21 ways to make a man miss you and look for you

Here I am going to reveal the secrets for you to get the best men to constantly look for you, this secret is incredible.

This topic really gets to the main point of what creates a man’s attraction to a woman and why only a few women are constantly surrounded by requests from the best men.

But the most important thing is that you keep in mind that that person to whom you already had your eye IS OF QUALITY and get their attention without falling into manipulation. To do this, you must also be someone of quality and be clear about your value as a person; that this is above any feeling towards the other.

1. Have an exciting life of high quality that any man wants to be part of.

The best men look for women who have an interesting life and they want to be a part of that interesting life.

Any woman can have the physical attraction of a man and have the man wanting an adventure, but if you want him to look for you, you occupy a very interesting life of a high quality of which it is exciting to be part of it.

Look at it this way. Would you like a serious relationship with a man with a boring life?

A person who projects security and determination in the achievement of his personal and work projects is very attractive.

2. Reject him at first

People want what they cannot have.

Don’t be afraid to decline an invitation on the grounds that you are busy. Remember that it is not good to always be available, because it can give the feeling that you are in need of affection or attention.

When you reject him, it affects him deep within his ego. Many men at this point will want to prove otherwise, they will come to you to show you that they are worth it and you were wrong with your rejection.

Do not be afraid if after showing you “not available”, it does not look for you. That only indicates one thing: he didn’t suit you, because he just wasn’t that interested in you.

3. Disappears from his life for no reason

Be nice to him. Have unique attentions and details. Be the most special woman when you share a while with her and then disappear without giving further explanations.

Then let him know that you were busy with other things and did not have a chance to reply to his messages.

Let that person you like realize how wonderful you are, but that you will not always be available to provide your company.

4. Don’t look for him and don’t suffocate him 

The best thing you can do is not be behind the person you like, because if you are looking for him all the time you will achieve the opposite effect. He will be annoyed because precisely we tend to get bored of what we can easily have.

If you are always there, what space do you leave for me to miss you and feel like looking for you or knowing about you? Simple logic!

Certain suffocating attitudes in any relationship always end up distancing us from that person. Far from enjoying the company, we become bored with the presence.

5. Let him know that he is not what you want

Yes! I know you want to have a relationship with that person that you consider super special! But, curiously, what attracts us is what we cannot have. And this is more than proven.

So, apply the technique of telling him that he is not exactly what you are looking for; that his characteristics are not exactly those of the man you want. You will see that he will begin to reflect and he will feel that it is a challenge to conquer you … and he will charge.

6. Take care of what you post on social networks

It is important that you be careful with the image you project of yourself on social networks.

Avoid posting all the time what you do, who you are with, or where you are. Also, do not upload very provocative images of yourself that could give the impression that you are showing what the other person is “missing.”

Don’t even think about uploading photos with boys or girls to make you jealous! Careful! Well, if you are looking to be jealous, for example, you can cause the person to lose the little interest they may have in you, seeing you “busy” with someone else.

Trust me! None of this will work, because you simply leave nothing to discover or to the imagination of the person you like. You do not generate morbidity or anxiety to hear from you, because he can see your updates from time to time. What would be the novelty?

7. Don’t wait for me to contact you and control your anxiety

Do not obsess! Release your emotions and get used to the idea that he or she will write or call you. If he really is interested in you, at some point he will find a way to contact you to hear from you or see you.

It is more than proven that the more energy we spend thinking of someone and waiting for a signal from them, it simply WILL NOT APPEAR.

So relax and let things flow. The fewer desperate thoughts you have about someone, the more effortless they will come to you. Of course, this will happen only if the person is also interested in you.

I know you’re dying to hear from him and you think that if you don’t call or write him, he’ll think you’re not interested, but deep down you know you’re not. A relationship (or potential relationship) should be 50 and 50. If one of the two gives more, something is wrong.

If the person you like also likes you, they will always find a time when they will find a way to contact you, but it will not be when you desperately want them to.

So focus on your work, studies, or friendships. He is not the center of your life and that is what you must project.

8. Give him the freedom to look for you before you look for him

If you notice, this technique is closely linked to the previous one. Your attitudes of detachment will make that person, if he is really interested in you, look for you without the need for you to be the one who has to manifest himself in his life to achieve it.

Freedom in any relationship will make us autonomous in decisions such as knowing who we want to be with and with whom we want to share our time.

Let him be free to feel and decide that you are the girl with whom he wants to go for a walk, to the movies, to that party with friends … That by your presence he does not feel that this leads him to look for you, but that your absence represents a void in his life, that he needs you.

9. Be interesting and don’t be afraid to project security

If you want to have a quality man (or woman) by your side, you should be too. This constitutes one of the great attractions for anyone. Show that boy how interesting you are and what a fulfilling life you lead. That you are sure of yourself and you are clear about what you want and what you don’t.

Work on yourself so that in the eyes of others you are someone great who awakens thoughts like: “That’s the woman I want by my side!”

Your authenticity will be key to arouse interest in other people. Show that you have attitudes and qualities that awaken the desire not to want to leave you.

Be an interesting woman and that man wants to be part of your life.

Ask yourself this question and answer it with complete honesty: If you were going out with yourself, would you be a good prospect? If you doubt, it is time for you to work more on yourself.

10. Be nice and nonchalant

Undoubtedly, you have to be sweet and kind if you want to connect with certain people or situations. Perhaps it is even an innate characteristic in us.

And when it comes to relating to the person we like, kindness should be the order of the day. However, it is counterproductive that all the time it is the attitude that marks the routine.

Be nice, but don’t overdo it. Have genuine gestures, but then return to your normal thing, as if he did not exist. For example, you can serve him coffee in the office and then continue your work without drawing his attention. Take care of other things, including chatting with other colleagues. That he does not see that you left him “alone” for work tasks.

11. Enhance your attractiveness by being a woman of character that respects herself

If you are clear about what you like and what your limits are, don’t let your feelings towards someone else make you disrespect your essence.

Remember that the first step to love someone else is to start with self-love. And love carries a very important value: respect.

So if he fails or if things don’t go well, walk away! Feelings towards someone cannot be above respect towards yourself.

Just because someone brings you slapping the sidewalks does not mean that you should lose yourself in your emotions. If someone doesn’t show you genuine interest and actions, dismiss them! I assure you there are many guys out there waiting to meet you.

12. Show your vulnerable side so that he becomes your protector

Men love to feel like “superheroes” in women’s lives. This somehow enhances his manhood and manly strength.

So if the situations are given, do not hesitate to show yourself vulnerability and lend yourself to receive from him all the support and protection to feel better and safe in his arms.

Be very careful not to fall into manipulative attitudes! Just make him feel like your protector in those situations that arise and don’t avoid running into his arms to comfort you.

Use these situations to your advantage so that he realizes that even though you are a strong woman, you are not afraid to show yourself vulnerable and that you are open to receiving his support.

13: Bring out your most intimate side

We have already commented that relationships that are intimate should not be the most attractive thing you have to show and attract a man; however, the spicy touch cannot be lacking in relationships.

If you are suddenly getting to know each other and have not yet reached the first meeting, casually “drop” a comment that shows your tastes or fantasies.

Men love a confident woman IN ALL ASPECTS, including this

So do not hesitate to fertilize the terrain of mischief, without exaggerating or making believe that it is the most important thing.


14: Keep a mysterious air around your life

What happens when we come across some super interesting series or a movie that catches our attention? We try to find more about it and have access to everything that we cannot easily!

As it happens with people. If we meet someone who is super interesting but keeps aspects of his life reserved, the curiosity will grow more and more to know about that person.

Note that this includes not exposing ourselves daily on social networks because that way we leave room for them to ask themselves: “what will become of the life of …?”, “What will he be doing?”, “Who will he be with?” …

Undoubtedly, this will become a magnet for him to look for you and try to contact you to meet or go out there.

15. Apply reverse psychology

Assuming they are already dating, casually when the subject comes up, let him know that you do not want a relationship at this time in your life because you are focused on your personal or work projects.

This will make him wonder about the panorama and, probably, if he is interested in you, he will find a way to attract your attention more, to be present in your life so that you consider him a good prospect to include in your personal projects.

16. Build unique moments with him that make you unforgettable

Focus on each moment you share is unique, unrepeatable, magical, and great. That is not the typical trip to the movies or the mall. Add emotion and that original touch that only your company can provide.

Thus, when he returns to that place without you, he will remember how much fun he had with you and, if he is interested, he will look for you to spend more time together.

Of course: remember that not all boys are adventurers and you should probably analyze very well the exciting moments that you want to build with them. For example, if you are a shy and somewhat boring boy, you will not find it interesting to go for a walk in the rain until you get home.

17. Make him compete

Among the fun things you can do with him is to invite him to compete with you.

If suddenly they still haven’t made the first date, it can be a great opportunity if they are talking and he tells you that he prepares some very good hamburgers.

This is the time for you to tell them that you make them better and that they should meet as soon as possible to effectively confirm that yours are tastier.

This will be very funny and trust me, he will not resist showing you that he is right. In the end, you won’t be interested in what the best burgers will be, right?

18. Give what you want to receive and to the extent that you receive

In this life everything is like a boomerang: we receive what we give. So if you want a quality man by your side who looks for you and misses you, you must also be a quality woman; the one that awakens more than sighs for her curves or pretty face.

So if you want an interesting man by your side, you must be an interesting woman.

In the same way, give in the same measure that you receive. No more no less. There is a balance in a relationship because if you are the one who is always present giving your best without receiving the slightest attention, do you really think it is worth it?

It is important, then, to judge the man by his actions with you and not in general so that you know if he really is a good match for you.

19. Let him know what you want

If you are already in a relationship, it is important that you let him know what it is that you want or expect from that relationship. Otherwise, he will not go out of his way to find you or show you that he misses you.

Make him strive to have your love. We are not talking about delaying relationships that are intimate or denying it, but about working the relationship to see if that man is worth it to have a real commitment.

 20. Be yourself, but the best version of you

Keeping your essence and projecting who you are and the best version of who you are will always be a magnet for those who are really interested in you.

It does not make sense for you to show attitudes or traits that do not go with you or your way of being just to please others.

The most important thing is to be genuine and that whoever looks for us is because they like everything about us, no more, no less.

21. Be happy and radiate happiness in every interaction

Projecting happiness undoubtedly makes us more attractive to anyone.

If you want someone to be genuinely interested in you, you must show that the life you have makes you feel full and happy, that being with a partner is a choice but it is not the reason or center of your life to feel good and satisfied.

This attitude, without a doubt, will generate in your potential partner the admiration and desire to be next to someone who is worth enjoying in many ways.

Close (this does not say)

With these techniques applied intelligently, you will see that the person interested in you will look for you without hesitation.

Remember that the interest has to be mutual because it makes no sense to focus forces and energies on someone who simply shows us that they do not want anything with us.

So don’t be discouraged if you run into someone who, no matter how hard you try, is not looking for you or missing you. The best thing you can do is walk away and hope that you have a better opportunity. Surely, you have it in front of you and you have not even noticed.