How to act on the first date: 8 tips for girls

There is nothing more exciting than the first date and women want advice for this moment because it is an opportunity to get to know the person we like more in-depth and discover if everything can go further.

It is not only a matter of looking good but mentally preparing yourself to act in your best way. Read on to find out what to do on the first date.

First date: 8 tips for women

It is normal to get nervous as the time of your first date with that special someone approaches. It will be a tense time for both of you, as there is pressure to look and behave your best.

Making a good impression at that moment is a priority since it will depend on whether they decide to continue seeing each other or not.

Here are some tips to help you look radiant and feel confident on your first date:

1. Take care of your image

There is nothing more attractive and impressive than a person who takes care of himself. Your image is your presentation to the world and will determine the idea that others have of you.

2. Have fun and smile

The key for your date to feel confident and want to see you again is for him to know that you had as much fun as he did.

Even if his jokes are not your favorites or the place he chose to take you was not the best, maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude is ideal.

If your date has the feeling that you enjoyed the afternoon, they will be much more encouraged to call you again.

3. Show your education

On the first date, one of the best pieces of advice for women is to show their kindness and politeness.

Not everything depends on how you look, the way you behave also counts.

Be kind and attentive to him at all times, as well as to people who cross his path. Good manners attract attention and are welcome at all times. There is no one who can resist a person with manners.

4. Don’t judge their tastes or conversation topics

To start on the right foot, it is of great importance to have sensitivity and empathy with others.

Nobody is attracted to a person who is ready to judge others. You may not be interested in his conversation, but if you like the boy and want a relationship with him, it is important that you show him that you are a person with whom he can talk and express himself.

In addition, you must be willing to listen to him as you would like him to listen to you.

5. Don’t forgive him for being abusive or selfish

On the first date, advice for women is usually about what they should do or avoid, but now we are going to talk about limits.

There is a difference between having a strong personality and being rude. Set your limits clearly and don’t allow him to cross them.

Respect for yourself is one of the most important things you must demonstrate since it is a sign of security and good self-esteem.

6. Avoid pressing him

One aspect that you should take care of, if your intention is for the date to go well, is to avoid putting a lot of weight on their shoulders.

It is socially accepted that the man is extremely chivalrous and attentive to a woman in whom he is interested, but it is not an obligation.

The times they Are a-changing. Women now have more rights and obligations. Although the situation between men and women is not 100% egalitarian, the customs of the past are fading for the sake of gender equality.

Taking all of this into account will prevent you from putting unnecessary pressure on him and, at the same time, making him feel like he is with a person with whom he can team up.

7. There must be a kiss on the first date

This point is a bit more personal. Everything will depend on how the appointment went.

Did they get along well? You had fun? If the answer is yes, he most likely enjoyed your company too.

A kiss on the first date is a declaration of mutual attraction. Things were so cool and they both want to express it.

8. Let him call you first

After you’ve finished your date with a flourish, it’s time to wait for the next one.

If everything went well, you may be curious to know when they will see each other again. However, the best move is to wait for him to take the next step.

As nice as the day you shared was, you still need to stay relaxed and carefree.

An overly effusive attitude can repel your guy since it’s still too early to talk about commitments.

Wait a few days for him to call you and ask you out again. You can spice things up a bit by sending him a message from time to time to greet him and wish him a nice day, but without proposing a new meeting.

Maintaining a carefree attitude will make him curious and increase his desire to see you again.