28 wonderful ways to say I love you without words, show love to your partner

Do you know how to say I love you without saying it with words? When we love we feel an immense need to express it. That is why it is important to know some ways to say I love you without words. You should always give your partner tokens of love.

Each person has a different way of loving. That is why there are so many ways to say I love you without using words. Others do it with images and in many other ways. Everyone has their own way of expressing it.

Therefore, if you are not an expressive person to say “I love you”, you can do it in other ways. To say I love you without words, several times a day, you can do it with small details like these. Also keep in mind that you can be very creative.

Sensational ways to say I love you without words


Love is built on yourself. In the same way as we love each other, others will love us and we will get the right partner. Love as a couple is built little by little, with dedication, patience and above all with a lot of communication.

Love as a couple begins in a very explosive way that decreases with the passage of time. But each person is responsible for what he does for his own love. In general, love begins to die for not expressing our feelings.

So we all need more ways to say “I love you.” Not only with words, not only with gifts, but also in every moment with subtle ways of treating ourselves. We need less than a second to fall in love, and we can do it with the same person every day.

When we show love, we also motivate our partner to continue loving. Keep in mind that the lack of love is like the lack of nutrients in the body, the person can get sick. For that reason, and for your own life, learn how to say I love you without saying it with words.

1.- Do you know what your partner likes the most? Create a pleasant moment


When you focus on how you want to live, it will be easy for you to find ways to say I love you without words. When you love, what you do is for your own good and that of your loved one. Therefore, just by knowing what your partner likes you can create a pleasant moment.

For example, to say I love you without words, you can invite him the ice cream he likes. Some detail that you have not felt for a long time. There are so many things, just pay attention.

2.- A secret look is still the best way to say I love you without words

Does it matter that you do not look provocatively at your partner? There is always a way of looking and smiling that only the two of you understand. You don’t need words to express love with a gesture. A wink, a caress, a movement, you know.

If they don’t have a secret sign yet to say “I love you,” create it. There is always a song, a movie scene, a quote from a book that can do the trick.

3.- Surprise her with an anonymous message among her things

There are words to say I love you without saying it, there are ways to say I love you without using words. If you feed your self-esteem, if you become a better person every time, it will be very simple to express love for your partner.

Under your pillow, in your purse, among your things, etc. There is always a place where you can put a simple detail that expresses the love you feel.

4.- Change the habit that your partner does not like about you

Finding a love is the greatest motivation to improve as people. That love becomes the most powerful motivation to change many of our old bad habits.

We will not only do it to show love to our partner, but especially to show love to ourselves. May love make us better and strengthen our relationship.

5.- Send her cards with messages that make her smile

In social networks we find many phrases and images that reflect the love we feel for our partner. Why not use them as ways to say I love you without words.

Many people share on the networks ways of saying I love you without words. It is not wrong to copy or inspire us to express our feelings.

6.- How about doing something you never do for your partner

To say I love you without words, you just have to surprise her doing something that she does not expect. For example, if every time you eat together at home, she takes care of cooking, now you do it. And if you wash the dishes it will be much better.

When you are in a relationship, it is not about who is supposed to do something. What matters is how you want to feel and take responsibility for creating it.

7.- Write your anniversary date in a visible place

Wonderful to celebrate a year with your partner. They’ve been through it all, but somehow they survived. She has her things, and you others that she did not know at the beginning. But the thing is that they flow and they want to stay together.

The anniversary is an opportunity to show love to your partner. It has to be something you don’t do every day. For example, you send an image or video design for the occasion.

8.- A gentle caress at least once a day

Every day you have to find ways to say I love you without words. Because love also needs to feed to be alive. If you don’t, he will go looking elsewhere or starve.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to say “I love you”, there are always ways and words of love without saying I love you. For example a caress, a look, a smile and many other details that only you can offer.

Other ways to say I love you without words

– Good morning or good night
messages – You prepare a meal that she likes
– You show her affection in the street
– When you say goodbye you look at her tenderly and kiss her on the forehead
– Constant hugs and smiles
– Listen with full attention
– She does everything to make her feel comfortable
– Look into her eyes when she speaks
– She helps you in everything
– She smiles when she says your name
– Remember small details
– Say goodbye several times
– Be very patient
– Teach new things to improve yourself
– Make her laugh always
– Take an interest in her tastes and hobbies
– Show him that it is your priority
– Present with pride to their friends and family
– Encourage them to grow professionally and personally
– Apologize every time they make a mistake

Good love, that which gives us satisfaction and makes us better people, is built little by little. Love is more important than any job or business we have. Let’s never put off our love of work.

There are so many ways to say I love you without words and you are very creative. I hope you liked these ways to say I love you without words. If you liked it, share it on your social networks.