30 things that make a man jealous and get his attention

Making a man jealous is never a good idea, as the consequences may not exactly fit your plans, so there are some risks to take.

But, if it is what you really want, here I bring you 30 tricks so that you know how to make a man jealous and attract his attention:

1. Have a lot of fun without him and make sure he finds out

If he cancels a plan, don’t stay home: go out and have fun with your friends. You have to show him that you don’t need him to have fun.

If he calls you when you are in a social gathering, when you say goodbye, don’t hang upon him. Leave the phone open for him to hear how you are having fun.

2. Talk about your past relationships very often

Men are bothered when you talk about your past relationships as they feel insecure.

Try to mention that with your previous partners you did certain things and had a lot of fun. I assure you it will make him jealous.

3. Compare him to other men

In general, it bothers us all when we are compared, but it bothers men more because it hurts their ego. If you can compare him to an ex, so much the better.

Highlight their negative traits through comparison; for example, that your ex dedicated songs to you and he doesn’t.

You can also compare it with things that he used to do and no longer does; for example, going to the movies on weekends.

4. Flirt on social media with other men

With this I do not mean to go crazy, but, for example, you praise any man on Instagram, you have a brief conversation on Facebook or just des likes photos of some men.

When your boy sees that you are doing this, he will explode with jealousy.

5. Ignore his calls and text messages

Occasionally ignore his calls and texts. Try to answer him hours later, if you are really interested in the boy.

When he faces you to find out why you are late, simply tell him that you were busy (without going into details) and pretend that nothing has happened nor is it serious to ignore the occasional call or text message.

In WhatsApp, leave him in seen or connect, but do not open his conversation so that he sees that you had the time to open the application, but not to answer him.

6. Let him know that other men care about you

It’s a simple way to make a man jealous: let him know that there are men who are romantically interested in you.

An easy way to do this is to tell her that there is a guy looking at you in a place where you are together. Make the comment like a game to avoid upsetting it and causing the plan to get out of control.

7. Have a man best friend 

Men get upset if their partner is talking to another man all the time. So having a male best friend is a good way to make your guy jealous.

If you don’t have male friends, don’t worry, you can pretend you have one. You can make it up or even pretend he’s your ex.

Having a male friend will alert his sixth sense since you could end up falling in love and he would lose you.

8. Be mysterious

Keep all your plans a secret. Do not tell him where you are going or what you are going to do. Do not tell him who you are seeing either. That is sure to make him jealous and start to worry a little more about the relationship.

Do not answer everything he asks or, if you can turn the question over to him. This will baffle him and he will seek your attention more.

9. Get the attention of other men

Have healthy fun with other men. Be cheerful around other guys, especially when he’s around.

When your partner gets to where you are, welcome them back and keep having fun. This will generate feelings of jealousy in him that will make him think.

10. Subtly flirt

Flirt with other men, but don’t go overboard. He can tell if you overdo it or worse, the situation can get out of control if, instead of jealousy, he gets angry.

You can smile and play with your hair when you see a man in front of your partner. You can also praise and thank him in a different shade, or just look him in the eye and bite your lip.

11. Go out on dates

Go out on dates with a man you consider special. If your partner asks you, don’t beat around the bush, tell him the truth as if it were no big deal: “It’s just a date between two friends, what’s wrong with it?” I assure you, he will be quite jealous.

12. Let him know you don’t need him

Men need to feel useful to be safe in a relationship. When he begins to notice that you don’t need him as much as before, he will start to worry about the relationship and look for ways to win you over.

Small things like hanging a picture yourself or having a friend help you carry boxes will let your partner know that you don’t need it as much as you used to.

13. Make him compete for your attention

By this, I mean that when you are among a group of friends with your partner, do not focus your attention exclusively on him. Try to ignore it or pass a bit of it so that it feels a little jealous and tries to get your attention.

You can also try not paying attention to their conversations, pretending to be distracted with your mobile. This will make you jealous. That’s for sure.

14. Don’t worry if he catches you

If he catches you on a date or talking to another man, don’t worry, because your plan is precisely for him to find out that he does not have your full attention.

You can leave your phone unlocked and with any open conversation that you have had with another man, so that “unintentionally” they discover you and feel jealous.

15. Make yourself comfortable with another man

By this, I do not mean that you should sleep with another man, but that you can be comfortable with friends without feeling the pressure that your partner could get angry or jealous, because that is exactly what you are looking for.

You can talk calmly with friends, go out for a walk with them and, if your partner goes, try not to pay too much attention to them.

16. Wear revealing clothing

If your goal is to make her jealous, try to wear tight clothing, low-cut shirts, short skirts, and always wear heels: these accentuate your curves.

Seeing yourself more groomed than usual for a period of time – or for no apparent reason – will generate suspicion in your partner that will make him imagine and be jealous.

17. Call him by another name

It is something very simple, but very effective to make your partner jealous.

Inadvertently, call him by another man’s name when you’re together or when you’re texting him. Then apologize, claiming you didn’t know what you were thinking that you called it that. I assure you that he will die of jealousy.

18. Send yourself flowers and gifts

You can try sending yourself flowers, chocolates, and gifts with “anonymous” cards that only have messages like “for my favorite person”, “you are very beautiful” or messages of that style that, in addition to improving your mood and raising your self-esteem, will generate jealousy in your partner.

Of course: try so that he does not find out that you are yourself, otherwise he will make fun of you.

19. Receive “mystery” calls

Agree with a friend, delete her number, and, when you are with your partner, have your friend call you and pretend that that unknown number asks you for a date, but you reject it.

It will be a wake-up call for your partner who can easily lose you.

20. Contact your old friends

A great way to make a man jealous is by reaching out to your old friends from school or college, and meeting them for coffee, and catching up.

Your partner will feel that he should start to worry and that you do not get what you want in a man and that is why you try to contact other men.

21. Post photos alone

Post photos on your social networks where you look pretty; if you come off a little attractive, even better. You will surely attract the attention of several men, among those your partner who I assure you will feel jealous immediately when he sees her.

You can also post photos of the activities you do so that he sees that you are happy without him being by your side.

22. Always stay put together

This is an easy thing, but one that you should always do if you want to make a man jealous. Makeup, do your hair a bit, wear tight clothes, a little low-cut, short skirts, and put on heels! These enhance your figure.

When he sees that you are dressing up every day for no apparent reason, he will wonder what is going on or if you are seeing someone. You are sure to be jealous.

23. Stay busy

Fill your schedule with activities of yours and for you. Do your best to have little time in your schedule to spend with him. That way you will be pushing him to think that you don’t want to be with him.

24. Be indifferent to him

Indifference hurts men, so it’s something you have to do if you want to be jealous. Do not show emotions when you are with him and all his attitudes towards you should be indifferent to you.

25. Don’t be too obvious

This is something you need to be very careful about. Men are smarter than we think and I assure you that if he finds out that what you are doing is trying to make him jealous, things cannot end well.

He may be angry, as well as tease you. In either case, I recommend that you keep your plans to make him jealous a secret.

26. Talk a little with him

Having a regular conversation with him will make him feel confident that you will always be by his side, so I recommend that you limit the conversations you have with him.

If you usually write to him in the morning and at night, do it only when he does. You can also try responding cold and dry, with short words.

27. Stop looking for him

I know it can be difficult to stop knowing 24 hours a day about him when you are in love, but it is something you have to stop doing for both yourself and him.

We all need our own space and, when it comes to men, much more. If you are there available all the time, I assure you that he will not value you as he should be.

Starting to stop looking for him will make him react, and if you apply other things on this list, he will surely get jealous very quickly.

28. Ignore him in front of other men

It is a scientific fact that men if you treat them badly from time to time, will behave better; so from time to time completely ignore him when in front of other men.

Try to do this at times so that he feels like he must fight for you. If you do it too often, he may lose interest in you.

29. Girls’ night out!

I think this phrase terrifies most men. Even if you are not going to do anything wrong, when you meet up with your friends, they imagine the worst: that they are going hunting and another man is going to rob you from their side.

Try not to do it too often, but do it at least once a week. Do not tell him where you are going or what time you return.

30. Come home late

This is something you should do only if you are really determined to make your partner jealous. Arrives home late with no apparent excuse. Do not answer their calls or messages and, when they arrive, do not explain why you were late in arriving.