The 9 types of gaze between a man and a woman, and what they mean

You have to keep your eyes wide open to find love. The look is the first gesture that shows interest in another person and one of the best ways to attract who we like. There are several types of love gaze, and in this article, we explain the meaning of each one.

The looks are not that difficult to decipher, you don’t need a cryptographer to do it. The important thing is to know which are the key gestures to identify and how to interpret them. The 9 types of love glances:

Level -1: Intentionally no eye contact

This is the lowest level of eye contact because there is none. It occurs when the person makes a conscious effort, even extreme, not to look at you. The conscious absence of the gaze says a lot about a person and what they think of you.

At the levels of physical intimacy, level -1 is the basement. It is anti-intimacy. The non-verbal signal of a “give up.” It’s the way a person tells you “Get away from me, weirdo”, without even having to open your mouth or gesture.

Lack of eye contact usually occurs when the other person is uncomfortable, when they are not interested in you, or when they openly dislike you.

Level -1 eye contact can occur within a conversation. So just because that person keeps talking to you doesn’t mean they are comfortable with you. If we put it on the scale of types of love looks, this is a look without a romantic interest.

Level 0: Zero eye contact (involuntary)

If a person does not involuntarily make eye contact with you, it is more reflective of their inattention to your presence. In most cases, it means that they either haven’t noticed you are there or they don’t even know you.

Many times it can happen that the person does not see you because they are busy and their attention is focused on something else, or they simply do not find you interesting. That is why this type of look is not of love, it is rather of ignorance.

If you want to achieve their looks, and that they are of love, what you should do is find a way to put yourself on the radar of that person. It catches your attention, and you will never see that his eyes avoid yours.

Level 1: Unconscious Glance

An unintentional glance occurs at that moment when someone looks at you and immediately turns away, even if they are not even aware of what they see. Basically, his eyes are wandering and by coincidence, his gaze meets yours.

The key, in this case, is that your consciousness does not register anything that you see at that moment, since it is not paying attention to what you are observing.

As with level 0, this level of eye contact is neutral. Most people do not pay attention to what they see most of the time. You have to find a way that seeing you becomes something that takes him out of that distraction.

Level 2: Conscious Glance

This second level of eye contact implies that you have already made an impression on that person. He knows you and takes a look at you consciously. This implies will: he wants to see you, even for a moment.

This occurs when their gazes meet and they almost immediately turn consciously, either out of shyness, discomfort, or disinterest. With so many possible options, how do you know why you looked away?

Body language studies indicate that when a person breaks eye contact by looking to the side, they are indifferent (that is, they are not attracted). But regardless of where you turned, if you did it immediately, you generally owe one of these options:

1. He was attracted and momentarily self-conscious when their gazes met.

2. You are not interested and want to avoid making eye contact altogether.

Most people are not comfortable making eye contact with strangers. The important thing is not whether or not he turned his gaze, but what made him decide to turn and break eye contact.

Level 1 vs. Level 2 How to differentiate them?

The difference in meaning between these first two levels of eye contact is subtle and difficult to tell if you don’t know the person. It’s easy to mistake a quick glance for interest for an absent-minded, distracted look.

It takes time to gain the skill to differentiate between these types of gaze. It is impossible to be 100% sure of someone else’s intentions, but experience allows your assumptions to be more likely to be correct.

A good exercise for someone new to the art of flirting or someone shy is to never break eye contact with someone before that person breaks it with you.

When you go for a walk, make eye contact with people you find interesting or attractive. You will feel uncomfortable looking strangers in the eye, but that’s the idea. Practicing until it feels natural is one way to give your confidence a boost.

This way you will stop seeing shapes and shadows. If someone is interested in you, it will be easier for you to notice.

Level 3: Glance and a Half

At this level, we are already talking about evident interest, even if it is little. The look and a half are subtle, difficult to notice without a lot of practice.

It occurs when someone looks at you and breaks eye contact as they normally does, but holds their gaze for a fraction of a second longer than normal. We are talking about 1/4 of a second more.

While level 2 eye contact can last half a second, level 3 eye contact will last 3/4 of a second. The human mind is programmed to spend more time looking at things it finds attractive, the look lasts 50% of the usual time because you caught their attention.

It is not to carry a stopwatch with you, but if the gaze lasts longer than normal, you will notice.

Attentive! Any forward eye contact at this level is a strong incentive to start a conversation.

Level 4: Double Look

Every time you make eye contact with someone attractive and that person looks away, hold your gaze for a couple more seconds. Most likely, a percentage of those people will turn to see you a second time.

In most cases, this is a clear sign of physical interest and 95% of the interactions you initiate with that person will be well received.

It’s funny that even at level 4 eye contact most people are still unaware of the length of their gaze.

Even if they are distracted, the unconscious always reacts to interesting, attractive, or intriguing things. If their eyes look to yours again, it is a very good sign.

Level 5: The look

Here we say goodbye to glances. At this level, we speak of direct and sustained gazes for a while. It’s solid eye contact that is held for two to three seconds.

When the interest is not reciprocal, it is this type of gaze that becomes the infamous “awkward gaze” or “stalker gaze.” But in cases where there is mutual attraction, the sustained gaze is the ideal time to take the first step in a conversation.

On the scale of types of love gazes, the sustained gaze is a clear sign of interest and attraction.

Level 6: The smiling gaze

Has it happened to you that they smile at you and you think that with the person behind you? They say that life is full of smiles that are not for you, but this is not necessarily true. You just have to know how to see what it is for us. It’s another very good reason to practice your looks with strangers.

Level 6 of the types of looks of love is the look that is accompanied by a smile. If the look is already a clear sign that that person is interested in you, giving you a smile is announcing it with neon signs.

If someone you find attractive gives you a level six look, it’s a great opportunity to get up to a chat or let them reach out to talk to you.

Level 7: The look that undresses

This refers to eye contact that is maintained, accompanied by a smile and also a slight impudence of those who do not feel ashamed to express their physical attraction.

The undressing gaze is the first level of loving gazes that makes a great leap from “simple interest, attraction, or curiosity” to “wants to sleep with you.”

This level of gaze does not hide your intention. It is all the interest that can fit in one look. He is a person who leaves his doors wide open and with a “Welcome” sign for you.

But waters, when the interest is not reciprocal this type of look is uncomfortable. If you are a man and you regularly undress with your eyes the women that interest you, if they do not correspond to you … stop.

Level 8: Dream Gaze

The dreamy look happens when there are feelings involved. It is that look that you find at the side of the bed when you wake up and your partner smiles at you between asleep and awake, when he is still close to unconsciousness.

It is the way in which two people look at each other between cuddles and caresses or when they make cute sounds while brushing their noses.

The dreamy gaze almost never happens before they have intimacy, it’s a higher level of intimacy. It usually starts after a month or two of your relationship, although it can happen in as little as a couple of nights together.

Assuming the feeling is mutual, the dreamy look is amazing. It is the most intimate and romantic eye contact a person can give you. Centuries of literature and film have thrived on what this look means.

Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s what most of us look for in the long run. So when you find it, enjoy it. And if you wonder what its place is among the types of looks of love: it is the maximum romantic look you can find.