20 things a man does when he is in love with a beautiful and difficult woman

What do you think a man feels when he is in love with a difficult woman? There are many crazy things that a man does when he is in love with a woman. Even more so if it feels distant and difficult. They think, speak, and get excited about their thoughts.

There are women who are made difficult and women who are really difficult because of social, cultural or professional status differences. What does a man truly in love with a difficult woman do? Most often, life gets complicated, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Something frequent that a man does when he is in love with a woman who is not within his power is to create a parallel life. You feel your efforts are useless and you end up treating yourself poorly.

This man in love suffers, he can punish himself by leading a bohemian life. They may try to impress her and when they fail, things can get worse. Let’s see…

What does a man do when he is in love with a difficult woman

If you are in love with a difficult woman, the following will probably seem familiar. What does a man say when he is in love, what does a man think when he is in love?

These are the 20 things a man does when he is in love with a difficult girl and women do not know it:

1.- They fantasize all day, especially before they go to sleep, they always think about the woman they love.

2.- A man in love is more emotional than you can imagine. If the going gets tough with the woman they love the most they can get depressed. They can be depressed for a long time without stopping thinking about her.

3.- Most men in love with a beautiful and difficult woman want to be the only ones to whom she speaks.

4.- I will see you, even from far away, wherever it is regardless of the time.

5.- When a man truly falls in love, they do so deeply, more than a woman can imagine.

6.- Men rarely take their love to the extreme. But if he says he is madly in love, it is because he is.

7.- Inaccurate messages from a woman confuse a man a lot. You may think you did something wrong and become obsessed with trying to imagine what it was.

8. Even when a man is very busy, he can stare at the woman he loves. This distracts you and can harm you at work.

9.- Something that a man truly in love does is write beautiful poems and phrases. Many times these writings keep them anonymous.

10.- A man in love can suffer and torment himself more than a woman. Usually because of their limitations and lack of self-esteem.

11.- When a man wants a woman to marry, he gives flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, etc. He does not want to search anymore, he found the perfect woman.

12.- A man truly in love with a woman always has time for her. If it is complicated with time, find a good solution.

13.- The main thing that a man does when he is in love is to sacrifice time, sleep, and efforts. All for being with the woman he loves.

14.- Being very tolerant is something that a man truly in love does. He doesn’t get upset, he doesn’t criticize, he just wants to help the woman he loves without judging her.

15.- A man truly in love will wait for you for months. For example, if you travel or fall in love with another man.

16. When the woman he loves rejects him, they feel a lot of pain, but out of pride, they try to hide it. He may break down, but when alone or with his closest friends.

17. When a man truly loves, he can keep that love for a long time. Some say more than a woman.

18. It is very difficult for a man to cry for a woman. If he does, it is only because he considers you his true love and has no other alternative.

19.- For a man truly in love, the first kiss is the beginning of the end of his singleness.

20. The man who loves you will not always say that he misses you. But when he finally sees you, his eyes will shine and a wide and sincere smile will appear on his face.