How to make a man notice you?

The truth is when you are not that outgoing, speaking directly to the man you are attracted to is difficult.

Maybe you are too shy to do something like this, or you consider it inappropriate, or you have a terrible fear of rejection. Other times you are in a social situation in which for one reason or another it is not well seen that you are the one who approaches.

Anyway. There are hundreds of possible circumstances in which you cannot or do not want to openly approach to meet or ask out a guy. But that doesn’t make you give up, does it?

There are other ways to make contact and get him to notice you and get closer. What’s more, you can do it without even noticing that you have any kind of interest in it.

If you want to learn how to attract in a passive and infallible way, keep reading this article in which we will give you 12 simple but effective tricks to attract their gaze and their intentions directly to you.

1. Show your best smile

A woman who is always smiling tells the world that her life is nice and fun, and men immediately interpret that as a sign that the girl, by herself, is too.

Smile naturally but constantly. Don’t be afraid to make it clear to others that you are having a good time.

Remember that a fake smile is immediately noticeable, so if you are very nervous or have a hard time smiling genuinely, instead of forcing it, try to think of something really nice that will automatically make you look good.

Unconsciously, we also know that when someone is smiling they are in a good mood, and when we are in a good mood we are more receptive.

In other words, if you smile, you will eliminate much of the fear of rejection that prevents that special someone from approaching you.

The most attractive smile is the one that awakens in others the desire to get closer and find out what makes you so happy. Take advantage of it!

2. You “accidentally” stumble into it

The fact that today everyone spends more time looking at their phone screen than socializing is unfortunate, but at least it gives you a perfectly valid excuse to walk around distractedly and bump into him by “accident”.

Just remember to be careful not to end up tackling the guy you like you’re a football player.

You have other alternatives a little more subtle, they are classic, but they work:

Drop something near him so that he can pick it up for you, walk past him and lightly brush your shoulder with him, or just stand near him and pretend to be busy with your things.

3. The “I love that men are…” trick

If the boy who catches your attention excels in some discipline, or a sport, or is very intelligent, use that to your advantage.

Just let her hear you say to a friend that you love athletic guys, or musicians, or any other phrase that automatically triggers the idea of ​​”Hey, I could have a chance with this girl!” In her brain.

Men are distracted in nature, but since they are also quite competitive, they will focus their attention on any similar stimulus, even if it is very subtle and apparently not directed at them.

You will also be prodding his vanity because by saying that you like boys with some quality that he shares, he will want to come over to check it out and get some favorable attention.

4. The “I like it too” trick

In a line very similar to the previous trick, there is the strategy of “I also like such a thing”.

This requires a bit of prior research because to apply it you need to know some very particular taste of his, and preferably one that matches yours.

If, for example, you find out that he likes a certain type of musical genre that you also like, you can make it evident and send the message that you have common interests.

To find out these types of details, it is preferable that you be an observer than that you ask your friends because you could put yourself in evidence, and it is about making it seem something very natural and spontaneous.

Needless to say, showing up in a shirt from his favorite marching band or soccer team is something that will surely make him turn to see you with sympathy.

Just make sure it is never noticed that you are doing it precisely to attract him because that can make you look desperate.

5. Use your body language

Using body language to get a man’s attention is easy enough, but you need to know a few details about the psychology of male attraction.

According to body language experts, the best way to send an availability message is to not actively seek attention.

If you are loud, you monopolize the conversation in trying to look like the funniest, most outgoing, and sensual girl at the party, he will hardly approach you.

Because you send the wrong message that “nobody deserves you” and you can even project a bit of aggressiveness.

Act naturally and let your body and movements say “I’m comfortable and I’m having a good time” instead of saying “I feel the most popular and attractive.”

6. Let your sense of humor flow

The most satisfying relationships are between people who have a similar sense of humor.

If you let your personality and your sense of humor flow without holding back, it is very likely that you will be noticed by a man who shares that humorous view of the world.

It’s not about playing dumb or laughing at everything they say, but about not being afraid to joke around, be sarcastic, playful, tell funny stories, or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Showing yourself as you are on your most relaxed side is the best thing you can do to make the right guy notice you and want to get closer. Also, like a smile, a sense of humor projects the message that it is safe to approach you.

If it turns out that all that sense of humor isn’t compatible with who you like, that’s a great indicator that it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway.

7. Give him the opportunity to get closer to you

Most men report feeling more nervous about approaching a woman who is surrounded by friends than a woman who is alone.

Approaching a large group of girls is intimidating to men because they feel compelled to impress and like all of them, rather than just one.

Therefore, if you have detected something of interest on his part, but he is not approaching you, it might be a good idea to move away from your group a bit to give him the opportunity to speak to you alone. Your best chances occur when the two of you meet alone.

8. Let him know that you are single

Sometimes the only reason a man won’t come to talk to you is that he thinks you most likely already have a partner.

You would be surprised to know how many opportunities pass you by under the pretext of “sure you already have a boyfriend or partner.” So it’s important that you dismiss him by letting him know that you are single and available.

Obviously, it is not about going straight to greet him with a “hello, I’m single, how are you?” There are much more subtle and effective ways to do this.

For example, if you have mutual friends, you can make sure they know you don’t have a boyfriend so that eventually he’ll find out.

9. Use the right colors

According to psychology specialists, the color that makes you look the most attractive to a boy is pink or peach.

This shade goes quite well with most skin types and helps you show off a healthy glow on your face, as well as sending a message of tenderness and kindness that awakens the natural protective instinct of men.

Stay away from very aggressive or garish colors, such as bright green or yellow.

10. Stand in the center of the room

Where you are in a room, and what you are doing, has a lot to do with your ability to attract men.

Position yourself at a point where it is easy to look at you, such as the center of the room, or at a point that coincides with their primary viewing angle. Do not stay static, move a little, but slowly and subtly.

11. Use vanilla fragrances

Studies show that men associate some sweet smells, such as vanilla and cinnamon, with romantic love.

So make sure you carry some essence of this type in your bag so that you can attract it with your smell the next time you meet in the same space.

12. Come closer and say hello

If none of the above works, you already have the “no” and frankly you have nothing to lose. You can play your last card in case he is really very distracted or you have not managed to attract him with the other strategies.

But do it in a natural and casual way, without showing that you are nervous or that this moment means a lot to you.

Try to keep the contact short and withdraw just as you start to pique their interest. In this way, he will be the one to look for you later.

In conclusion, making a man notice you is relatively simple. What you should not do is try to pretend to be someone you are not, as it shows.

Instead, try to be as natural as possible, have fun, don’t be afraid, and use your sixth sense to drop some clues that getting close to you is safe.