How to tell if a man is in love with you: 15 signs to know

Does he tell you that he loves you, but you don’t know whether to believe him? Do you feel that he loves you, but does not tell you? Romance today is very complicated: you have to guess what is in the head and in the heart of the other to make the right decision … and achieving it for sure is never easy. So how do you know if a man is in love?

These are the 15 signs that a man is in love with you:

1. Not only looking for relationships but exclusivity 

Many times an unscrupulous boy will try to sweeten your ear with words of love only to get you to bed.

But when he really loves you or is interested in something more serious, you will realize that he is not only looking for you to have relationships: talking with you, getting to know you better, or living new experiences together is also a priority for him.

In fact, a study indicates that 62% of men in love consider that relationships are not the most important thing.

On the other hand, a man who is only interested in “hanging out” will not try to delve into your love life or ask you if you see other guys. On the other hand, when there is genuine interest, you will notice that little by little you begin to want to be the only one in your relationship landscape and to seek greater intimacy and connection.

2. Invest in yourself

Whether it’s time, money, attention, or effort, he’s always willing to invest when it comes to you. It’s not that he spends his spare time with you or only looks for you when he’s bored or has nothing to do.

When he really loves you, you realize that he makes an effort to make time in his schedule for you, that he does not weigh in spending a little more on the outings so that you are more comfortable, or stop by your house even if you live far away.

3. Sacrifice things to be with you

You can be sure that he really loves you when he moves or cancels commitments on his schedule – like hanging out with his friends – so he can spend time with you. Especially if that time together doesn’t necessarily mean relationships, because – to be honest – most men would skip a game in exchange for a good night of passion.

You have to be very observant at this point because when he feels love for you, he is not going to tell you that he stopped doing other things to see you; he wants you to feel that he is always available to you.

4. He introduces you to his friends and family

There is no clearer sign that he is “serious” with you than the fact that he begins to introduce you to his family and friends. If you don’t believe us, try it! Ask your male acquaintances if they will introduce a girl with whom they have no long-term intentions into their social circle.

5. He has a lot of energy when he is with you

Love literally fills us with energy. So if he is falling in love, you will most likely see that he is very active and motivated, especially during the time he spends with you.

On the other hand, you are also likely to sleep less and become slightly more impulsive. He may not know that these changes are due to how he feels about you, but if you are an observer, you will be able to notice these subtle changes.

6. Always wait or propose the next time

He may not tell you directly, but whenever they go out together or have a date, he brings up something that implies that they will see each other again soon. For example, if you mention that you like Japanese food, he may suggest that they might go to a certain sushi restaurant next time.

A guy who doesn’t really feel anything for you is not going to talk about an upcoming meeting simply because he doesn’t know if he will want to see you again soon, or because he has several girls on the list.

7. He tells you about his family and his past

If she just wants you to hang out, she’s going to do her best to keep the conversation on a strictly superficial level and never touch on personal, sensitive, or emotional topics. But if he is in love with you, he will feel compelled to share things with you that he would not tell anyone else.

He may tell you about family problems, difficulties at work, or past relationships that left him very scared or hurt. He could also tell you about all the private topics that he is passionate about and his feelings in general.

8. He becomes very protective of you

We are not referring to the typical “you send me a message when you get home”, but to the fact that I take you home safely. When a man loves you, he suddenly begins to see all kinds of real or imagined dangers around you and does everything he can to get away from them.

If you cancel an outing because you’re sick, he won’t just want you to get better, he’ll call you often to see how you’re doing or even show up at your house with freshly made chicken broth.

9. He cares about your comfort

A man who loves you anticipates those little details that will make you feel more comfortable.

Do you notice that your car is freshly washed? Does your apartment smell like recent cleaning? Did he buy the wine you like? Did he take you to your favorite Chinese restaurant even though he prefers Italian food? Did he put the radio station that you listen to?

All these gestures are not free. They are genuine expressions of affection.

10. Shows you that he listens to you and pays attention to you

To a guy who doesn’t like you that much, you can tell the same story over and over without him noticing, simply because he doesn’t really listen to you carefully. On the contrary, one who does have feelings for you will even be able to bring into the conversation things that you said before and that you may not even remember.

When that man pays more attention to what you say than you do, you can be sure that he feels something powerful for you.

11. Try to solve your problems

When a man is in love, there is an instinct that he practically cannot control and that is to “rescue the maiden in danger.”

In the minds of men, one of the best ways to win the heart of a woman they really like is by solving their problems (or, at least, trying).

For example, a boy who is not being honest about his feelings will let you tell him about your difficulties and will just pretend to listen to you. However, one who does love you will immediately try to give you some advice or propose a solution.

12. Does not “disappear” after the encounter

With “disappear” we refer to a wide range of behaviors that go from falling asleep immediately or starting to check the cell phone, to applying the typical: “all very tasty, but I have to go now.”

When a man feels things for you, rest assured that after passion he will take a long time to hug and pamper you.

Science Fact: A guy who is in love with you is much less likely to fall asleep after a date because the hormones of infatuation give him the energy to keep staring at you adoringly until you drop.

13. Try to find out relevant things about yourself

It is not enough for him with what you voluntarily tell him about yourself, but he is always asking, inquiring, and drawing conclusions (often correct) about your personality and your way of seeing life. It is almost as if you are a puzzle or a riddle that you want to solve.

A guy who only wants you for a while has no interest in getting to know you better.

14. He shows you his most vulnerable side

A man is only truly vulnerable to a girl when he feels something genuine for her. Otherwise, you will try to present yourself as someone in control of the situation and your emotions at all times.

If he really loves you, you will see how at a key moment he lets you see inside him, in his fears or in his most sensitive past.

15. He is worried about what you think of him

Finally, few things say “I love you” like the fact that I am constantly seeking your approval and recognition. And it is not about presenting you with a “perfect” image of yourself, because what he really wants is that you love him and approve of him as he is.

That is why he will open up honestly about his strengths and also about his shortcomings, but you will see how he actively works to improve his areas of opportunity.