20 clear signs your best friend likes you

It is common for romantic feelings to grow between friends.

Even if you are friends and have confidence, talking about feelings is not that simple. Both of you may be embarrassed or hesitant to bring it up. If so, you will surely want to clear your doubts about his feelings before daring to talk directly with him.

How do you know if your best friend likes you? To clear your doubts, we explain 20 clear signs that will help you define if that attitude that you notice in your best friend hides much deeper romantic feelings for you.

1. Talk to you for a long time on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, or by phone

Do you get up and send me a good morning message? Do you get her good night messages? Does he even write to you when he goes out with other friends? Does he call you at different times of the day?

If he seeks to contact you so much it is a more than obvious sign that he is constantly keeping you in mind. That is an indicator that his feelings for you go far beyond a pretty friendship.

If you notice that the number of his messages and calls has increased dramatically, that he seeks to maintain contact with you more than normal, that he is interested in talking beyond “how are you?”, Or that he even stays awake just to Talking to you is a great sign that something else is going on in their heart.

2. You notice that he fixes himself every time he goes out with you and he didn’t do it before

Have you noticed that your friend is now more groomed? Do you wear perfume and do your hair? If you notice that he makes an effort for his appearance, especially when you are with him or he knows that he will meet you, chances are he wants you to see him as more than just a friend.

If you think she looks different, but you’re not sure if she’s really changed, check her old photos on social media to compare them to her current appearance.

See how she fixes up when she’s with you and how she looks when she has outings that you’re not on. This way you will be able to tell if his change in appearance is an effort to look good just for you or if it is a change that he decided to make in a general way.

3. He always looks at you

Does he constantly observe you? Have you noticed that he looks at you and when you see him he turns his gaze the other way? If he does this, it is another indication that he may be madly in love with you.

Surely you will think “What a shame that he looks at me” or it will make you laugh to see him when this happens, but the truth is that it is a very common attitude when we like someone. If you catch him doing this, it’s his unconscious way of showing that he likes you.

4. Every time he looks at you, his face changes

If every time you talk to your friend or stare at him his face turns red, it is very possible that this happens because he is in love with you. Why else would he feel so shy around you?

5. Tries to be funnier than before

Has your friend started to bother you a lot? Does he often tease you and point out silly mistakes you’ve made without hurting your feelings? Does he try to make you laugh or always make you smile? This is the most common sign of attraction.

Men like to get the attention of the girl they like and humor is often their favorite method. Making you laugh is a direct way to connect with you, and if he teases you more and more, then you should definitely consider the possibility that he is in love with you.

6. Avoids you in public

Have you noticed that your friend distances himself from you when other people are present, but when they are alone he is the same as always? When they are alone he is more friendly, he is more open to sharing, but in public, he tries to avoid contact.

You may think he is crazy, but what happens is that he tries to hide his love for you from other people. Avoiding you is his way of hiding his feelings so that others do not notice the way he acts when he is around you.

7. Your love life: his favorite topic of conversation

Is your friend more interested in your love life now? If he asks you things to find out details about your love life, such as who you like, who likes you, if you are dating someone; it is because he may be in love and wants to know his chances with you.

8. Makes a lot of eye contact with you, more than with other friends

Is your friend making more eye contact with you now than usual? Does he listen to you attentively without taking his eyes off you? Have you seen him trying to make eye contact with you from across the room?

If you answer “yes” to everything, it is clear that he really likes you and you attract his attention.

9. Act in a similar way as you

A clear sign of falling in love is that your friend begins to act in a similar way as you, the same gestures or way of speaking. People often act as a reflection of who they are attracted to, without even realizing what they are doing.

If your friend has started to mirror your behavior or suddenly uses the same words and expressions as you, they may be attracted to you.

It is a difficult thing to do, but pay close attention to what he says, look for similarities with you.

10. He likes to teach you new things

Have you noticed that your friend is more open with you when talking about his life? Does he enjoy teaching you new things and taking you to activities you’ve never done? Trying to spend more time with you?

If you answered yes to everything, then he likes you. You clearly enjoy sharing your interests and spending time together alone.

11. He likes to surprise you

Does he usually surprise you with details (sweets, cards, books)? Does he often take you to your favorite bakery to buy you something? Does he recommend books and songs that he knows you might like?

If you notice that he goes out of his way to please you, give you details and gifts, you should know that these actions have a feeling that drives them: He is in love with you.

12. He is always available for you

If you can count on your best friend to attend all the things you invite him to and you know that he supports you at all times, it is very likely that he is in love with you and that is why he wants to spend as much time as possible by your side.

A good friend always tries to support the people they love, but if you feel like your best friend has more enthusiasm than usual, there may be a deeper feeling.

If he always makes time for you and even stops doing his things to come to your side when you need it, it is very likely that there is a crush on the horizon.

13. Speaks well of you in front of your other friends

If you ask yourself “how do I know if my best friend likes me?”, Another key indicator is that you will always see him speaking well of you in front of other people and will even defend you if necessary.

In addition, you will notice that their friends know too much about you as if they have known you all your life, even if you just get to know them. That’s because your best friend has talked to them about you, surely some of their friends already know their feelings.

14. Flatters you even in the least flattering moments

Have you noticed that he tells you that you are pretty even when you are untidy? Does he try to cheer you up when you feel bad? Has he told you that you are beautiful when you have fought with your boyfriend?

It is normal for friends to support each other in times of trouble, but if you notice that he always seeks to say something nice to you and make you feel good, it is obvious that he feels more than friendship towards you.

15. He has become shy

If your friend has suddenly become shy around you or is acting too chivalrous and dignified, then there will be a reason for it. Most likely, he is in love with you.

If he is in love, you may notice that when you are alone he does not make direct eye contact, looks away when you are staring at him, blushes when you look at him, becomes silent or stutters when he tries to talk to you. Those are typical signs of infatuation shyness.

16. Feels your pain

Does your friend get angry, upset, or depressed when something negatively affects you? Do you want to hurt those who have hurt you? Do you find that sometimes your friend cares too much about the situation you are in and wants to solve it?

If the answer is yes, then he clearly cares a lot about you and that could be because of the crush he feels.

17. He goes out of his way for you

If you have noticed that your friend seeks to do everything humanly possible to make you feel good and happy, it is clear that he likes you. And he likes you very much.

Only people truly in love, or those who have a deep feeling of affection for another person, put their lives aside for the welfare of the other.

18. Is polite and considerate

If your friend is very considerate of you and was not before, it is because he loves you as something more than his friend.

You may even notice that your friend begins to have more education when he is in front of you or your friends, he will try as much as possible to look good when you or a friend of yours who can talk to you about him is present.

19. Laughs at all your jokes

Have you suddenly become the funniest person in the world for your friend? Does he laugh at jokes that even you know are bad?

Laughter is one of the strongest ways to create connections. If everything you do makes him laugh or puts him in a good mood, your friend may be in love with you and feel happy just because of your presence.

20. Has become a hugging person

Suddenly your friend acts very affectionate and looks for occasions to touch you more than normal: he hugs you or seeks to be as close as possible to you than usual.

When we like a person, we show affection, even when we feel sorry to expressly say what we feel. If your friend started acting more loving, maybe he’s too scared to tell you what he’s feeling, but still wants to get closer to you.