10 things to do to be indifferent to a man

If you have come this far it is because they have surely recommended you to apply indifference to a man and you do not know how to do it. Let me tell you that you are in the right place since I have prepared some tips on how to be indifferent with a man you like.

1. Don’t start the conversation and pretend you don’t listen when he does.

The first step to being indifferent to a man is not to seek communication with him. If you usually write or call him throughout the day, stop doing it! Soon he will notice your absence and will start looking for you.

Also, if you spend a lot of time with him, try to talk only as much as possible.

2. Take your time to reply to WhatsApp or text messages

I know that the emotion wins us and as soon as we see your message on the phone screen we run to answer, but… stop for a moment!

Think that you are trying to be indifferent to him and, by answering him immediately, you make him understand that he is the center of your world when that is not the case.

3. Respond seriously and coldly

This does not mean that you should be cold, but rather that you should respond by making him understand that things have changed.

You can try responding with monosyllables or short words, such as “yes,” “no,” “ok.”, “Okay.” This will give you to understand that something is going on.

4. Distance is the key

It may be the hardest thing I’m telling you, but it’s also the most efficient if you’re trying to be nonchalant with a man. Avoid seeing it for a few days. If he asks you out, tell him you can’t.

In case you have to see him daily for work or studies, do your best to pretend that he is not there. Keep your distance from him as much as possible and only speak to him as strictly necessary.

5. Don’t change your plans for him

Make him fit into your schedule. If he wants to go out on a particular day, but you are busy that day, don’t change your plans; tell him you can’t. In this way, you will be forcing him to adjust to your needs and not you to him as you have been doing.

6.  Don’t congratulate him on special occasions

Congratulating him on special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries can move that sensitive chord in you and make way for him to regain the position he had and that is not what we want.

When it’s midnight on that special day, don’t write, call or congratulate him for anything in the world. Act like it’s a normal day.

7.  Strive to be okay with yourself

Go on with your life with complete normality: go dancing with friends, go to the gym, go to the movies, do what you enjoy the most.

Strive to be happy and well. If you really are, you show it naturally and this will generate doubts in him that will attract him to you.

8. Hide your emotions in front of him

In general, avoid showing any emotion when you call or are with him, be it sadness, anger, or joy. Part of being indifferent to a man is to make him believe that he does not affect us (although inside we are made up of a sea of ​​emotions).

If you see him with someone else, don’t show him any emotion. I know that is the hardest part because if he sees you happy you can send him the wrong message, but if he sees you sad or angry you will be achieving the opposite effect you want.

9. Focus on yourseld

Get ready! Make him see that you are not bad. Paint your nails, fix your hair, wear a little makeup, and if you can, go shopping and find something nice that highlights all your attributes. It is an indirect way of being indifferent to a man.

10. Learn to be a calculator

I am not telling you to become a machine, but you have to plan all your actions carefully beforehand and studying the possible scenarios in detail so that you are prepared and know how to act in front of a man you are trying to conquer.

Being a calculator is not synonymous with being a cold person, but with being an emotionally balanced person who does not get carried away by situations.