12 signs that your partner does not love you and is not interested in you

He no longer looks for you like he used to, he doesn’t give you quality time and the intensity of the relationship has dropped.

So if you want to know how to distinguish between if he no longer loves you or if he just needs a little more time to himself, below we will give you 12 signs that he no longer loves you and is not interested in you.

It is important that you know that these signs are not an absolute truth, but they are a fairly accurate guide for you to analyze your partner’s attitude and see if your sixth sense is really correct.

Now, let’s start with the 12 signs that he does not love you and is not interested in you.

Sign number 1: He no longer says “I love you”

If your partner stopped telling you that they love you, what is the strongest sign that something is not right?

Although facts speak louder than words, showing affection with them is something that fills us up a lot and constantly reminds us of how other people feel about us.

It is very normal that two people who love each other, in addition to showing it, tell them with some frequency.

So if you are already at the stage where the lack of the phrase “I love you” makes you wonder if that person continues to feel something for you, unfortunately, your intuition is telling you that something is not working and most likely does not love you anymore. Especially if you tell him and he doesn’t answer you the same.

Sign number 2: Your intimate life is gone

Another hard and more than obvious sign. Intimate contact is one of the strongest bonds when you are in the early stages of a relationship. It is logical that as time passes and the coexistence becomes more frequent, the intensity of the encounters decreases in relation to how it was at the beginning.

However, if you notice not only that your partner no longer hugs or kisses you as before (neither in public nor in private) and, in addition to that, you also do not feel that he is excited by being by your side or having relationships, let me tell you that already is not working.

That our partner no longer feels the desire to be intimate with us is a clear sign that he does not love us or interest him in the least, although it is not the center of a relationship, it is a very important part of it; like caresses, kisses, and hugs.

Sign number 3: He has stopped having time for you

If your partner has pushed you aside and all are excuses after excuses not to see you or not to go out with you, and especially if you notice that this signal is joined with some other, it is because clearly, something is wrong.

Now, if this happens a couple of times, it may really be a situation that escapes his hands and his work or studies are absorbing him in such a way that your attempts to share with him coincide with his occupations.

But if the issue becomes recurring and for every plan you have with him there is an inconvenience (on his part) not to see each other, then it is a clear sign that your boy no longer loves you and is not interested in spending time with you.

Sign number 4: It no longer comforts you when you feel sad

If something characterizes us as human beings capable of loving another (s), it is the empathic attitude of putting ourselves in their place and comforting them when we feel that the person we love is sad.

If you feel that your partner literally doesn’t care when you feel discouraged, sad, or heartbroken and that they even try to disappear so they don’t have to deal with those moods, they don’t love you anymore. It is inconceivable not to hug or cuddle our loved ones (and especially our partner) when we are affected by some situation.

Sign number 5: He no longer responds quickly to your text messages or stops responding

This is a very clear sign that the relationship is going downhill. When everything begins in the relationship, he has not finished receiving the message when he is already answering you or calling you to give you an answer, right?

But now it turns out that it takes hours and hours to respond to you or, in the worst case, it does not even respond to you. Let me tell you that when there is interest or want, there will always be a second to quickly answer a message, even if it is to tell you that he is busy.

Sign number 6: He spends more time with his friends than with yourself

It is clear that you do have time to share, but you decide to invest it with your friends or family. I mean, the excuses are just to spend time with you.

So if you notice that being late from work or going off for a few beers with friends has become a recurring habit, it’s obvious that your guy no longer feels completely comfortable around you and avoids spending time with you.

It is completely healthy for him to spend time with his friends, but if he is in a relationship, the logical thing is that he also spends a large part of his free time with her or looks for space where they can meet his friends.

Pay attention to what he does in his free time and how much of it he spends being with you or for the relationship. The result of your analysis will be a forceful answer as to whether he no longer loves you or is not interested in you.

Sign number 7: He no longer flirts with you.

We mistakenly think that flirting is only present when we start a relationship or are in the process of conquest. But it turns out that this is not the case.

A healthy and true relationship will always maintain that flirting spark, although there can certainly be a decrease in intensity or frequency.

And when we talk about flirting, we mean those intense, deep, mischievous, and complicit glances among lovers; to those comments that flatter the other; to those touches and caresses that arouse desire …

Even those silly jokes between the couple or the nice words that are born in a small conversation are forms of flirting that keep the spark of love and passion alive in a relationship.

But if your partner doesn’t flatter you in the least; if he has not even noticed that you cut your hair or did your nails; Or if he just doesn’t notice that you put on your best attractive outfit to provoke him, unfortunately, he is no longer interested and love is probably fading.

Sign number 8: They become a selfish person in many ways.

They say that when someone loves you, it shows; but when you stop caring, it shows even more … there is no phrase more true and lapidary than that.

When your boy no longer loves you, unfortunately, the center of his life is him and everything that happens to him and brings out his most selfish side, by moving completely and making it clear that his work, his studies, his friends, and his family they are more important than you.

They don’t even care when something is happening to you to support you. It seems that it passes from you without the slightest remorse.

And one more piece of evidence of this egotistical behavior is that even in bed he only cares about his satisfaction and does not take into account whether you are enjoying it or not.

Sign number 9: compares you to other girls

There is nothing more annoying in life than being compared to other people. And in relationships, this is something that should be avoided at all costs, since it is assumed that what we are looking for is to make the person we love feel good.

So if your partner now seems to find you some flaws and starts saying phrases like:

– “Why aren’t you like David’s girlfriend?”

– “José’s girl doesn’t get upset when we go out to party without her.”

– “Juan’s wife doesn’t even call him when we’re working.”

– “Why don’t you wear more modern clothes like my friend Cristina?”

Let me tell you that he is no longer interested in you and probably his feelings for you are changing because he begins to think that other women are better than you physical or in attitude.

Sign number 10: Doesn’t seem to be happy around you

If he no longer wants to spend time with you, if he no longer feels comfortable with who you are and what you do, if he no longer has beautiful words of love for you, if simply the time he spends with you is out of obligation rather than for fun … it is obvious that this boy is unhappy by your side.

So if the little time he spends with you you observe him with attitudes of boredom, of constant criticism of you, moody, annoyed, anxious to leave … unfortunately that man no longer loves you, much less you interest him.

There are things that are felt and women are very intuitive to detect when their partner is no longer comfortable with them.

Sign number 11: When they are together, he isolates himself

If every time you are together you notice that your partner is absorbed in his world, in his inner thoughts, or in his cell phone, something is not right.

Perhaps, in the beginning, your boy told you about his day-to-day, how his work went, his plans, and his dreams. But if you notice him quiet now, he hardly talks about his routine, his problems, or projects, it is possible that he is not interested and that he has lost that special connection with you.

It is normal that one day we feel like this, but if you notice that this attitude is quite frequent in your partner, the relationship is not well and it is likely that love is fading …

Sign number 12: Your boy gets angry more often and is bothered by things about you

If you start to notice that your boy is upset about everything, argues for nonsense, and even criticizes your habits, then the tolerance level is at zero and this is something that is not conceived in a relationship where two people love each other.

If your partner no longer supports those hobbies that you have always had since the beginning of the relationship (and at that time they seemed not to matter), then things are not working at all well and it seems that love has already packed its bags.

Nothing more disturbing than a relationship that becomes toxic from absurd discussions every so often; where it seems that your partner is waiting for you to say something to attack you and argue.

And if this is not enough, pay attention to whether your partner has been able to bring up a painful incident from the past in discussions that he knows affects you greatly.

What to do if you think your partner doesn’t love you anymore?

If these things are happening in your daily life as a couple, let me tell you that there is little you can expect: they are no longer interested and they do not love you, because someone who loves us would never say things that they know would hurt us.

Remember that not all distancing is necessary due to lack of affection, but simply your boy can already assume that he has you safe and no longer feels the motivation that he felt at the beginning of being super affectionate and detailed. It could also happen that you need a little space as a man (a respite, perhaps).

How many signs are enough to think that my partner no longer loves me?

These are just some signs that your partner can show and that are usually obvious signs that he is no longer interested in you and possibly has stopped loving you.

Of course, you must be clear that there are exceptions; however, it is unlikely that if you fully identify with at least 5 of these signs, what your heart is screaming at you is a lie.

If we should not ignore something, it is the words of our intuition, when it whispers to us that the person we love does not seem to feel the same.

What happens is that, deep down, we ignore those intuitions and we become blind to what is obvious; simply because we overlap our feelings and hope that everything will work out.

However, do not fear or waste your valuable time in a relationship that does not correspond 100% to what you feel, because in the end, two things can happen: either the relationship will finally end or you will have lost a large part of your life (and that you will never get back) with a partner just because you wanted them.

Always keep in mind that outside your comfort zone there are people eager to meet you and willing to offer you the same as you would.