10 things men like in women (but don’t admit)

Your guy may not tell you directly, but he loves a lot of the little things you do, whether you do them consciously to please him, or they are an inherent part of your personality.

We know some things roughly, like that, men like a woman to be feminine and sweet, as well as responsible and funny.

But it is worth moving from the generalities to discussing some more specific points, and we will do just that in this article.

Today we will focus on the things that he likes in a girl he is dating, not so much in attraction or flirting strategies.

We refer to those little details that made him melt and fall in love with you, and whose great power perhaps you did not know.

What things does your boyfriend love about you, even if he has never told you?

1. He likes the way you make him smile just by thinking of you

It doesn’t matter if you’re having an especially stressful day at work, stuck in traffic, or just bored checking your social media.

The fact that he can’t help but smile big as he remembers that you are in his life is one of those things that makes him immediately hilarious.

When you are genuine and you care about your partner, everything you do will show them the great love you have for them, so you will always have a privileged place of well-being in your mind.

No matter what problems or arguments you have to go through, if you both keep smiling when you think of each other, you are on the right track.

2. He likes to make you smile

Most men have, in one way or another, a vocation as comedians. That is why they like nothing more than knowing that they are capable of making you smile and occasionally an uncontrollable laugh.

You can see how important it is to them if you pay attention to their reaction when another man, whoever he is, makes you laugh – few things make them so jealous.

And it is that, intuitively, we know that making someone laugh is causing them well-being and encouraging them to continue looking for our company.

3. Likes physical closeness

Although it may not seem like it, physical closeness is as important for men as it is for women, only that they have been educated not to show that need so much. Also, physical contact with others is easier for women.

While you can easily snuggle up to a movie with a friend or your brother, in society men don’t have as many opportunities to give and receive affection.

This is why moments of physical contact with you are so important to him.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cuddling for hours in bed while talking, or just holding hands while walking. Take advantage of all those ways to establish contact.

4. He likes you to interact physically with him

And speaking of physical contact, did you know that playing with her hair, stroking her arm, or rubbing her shoulders while talking or riding in the car is the kind of thing that puts men in a good mood?

When your boyfriend is stressed or going through a tense moment, it is easier to get him to relax with some sweet strategy of physical contact than talking about the problem.

We are not saying that they do not talk about their individual problems or as a couple, simply that physical contact is a great way to relieve tension so that communication is more fluid.

5. He likes to know that you like him

Boys tend to be much more demonstrative when it comes to making it clear that our attributes like them on an erotic level, but girls don’t usually do the same because they are a bit embarrassed.

But do not forget to express to him from time to time, but very clearly, that you like him. That is very important to them.

Remember that, in this same sense, it is not necessary that they always take the initiative, they also adore when it is you who becomes attractive and romantic.

6. He likes the funny details of your personality

That particular way of laughing or sneezing that you can’t help but hate, may be one of the things he likes the most about you and the reason is simple:

Even if you are not perfect, they are details that have been linked to the well-being caused by your closeness and that make you special.

7. He likes being able to be himself when he is with you

One of the things that causes the most intimacy in couples is the feeling of having nothing to hide and of being able to be oneself without restrictions.

Some girls feel that they have an obligation to suppress and discourage all behaviors and interests that they do not share with their boyfriend, but that only causes that they cannot feel free to be who they are.

So, instead of scolding him for being a little distracted childish, make it clear that with you he can be himself with full confidence.

8. He likes you to give him advice

Not to be confused with being “bossy”. The best advice is those that were previously requested, not the spontaneous contributions with your point of view on everything that happens in his life.

If, as we said in the previous point, you allow him to be himself when he is with you, you can be sure that you will be the first person to turn to whenever he needs advice or some word of encouragement.

9. He likes you to pay attention to details

Not only do women like to receive gifts from men, but it also applies the other way around.

Believe it or not, the simple fact that you invite them to coffee from time to time or remember that a certain book caught their attention and you buy it, makes them feel appreciated and rewarded.

Don’t be shy about giving your boy things, even if it’s not the most expensive and special object, it’s about attitude and letting him know that you are constantly interested in him.

10. He likes it when you “let your guard down”

Not with all people, we can be as vulnerable and sentimental as we really are deep down.

So when you dare to lower all the protective barriers and be a little “helpless” without fear, he feels incredibly special.

You don’t have to always have a mask of strength as if nothing affects you. Sometimes it is good to let out that more tender side with the right person.