22 things to do as a couple: romantic and fun activities

When you have a lot of time with your partner, finding new and entertaining activities for both of you can be challenging, especially if you are looking to make them meaningful and grow. Therefore, here we bring you a very varied list with more than 22 things to do as a couple .

We will tell you which ones we think should be done at least once in every relationship, how and when to do them. We’ll also give you some tips to help you connect on a higher level as a couple.

22 ideas of things to do as a couple

In this list of things to do with your boyfriend to avoid getting bored together, we include activities of all kinds, whether you live together or not. Some of them you will consider normal, and surely they already have, but others are fantastic, so here they are:

1. Try the hobby that the other likes the most

We all have different hobbies , maybe he likes gardening and you are a fan of making crafts from recycled items.

They can plan a special day: do his activity in the morning and yours in the afternoon, for example. They can also combine both hobbies in a single activity.

For example, they could create pots, decorate them, and plant the plants they like best in them.

2. Explore new hobbies together

Sure you both have wanted to try new hobbies , but are not encouraged to do so for whatever reason. What better encouragement than trying a new recreational activity than with the love of your life by your side?

In addition to doing a new activity, it will allow you to get to know each other better and strengthen the bonds of union in a hobby  that you decide to explore together.

3. Take a road trip together

No matter if it is a planned trip or no apparent direction, spending several hours in a car will give you enough time to talk about any topic without any interruption.

Also, time together will help you get to know each other better. You will know how much patience he has, if he is able to enjoy the landscape, how he deals with boredom on the road, among other things.

4. Put together a puzzle

This is one of the most entertaining couple recreational activities you can do together. They can talk while putting it together, have a few drinks, or enjoy the silence in your company.

The best thing is that it is an activity that does not require leaving home. When they finish the puzzle, they can put it in a frame and decorate its walls.

5. Eat dinner together at the dining room table.

If you live together, you probably eat on the couch in front of the TV, in bed, or anywhere other than in the dining room. Why not try to have dinner at least once a week sitting at a table enjoying food and good conversation?

Take the time to prepare dinner that day, it does not have to be something very elaborate, but it does have to be a dish that you both like. Clean and decorate the table with flowers or candles, put on background music and dress up for the occasion.

6. Share each other’s company in silence

In the top 100 things to do with your partner, you cannot miss something simple: enjoy their company without doing anything. Share together in the same room, it can be watching a movie, each working on their own or simply scrolling on social networks.

Just knowing that you are both there is more than enough to create a connection on an emotional level.

7. Cuddle up

There is nothing more romantic than snuggling together with the couple, feeling their heartbeat and their warmth. They can do it at any time: on a rainy afternoon or in the evening after a hard day.

8. Leave love notes all over the house

If what you are looking for are ways to rekindle the flame of love in your couple, this could be a good option. Both should sit down to make short notes about what they like about the other and leave them hidden in places around the house for the other to find.

You will see that you will have a huge smile when you find one of those little notes by surprise.

9. Go for a bike ride

This is one of the best fun outdoor plans to do as a couple . The route can be defined according to what they want at the moment: through the city if they want a quiet walk, or into the forest if they want adventure.

10. Be spontaneous 

More than an activity, it is a piece of advice that cannot be missing from this list of things to do as a couple. It is not only about looking for new activities, but about turning every moment together into an opportunity to live a special moment.

If you feel like going out, go ahead. But if you want to be at home lying down watching a movie, snuggle up and enjoy the moment.

11. Remodel the house together

It does not matter if you live in the same house, give a radical change to an environment within a home in an entertaining activity that connects the couple.

They may be small parts like painting and furniture changes, or a complete construction that requires changing walls. Both will share their tastes and feel the satisfaction of having built something together.

12. Play in the rain

Bring out your inner child and lose your fear of getting wet with a little rain. They can play catch, skate on the mud, jump in puddles or have romantic moments while the drops cover them.

13. Attend an art gallery and make up stories for each work.

For both connoisseurs and non-art artists, attending a gallery is always a rewarding experience. If you add to that the freedom of being able to imagine scenarios for each exhibition, then you will have a fun and very creative activity.

14. Detox the world to enjoy each other’s company

This is a necessary thing that you must do from time to time to reconnect as a couple.

What is detox? No telephones, Internet, television, or anything that distracts you from each other’s company. How long is it done? Whichever you decide, from a few hours to a whole weekend.

Where and how is it done? It can be at home or in a hotel away from the city, the important thing is that they only dedicate themselves to each other’s company.

15. Go canoeing

Also known as canoeing, this is a sport that can be done as a couple to clear the mind and share in nature.

Each one in a boat for greater independence or if they prefer both in one, in this way they will have to learn to communicate in order to move forward.

16. Buy a piece of furniture and assemble it together

This task can be an activity that will keep them entertained for an entire afternoon. It can be a piece of furniture, a library or a table.

17. Read a novel to the other

This is a romantic activity that encourages reading and active listening, enriches vocabulary, and brings them together in a story that requires imagination.

Pick a title that neither of you have read before, one will take on the role of reading the book aloud for the other. They can take turns by chapter or by book.

18. Organize your finances together

This is one of the 40 things to do as a couple that we consider essential in any couple that plans to live in the same house.

Get excited about spending, saving, and investing. The idea is that both know about the finances of the other and can take some corrective to avoid wasting money.

19. Have a farting or burping competition.

Being able to do this in a relationship is the ultimate display of trust. They may be embarrassed at first, but we assure you they will laugh a lot.

20. Take a restaurant tour

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money, they can order a dish in each restaurant and share it.

21. Treasure hunt

If you are looking for an activity that requires a bit of organization, this is a good idea. They can include multiple friends with a partner and make it a competition to see which couple gets the prize first.

The idea is to leave clues throughout the house or city (the breadth of the game is defined by who organizes it), to get the treasure. The ideal is to do at least 5 stations and that each station has a challenge to be able to get the track.

22. Pick a random movie and watch it through to the end

Whether it’s on Netflix or in the movie rental store, go to a section and pick one without looking at the title or cover. Watch it to the end no matter how bad it may seem and share the moment together.