This is the best way to know if a shy woman is in love with one of her friends

Shy girls fall in love too, but how do you know when a shy woman is in love? It can be complicated if you appeal to reason or words. Words are useless with a shy girl, it’s all body language.

There are many shy women and each of them behaves differently. But in most cases, they are short of words. Some may avoid looking at you and talking to you when they are alone, but when they are with their friends they are more relaxed.

How to know when a shy woman is in love

There are shy women everywhere, at your job, in your family, among your fellow students, where you walk, etc. Some of those shy girls may fall in love with you, but you won’t know from their words.

A shy woman when she likes a man prefers anything but to express her feelings. For her there is nothing more precious than her love, she will protect him, she will take care of him. So how to know when a shy woman is in love.

How to know if a shy woman is interested in a man? They do not express their feelings, they hide them, but you can notice them in their body language.

It is not easy to understand the body language of a shy woman. For that reason, you will have to pay special attention and patience so as not to get confused.

You will have to learn to understand the female body language of a shy girl. Something complicated, but if you are interested in her little by little you will become familiar with the subtle clues they leave.

1.- You will have to analyze how she behaves during eye contact

A shy woman may look at a man she finds attractive but will turn away if he sees her and may avoid making eye contact altogether. For those who make eye contact, it won’t be a captivating gaze, but rather a brief gaze.

2.- Look carefully at her hands, see what she does

A shy woman may be fidgety with her hands if she is interested in a man. You can run your fingers through her hair, adjust her jewelry, bite her nails, or touch her ear.

3.- Focus on identifying any physiological changes

A shy woman may blush if she is talking to a man in whom she is interested. If she is nervous, you may also notice that her hands are shaking or that she is having trouble speaking.

4.- Learn to identify signs of their body language

If a shy woman is interested in a man, her shoulders will fully face him and she may lean slightly towards him while talking.

5.- Observe your friends, they can give you important clues

If a shy woman is with her friends, they may turn their gaze between her and the man she is interested in and smile as they talk to each other.

6.- Find a way to ask her if she is interested in meeting you

Sometimes a direct approach is the most effective way to tell if a shy woman is feeling some kind of attraction. This also helps prevent any kind of misunderstanding based on your signals or your body language.

7.- Do not rush, a shy woman can be scared

Take your time and let things move at the rate she chooses if you want to hang out with a shy woman.

8.- Be careful when communicating with her verbally

Be careful watching for any non-verbal cues. If she notices that you are watching her, it may make her feel even more uncomfortable.

As you can see, a shy woman when she likes a man can be an enigma. But I hope the above tips help you discover her most precious feelings.