantic love is the reason why a happily married man is unfaithful.

Usually, a lover retains the freedom to be more passionate than the wife

The passion of a lover is one of the powerful reasons why a married man is unfaithful to his wife. A lover, having fewer responsibilities than the wife, has more time for herself.

Wives overloaded with chores, children and home are not allowed to relax. What does a married man look for in a lover? Strong passions that give recognition to your manhood.

Usually, the lover is younger than the wife, with more initiative and optimism

Why does a married man seek a lover younger than his wife? Over the years a wife neglects her personal care, this is a strong reason why a married man is unfaithful if he loves his wife.

– A man is very visual and they are easily attracted to the physical or external beauty of a woman

– The youth of a woman gives them energy, vigor and makes them feel younger

– Some men are proud to show off a younger woman. This is a great reason why a married man seeks a lover.

A lover is always ready to have fun anytime, anywhere

The lack of great responsibilities of a lover is a great advantage for her. There are no obligations that limit her and she has no emotional charges to wear her down. Therefore they always feel free to have fun at any time.

Why a married man seeks a lover risking his home? Both women and men get bored with a monotonous life at home. That is why both of them, each on their own, look for lovers. In many cases women wear out more in marriage and renounce their personal arrangement.

Many wives read articles similar to this one, and they know why their husband is looking for a mistress. They could take charge of improving their lives, but they refuse to make any effort.

On the other hand, many unfaithful husbands regret leaving their families for a mistress. All the novelty of strong emotions and youth of the lover soon pass. A mature man loves the quiet of his home.