How to make a man think of you

If you want to conquer a boy, being attractive is a point in your favor, but it is not enough.

Yes, it helps you get their attention and promote a rapprochement, but your appearance has little to do with the possibility of starting a stable relationship as a couple.

Of course, if you are attractive you can attract looks and possibly establish a physical connection. But if you want to go further, you need much more.

What does it take to conquer?

The true way to make a man think of you is to enter his mind, pique his interest with an overwhelming attitude. Only then will he be intrigued and want to be by your side to have a relationship.

How to do it? It’s not that difficult, you just need to present yourself as a mystery worth solving. To do this, we give you a series of practical tips that you can follow to learn how to arouse their interest.

1. You must be happy and independent

You don’t need to have a man by your side to be happy! It has always been customary to show the idea of ​​the “better half” or that you need another person to be complete. But that is false.

Learn to be happy alone and by yourself. Having a partner is a complement to that happiness, you cannot depend on that other person to feel complete.

Desperation to find a partner or to captivate a certain guy will make you look unattractive. Once he recognizes that attitude in you, he will feel that you are not a challenge and he will lose the motivation to conquer you. Despair is not attractive.

2. Projects confidence

To be desired, you must believe that you are. If you don’t like yourself, how do you expect someone else to love you? Highlight your best qualities, believe in yourself and feed your self-esteem.

When you love yourself, you project confidence in who you are and what you are capable of achieving. You feel complete and you don’t need anyone else to be happy.

That’s the key to being attractive: not needing anyone else. Men love a confident woman who knows what she wants and what she deserves. That she is not afraid to walk away if she does not feel satisfied.

3. Be stylish

An attractive woman is not the one with the most skin!

Sometimes it is thought that being sensual implies showing all the attributes at once.

An elegant woman knows how to project a seductive image without being vulgar. It is attractive for its subtlety when it comes to dressing. Her outfits highlight her qualities, without showing them all, she does not abuse makeup. It has a natural look and a beauty that seems “effortless.”

4. Have consistent expectations

When you like a boy, it is normal that you want to conquer him and get his attention. What is not normal is that, from the beginning, you already have the expectation that they love you and be a couple.

A good strategy, on the other hand, is to wait for him to keep his word and the commitments he comes to with you. Guys don’t like that you demand love, but they do understand if what you expect from them is respect for you, your time, and their commitments.

5. That he understands that if there is no commitment, you are free to go out with who you want

Men have a hard time commitment, because they love to feel free, and having a relationship is, in a way, losing a little of that freedom.

They like to date a girl, they do not clearly establish a commitment between them, but they assume that she will not date other men.

If there is no committed relationship, the two of you are free to meet other people and continue to “try” different dates. If he does not like that idea, then he will have to consider a serious and stable relationship.

Until then, make it clear to him that you are free and that you should not be accountable or faithful if there is no real relationship involved.

6. Keep the mystery

Even if you have a stable relationship, maintaining the mystery is crucial for your partner to remain attracted to you. In every couple, there is a person who follows the other, and it is that person who has the loses in the dynamics of the relationship.

Do not tell everything about yourself, do not give 100% of who you are. Take your time to let him into your life, demand that he earn your trust, let him be the one who should follow you, and show curiosity to meet you. The more mysterious you are, the more interest you will arouse in him.

7. One step at a time

To form a relationship, it is necessary to take an initial time to get to know each other. You can’t create a bond overnight, that takes time-sharing, experiences together, getting to know each other better.

Let the friendship take a small lead and give yourself time to discover if it is worth it if they have common interests if they share values if they will have a future together.

If they go straight to bed, they will miss the opportunity to create a little more intimacy and complicity sooner. Don’t lose your head so soon!

8. Don’t be obsessed

We all need our space to develop as individuals. Being bullied is not pleasant for anyone.

If you dated a guy and it’s been a couple of days without talking, don’t complain or chase him. Chances are, he’s just taking time for his things, and worst-case scenario, if he decided not to pursue the relationship, chasing him is not a good option.

The drama will only drive him away. Do not write messages to him, or claim that he has not looked for you. When it appears, it will explain its reasons. If they seem valid, continue with it.

Noticing that you are not chasing him or showing concern about his absence will pique his interest and he will wonder why you are not so interested.

9. Don’t waste your time

People who value themselves do not waste their time crying or begging for love who does not value them. If you fell in love with someone and the relationship didn’t work out, it’s normal to feel sad for a while. But avoid being tied to memories that only make your life bitter.

I have a friend who lived through a complicated divorce and after ten years she still remembers her ex-husband, longing for the good times with him. He, for his part, moved to another country, had children, and has been divorced twice more since then. He doesn’t care about her life.

The only way to stay on the other’s mind is to get their attention. And that is not achieved by missing him and crying him every minute. No. If you move on with your life, if you are looking for new adventures and do not show interest, surely he will be the one who wants to return with you.

10. Keep a positive attitude

The secret to beauty is simple: be a positive person. When you project a pleasant and happy image, you believe in yourself and look for the positive side of life, you create energies that attract those around you.

Learn to vibrate positively and you will attract people with the same spirit into your life. Keep a friendly face, smile and you will be the most attractive woman in the place.

Any man who knows you will want to continue by your side and will not be able to remove your image of happiness from his mind, a happiness that you find for yourself and are capable of transmitting to those around you.